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The Reihen Hartzell's
Alsacian Hartzell's
Others Hartzell Lines
(*) Denotes Immigrant Ancestor

Hans Heinrich Hartzell 1681 -
+Anna Barbara Umberger

Heinrich settled in the Williams Township area just south of the Lehigh River in Northampton Co. PA. He and his family arrived on the Plaisance in 1732. Many of the descendents are still in the Easton area, while many also migrated further north in both the Bangor/Mt. Bethel area and Stroudsburg in Monroe Co.

Anna Christina Hartzell 1705 -
+George Peter Knecht - 1773
Hans Leonhardt Hartzell 1707 - Abt. 1790
+Maria Magdelena Thoren 1712 - 1798
Maria Catharina Hartzell 1710 -

Hans George Hartzell 1713 - 1789
+(1) Mary Magdalena Schmetzer
+(2) Barbara ?

Jacobina Hartzell Abt. 1717 -
+Paul Leidy

Johann Philip Hartzell Abt. 1724 -

Hans George Hartzell 1686 - 1755
+Anna Margretha Conradt

George arrived on the William And Sarah in 1727. He settled the area of south Bethlehem known as Saucon Valley. A large group of children and grand children settled in Adams and Westmoreland Co.'s PA. while son Leonard moved to North Carolina.

Hans George Hartzell 1714 - 1762
+Catharine Schmetzer(?) 1713 - 1796
Hans Jacob Hartzell 1716 - 1781
+Barbara Ritter 1721 - 1807
Anna Margretha Hartzell 1719 -
+(1) Philip Schlauch - 1755
+(2) Philip Daniel Gross Abt. 1727 -

Johann Dietrich Hartzell 1721 -
+Catharine Hickman
Johann Leonhardt Hartzell 1726 - 1774
+(1) Anna Maria Frantz
+(2) Esther Leib Abt. 1735 -

Hans Ulrich Hartzell 1705 - 1771
+Margaret ?

Ulrich Hartzell came to America with older brother George on the William and Sarah in 1727. Ulrich lived in Upper Salford Tsp. where the modern day borders of Montgomery Co. intersects with Bucks Co. Son Henry moved to Berks Co. PA.

George Hartzell 1732 - 1795
+Catharine Hahn Nyce Abt. 1727 - 1815
Jacob Hartzell 1734 -
+Catharine Hartzell 1751 -
Ulrich Hartzell 1736 - 1816
+? ?
Henry Hartzell 1745 - 1799
+Sophia ?
John Mark Hartzell 1746 - 1771
+Elizabeth Nyce
Margaret Hartzell 1757 -
+Michael Schwartz

Barbara Hartzell
+Adam Smith

son Hartzell

Hans Melchoir Hartzell 1718 -
+(1) Esther Schuch

Melchior was a nephew of the three brothers, Heinrich, George and Ulrich. His father Christoph died before he was able to bring his family to the United States. After arriving on the Francis and Elizabeth in 1742, Melchior first settled Haycock Township, Bucks Co. PA and then moved to Somerset Co. Son Jacob Hartzell moved to West Virginia.

Jacob Hartzell 1751 - 1839
+Margaret Smith Abt. 1798 -
George Hartzell 1753 -

Magdelena Hartzell 1754 - 1758

Christine Hartzell 1755 -
+John Nicolai

+(2) Maria Barbara Lauder - 1760

John Henry Hartzell 1757 - 1801
+Anna Elizabeth Sochrous - 1830
Elizabeth Hartzell 1760 -
+David Ankeny
+(3) Margaret Zorlin

Nicholas Hartzell 1765 -
+Dorcas Settle 1766 -

Hans Paulus Hartzell 1677 -
+Anna Catharina Wagner

Paulus arrived with cousin Heinrich on the Plaisance in 1732. He settled in Rockhill Township, Bucks Co. but accumlated land in what is now Montgomery Co. Later generations lived in on the Montgomery Co. properties near Souderton

Johann George Hartzell 1705/06 - 1706

Hans Paulus Hartzell 1707 -

Anna Christina Hartzell 1712 -

George Heinrich Hartzell 1714/15 -
+Margaretha ?

Heinrich Hartzell
+Anna Maria ? - 1790

Heinrich came to America in 1750 on the Sandwich but his heritage is not certain. There are no records to indicate a direct link with the Reihen Hartzells. Heinrich and his family lived in Lehigh Co., near the area of Macungie PA. Son Peter moved to Catawissa, Columbia Co. PA.

Heinrich Hartzell
+Eva ?
Peter Hartzell 1754 - 1829
+Catherine Weidner
John Nicholas Hartzell

Catharine Hartzell
+Christopher Hepler

Conrad Hartzell 1715 - 1789
+Catharine ?

Conrad immigrated on the Enterprise in 1738 along with Jacob and Jacob Jr. While living later in Upper Milford Tsp., Lehigh Co. PA, he first spent several years in Germantown near Philadpelphia where severl children were baptized. He died in Northampton Co., intestate, and is buried at Plainfield. Son Conrad Jr. moved to Bellwood, Blair Co. PA which was Bedford Co. PA. at the time.

(daughter)? Hartzell 1744/45 -

Conrad Hartzell 1748 -
+Catharine ?
Hans George Hartzell 1749 -

Marie Catharine Hartzell 1754 -

Eva Elisabeth Hartzell 1756 -

Anna Margaretha Hartzell 1758 -

Jacob Hartzell

Jacob arrived on the Enterprise in 1738 with his son Jacob Jr.

Jacob Hartzell
+Ursula ?

Christian Hartzell 1788 - 1841
+(1) Margaret Schmidt - 1816

Christian Hartzell came directly to Warren Co. PA after arriving in the early 1800's, much later than the other group of Hartzell's. He is realted to the large family of Hartzell's of Sundhausen France, described in the Mormon IGI index.

+(1) Mary Salome Escher 1790 - 1853

George Henry Hartzell 1739 - 1813
Christina Nowlan 1747 - 1823

George Henry was born somewhere in Pennsylvania but his parents have not been firmly established. Some researchers have tied him to Conrad Sr. while Jacob Sr. would be just as strong a candidate. In either case, there is not much proof either way. George Henry came from Northampton Co. to Deerfield Tsp., Portage Co. OH in 1807.

Abraham Hartsell
Hannah Anthony

Abraham Hartsell is the ancestor of a large group of Hartsell's in Tennesee. It is believed he came from Pennsylvania but his exact ancestry is not known. In the diary of his son, Jacob Hartsell refers to himself as Jacob Jr. leading to the idea Abraham's real name was actually Jacob. Almost all of the descendents spell the name with an "S".

Mathias Hartzell

Not much is known about the Mathias that came to America on the Betsy in 1739.

Resource List

Hartzell Resources
Hans Georg Hertzel by Hannah Benner Roach
A history and genealogy of George Hartzell, pioneer of Northampton County. Published in the Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, Vol. 24, pp. 151-181
A Hartzell-Price Genealogy by Charles Price
Detailed book covering the early Swiss and German orgins of the family along with the Paulus line. While researching this line, enough information on the Ulrich family was discovered and published at the same time.
Jacob Erdman Cope Notes
While researching the Paulus Hartzell line, Charles Price made contact with Jacob Erdman Cope, an expert on the allied Cope family. Mr. Cope's notes are extensively referenced in the Price book.
J. Culver Hartzell Notes
Sarah Hartzell Manuscript
This manuscript is an invaluable resource on the line of Hans Leonard Hartzell, son of Hans Heinrich. Refered to in the Charles Price book, this manuscript has never been published. Although the Price book says a copy was placed in the Northampton Co. Hist. Soc., none was ever sent. Started by Sarah Hartzell, the work was later expanded by her niece. The notes are currently in the hands of Jean Theobald of Golden Co.
Williams Township Pastfinder
The Pastfinder is a newsletter of the Williams Township Hist. Soc. In September 1984 Charles Boyd published an article in the Pastfinder outlining the genealogy of Christian Hartzell, son of Hans Leonard. Volume VIII, No. 3.
Sharon Goodman GEDCOM
Sharon Goodman is a researcher of the Hans George, son of Hans Heinrich Hartzell. She has compiled a computerized genealogy from the book "Descendents Of George Hartzell".
Geoff Crawford GEDCOM
A Tree Of Life by George T. Hartzell
George Turner Hartzell's book covers the Hans George Hartzell, Jr. line that moved to Adams Co. PA nears Gettysburg. An overview of the Swiss and German families is also given.
Eunice Sechler
Genealogy of the Hans Leonard Hartzell that moved to North Carolina. Although the work was started by Eunice Sechler it was completed by her husband Norman.
Glenda Tressler Smith Web Page
Somerset Co. Historical Society
Don Ritter Web Page
Paul Swan Web Page
Seneca County Ohio Web Page
Ann Thompson
Susan McMahon

Church Records

Old Williams
Lower Saucon Reformed
First Reformed Easton
Hay's Cemetery Easton
Old Goshenhoppen
New Goshenhoppen
Indianfield Lutheran
Indian Creek Reformed
Zion (Stone) Church, Zionsville, Lehigh Co. PA
Reformed Congregation, Lower Milford Tsp., Lehigh Co.
Schwartzwald Reformed, Berks Co. Keller's Reformed
St. Michael's Lutheran, Germantown PA
St. Paul's Lutheran, Upper Saucon, Lehigh Co.

Non-Hartzell Specific Resources

18th Century Emmigrants by Anne Kunselman Burgert
Two volume set designed to help the American researcher make the jump from American records to German Palatine origins. Exhaustive research linking Strassberger and Hinke's definitive passenger lists with church records on both sides of the Atlantic. Multiple listings of Hartzell families.
Early Pennsylvania Births by John T. Humphries
County by county series of books indexing birth and baptism records of Pennsylvania churches active before 1800. An invaluable resource for the time period at the height of Palatine immigration.
Index to Passenger Lists edited by P. William Filby and Mary K. Meyer
Multi-volume set of indexes to major publications of American immigration lists. Includes resources such as Strassburger and Hincke, Rupp's 30,000 Immigrants, and others all together in one consolidated index.
Latter Day Saints (Mormon) International Genealogical Index, available through the Mormon Church's Family History Centers and recently on line at http://www.familysearch.org/. Enourmous index to the microfilmed records of the Mormon church. Although not primary records by themselves, the IGI is the largest index of its kind to such records.
Family Tree Maker World Tree CD's
The publishers of Family Tree Maker (http://www.innov8cs.com/www.familytreemaker.com) accept submissions by their users and bundle them into CD's for purchase. The data accuracy varies greatly but contact can be made with other researchers.



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