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This page is intended to make available to other BOON researchers the results of my research of the History and Genealogy of my Great-Great Grandfather, BOLING BOON (1801 - 1862). The Genealogy of  BOLING BOON begins in Northampton County, North Carolina (about 1720/35) - the descendants of  Boling BOON are brought forward to the present: covering nine generations.

Nicholas David BOONE (1840 - 1908) -son of  Boling BOON and Mary E. KEMP with family. Standing, left to right - Nicholas David Jr., Allen John, Mary Lou, Eddie Lee.Seated, left to right - Ida Alice, Nicholas David BOONE, Frances MANLEY BOONE, William John. Front - Sedgewick Courtland. Photo dated 1902 - 1905.

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Other BOON researchers, for their own reasons, use a different spelling and even give Boling BOON the name "Richard Bolling BOON"; they use the correct dates and places but seem intent to assign a different spelling or name to Boling BOON. The first known occurrence of Boling's name is in the will of his mother, Susannah Jenkins 1) Edmunds 2) BOON in 1805/6. A spelling of  "Bowling" occurs in the apprentice indenture in 1812. The 1821 Northampton County court documents connected with the settlement of  Boling's mother's estate use the spelling "Bolling". The 1824 Wayne County, Georgia tax receipt gives his name as "Boling BOON".  Tax receipts of 1824 through 1861 all show the name as Boling BOON though spelling varies as Boling/Bolling/Bowling/Bollan. Not one of the receipts show the use of a second given name.  The 1830, 1840, 1850 and 1860  Wayne County, Georgia census records all list a single given name: though the spelling of  "Boling" varies. The family Bible of Boling BOON does not give his name as other than "Boling". Letters from people who knew him (dating in 1850s) were addressed to "Boling BOON". For these reasons I feel compelled to use the name "Boling BOON" for my Great-Great Grandfather !!

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I am very grateful to the Reverend Norman Jason Flythe, an experienced BOON genealogy researcher, for his guidance of my research.


#01 - The widely distributed work of Rupert Farnham Thompson indicates that the four BOON children of Susannah BOON (abt. 1755 - 1806) were the children of Nicholas BOON (abt. 1755 - 1806).  Mr. Thompson indicates that the maiden name of Susannah was Edwards. Research of Court, Deed, Estate and Will documents in the North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh, North Carolina, provides conclusive proof that Susannah was in fact Susannah JENKINS, the daughter of Dew and Mildred Jenkins of Northampton County of North Carolina.  Susannah Jenkins first married Nicholas Edmunds; they had one child, Charles Edmunds.  Nicholas Edmunds died shortly before the birth of Charles.  Susannah Jenkins 1) Edmunds next married William BOON, the son of Joseph and Savory BOON, of Northampton County; they had four children:  Susanna, Martha, Boling and Temperance.  Susannah names the five children in her will of 1805/6.

#02 - The November 1821 Petition in the Northampton County Court by the four BOON children to divide and settle the estate of their mother, Susannah BOON, identifies the husbands of Susanna and Martha "Patsy" as John Garrott and James Barron, respectively. This Petition is conclusive proof that Martha (daughter of Susannah) did not marry Dr. Jacob LILES as stated in Rupert Farnham Thompson's work.  Martha ("Patsy") BOON, the wife of Dr. Jacob LILES, was in fact, the daughter of John BOON and Sarah RAWLES. Temperance, Susannah's youngest child, married Garrett Wiggins in about 1823.  The three daughters of Susannah, were all married in Edgecombe County, North Carolina.  Boling BOON,  in 1823,  moved to Wayne County, Georgia; in 1828 he married Mary E. KEMP, daughter of  John KEMP and Rhoda Rebecca EDWARDS.

#03 - Quaker Records, Chuckatuck Monthly Meeting, Isle of Wight, Virginia, reveal that Elizabeth RATCLIFF (b. August 21, 1668) daughter of Richard RATCLIFF, married James JORDON (b. November 23, 1665) on March 3, 1688.  These records show that Elizabeth (RATCLIFF) and James JORDON had two children:  Elizabeth and James. Elizabeth Ratcliff Jordon died in June of 1695.  It is probable that the two children of this marriage were born about 1690 and 1693; these years of birth fall approximately in the middle of the estimated range of birth years (1677 - 1713) for the children of Thomas BOON. The dates of these events preclude a marriage of Elizabeth RATCLIFF, daughter of Richard, and Thomas BOON as indicated in the work of Rupert Farnham Thompson and other researchers (some of whom make reference to the Quaker Records)!  James JORDON married secondly Anne ROSETER of Elizabeth River on July 14, 1701.  Both the JORDON family and the RATCLIFF family were Quaker families; Thomas BOON was not - Quaker discipline precludes marriage outside of their order.  Where a marriage takes place outside of the discipline, the "Meeting" would "disown" the member; such action was always recorded.  No such recording is found in the case of  Elizabeth RATCLIFF.  (Reference -  Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, W. W. Hinshaw, Vol VI, pgs 31 and 34).

#04 - Research of Court documents of Northampton County, North Carolina provides conclusive proof that Nicholas BOON (about 1755 - 1806/07) produced only three descendants. In 1812 the Northampton Courts divided the Negros of Nicholas BOON among his widow, Deborah GUMBS BOON and their two daughters Lydia BOON - SMITH and Martha "Patsy" BOON - LASSITER. The third desendant Elijah Gumbs alias BOON was born and named prior to the marriage of  Nicholas BOON and Deborah GUMBS. Elijah GUMBS alias BOON (as identified in the nuncupative Will of Nicholas BOON, dated October 21, 1807) received two Negro Boys, which is taken to be his portion of his father's estate as he is not mentioned in the 1812 court action. The nuncuaptive will was proved and ordered recorded in  the 1812 December Court, Northampton County.  This recording is concurrent with the Court action dividing the Negroes between Deborah and her daughters. Elijah GUMBS alias BOON remained for a while in Northampton County, married and had a son that was named in Deborah BOON's Will dated December 13, 1825 as Nicholas Nixon Gumbs. Later, Elijah GUMBS alias BOON chose to use BOON as his surname. He and his family moved from Northampton, County to someplace in Kentucky. Nicholas BOON (1755 - 1806) was not the father of the four BOON children named in the Will of Susannah BOON, dated March 20, 1805. It appears that Nicholas and Susannah were associated, by other researchers, because of the proximity of their demise. 

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