Johnson Paper

The following, I think, comes from the Phillipsburg Herald KS newspaper.

    13 JAN 1881: Proceedings of the board of county commissioners of Phillips county,
meetings held from 3 Jan to 12 Jan, 1881. L P Johnson first appears as county commissioner
10 Jan.
    Phillipsburg, KS. Jan 10, 1881. The commissioners of Phillips county met in the county
clerks office in said county, as provided by general statutes of KS, page 277, chapter 25,
article 1, section 26, L P Johnson, Esq., member elect from 3d Com District was present, and
assumed the duties of his office.

    17 Feb 1881: County proceedings, present L P Johnson and others

    24 Feb 1881: County proceedings, held 9 Feb. 1881, present L P Johnson and others,
(special vote to relocate the county seat.

    31 Mar 1881: Greenwood: Miss Ella Johnson met with a serious accident a few days ago.
She slipped and sprained her limb, and will be unable to use it for some time.

    21 Apr 1881: County proceedings, L P Johnson present, and others, held 11, 12 & 13 Apr.

    28 Apr 1881: County proceedings, L P Johnson present, and others, held 14 & 15 Apr.

    14 Jul 1881: County Proceedings, L P Johnson present, and others, held 5 & 6 Jul. Claims
allowed, L P Johnson, commissioners fees, $21.00

    17 Nov 1881: County proceedings, L P Johnson present, and others, held 11 Nov.

    23 Nov 1882: James Johnson had patent issued for lands in Phillips county, also a
Whilliam Thomas.

    30 Nov 1882: James Johnsons fall grass wheat yielded over twenty bushels to the acre.
Isaac Johnson, of Greenwood, and several others were callers at the Herald office Monday.

    4 Jan 1883: L P Johnson, our worthy commissioner from the 3d district, takes the Herald,
KS Farmer and News for 1883. L P Johnson, Greenwood ( and others) were callers at this
office Tuesday.

    18 Jan 1883: Marriage Licenses issued by the Probate Judge of Phillips county during the
year 1883; January, Dexer Buell, Eliza A Johnson (several Thomas).

    1 Feb 1883: Born January 29th to Mr, and Mrs L P Johnson a son.

    1 Feb 1883: Jas. Johnson of Greenwood (and others) made the Herald a call Saturday. (not
sure if year right)

    5 Apr 1883: L P Johnson, Chairman of the board of county commissioners, looked in on
the Herald force last week.

    3 May 1883: Letter to L P Johnson from county commissioners asking for special session..
Letter from L P Johnson notifying commissioners of meeting date. (not sure if year right)

    10 May 1883: Old father Johnson, father of L P Johnson, Chairman of our Board of
Commissioners, and James and Isaac Johnson, of Greenweed township, is over 83 years old
and quite feeble, but he planted a plum tree on Arbor day. He don't expect to live to enjoy
the fruit but expects his grand children to do so, of whom he has about 40 and has seen every
one of them. Not a bad showing, especially considering the high character of the families
which they compose.

    28 Jun 1883: cont. from last week.. Soldiers of the Late War 
         Johnson Isaac, cl C 39 Mo s m     do 
         Johnson L P, cl C 39 Mo s m Pl'sant Gr'n 
         Johnson Jas, p C 2 Mo s m Phillipsburg

    18 Jul 1883: County proceedings, present L P Johnson and others, held 2d day of July,

    8 Nov 1883: L P Johnson and lady were visiting relatives on Deer Creek last week; had
a nice time.

     15 Nov 1883: County proceedings, L P Johnson present, and others.

    11 Sep 1884: Big Creek: Mr Isaac Johnson has had a fine lot of grain threshed.

    8 Oct 1884: Big Creek: Pleasent this morning.  Farmers have plenty to do.   L P Johnson
is making some fine.  He has five acres of cane.

    20 Dec 1884: Pleasent Valley: Mrs. L P Johnson's brother from MO has been visiting here
this week. Mr Sparks thinks KS a good country but no fences looks very strange to him.
James Johnson & Charley Buell are getting wood for Hillside School house. Thanks to Mr
Abbot for a nice mess of quails for grandfather Johnson. Isaac & L P Johnson have the
additions to their houses about completed.

    3 Jan 1885: Pleasent Valley: Mark Buell came up to the rally to kill quails, him & four
other boys hunted all day Christmas and came in to James Johnsons about 8 o'clock hungry
enough to eat 14 lbs turkey and not enough game to pay for the powder they burned.
    Anyone finding a blue collar with a red ribbon in it will confer a great favor on Girtha
Johnson to let her hear from it as it was a present to her off the tree.

    10 Jan 1885: Brush Creek: mention of a F C Johnson, school teacher

    7 Feb 1885: Big Creek: Mr Harter, Mr Smith and James Johnson are putting up some ice.
That is right to keep cool.
    Charles Buell caught a jack rabbit in a box trap in James Johnsons orchard last week.

    28 Feb 1885: mention of a N F Johnson

    7 Mar 1885: mention of a M H Johnson

    28 Mar 1885: Personal: Jas. Johnson subscribed for the Herald for his son Elmer.

    2 May 1885: Big Creek: James Johnson is going to fence his farm. Mr Hatter and Charley
Buell are setting posts.
    Isaac and L P Johnson are setting out an orchard.

    6 Jun 1885: Big Creek: James Johnson has a calf pasture and has got to be quite hoggish
for he has 63 head of fine hogs.
    Mr Isaac Johnson bought a fine blooded calf from Mr Woodward, of Phillipsburg.
    L P Johnson has bought 7 head of cattle of Mr Jackson. He has a large pasture and means

    20 Jun 1885: Big Creek: James Johnson and Charles Buell have 40 acres of corn in and
all plowed twice. They work when they don't play.
    Isaac Johnson and wife were visiting friends in Deer Creek last week.
    Miss Annie Thomas is visiting Miss Ella Johnson at present.
    L P Johnson is sick and looks troubled, his wife is to start to MO. the 16th to see her
mother as she is very sick.

    11 Jul 1885: Big Creek: Farmers have their corn in good condition for growing, and are
busy cutting wheat. We have four self-binders in our neighborhood, belonging to T G Larkin,
F R , and H B Abbott and James Johnson.
    Mrs. L P Johnson, who has been visiting friends and relatives in MO., returned home last
Saturday well pleased with her visit, as her mother was able to be up.

    5 Sep 1885: Big Creek: Miss Ella Johnson is visiting her cousin, Miss Annie Thomas of
Prairie View.

    3 Oct 1885: Big Creek: Mr Isaac Johnson and Daughter Mary, will go to Grand Center,
KS to the association. Isaac Johnson is making some of the finest sorghum syrup we ever

    17 Oct 1885: Big Creek: Mr Will McAuley and James Johnson think this good enough
fruit country if we can raise plenty of sweet potatoes and chickens.
    Miss Girtha Johnson picked and caned a can of apples last week.
    Mrs Salem Johnson returned home last week after an absence of six months and was glad
to get back to home and friends.
    James and Isaac Johnson received 2 bu. of timothy and clover seed last month from
brother in MO. and they are going to try their luck raising clover. We wish them success.

    7 Nov 1885: Big Creek: Grandpa Johnson was very sick the 3rd at 10 o'clock at night and
did not think he would live until morning. He is some better.

    21 Nov 1885: Big Creek: Elmer and Ethel Johnson have the mumps. Miss Ella Johnson
is on the sick list.
    Grandpa Johnson was 85 years old last Saturday but was so sick he forgot all about it.

    12 Dec 1885: Big Creek: Girtha and Dora Johnson are going to school at Hillside.
    Isaac Johnson is getting out stone to build a new house. He says he would like to get above
ground with a good shingle roof over his head before the rainy season.
    Grandpa Johnson is very poorly.

    30 Jan 1886: Big Creek: Farmers are looking well to the intrest of their stock. Mesrs.
Shoecraft and Johnson each lost 4 head of hogs.
    There is considerable sickness on Big Creek. James Johnson has been complaining of sore
throat, and other members of the family have been down. They feel thankful though, for there
are so many good samaritans in these parts that always lend a helping hand.
    Grandpa Johnson remains in poor health, and feels that he must soon pass away to the
world beyond.
    Elder Homan is holding meetings out here at the present, and we expect to see the people
of Big Creek once again revived.

    3 Apr 1886: Big Creek: Charley Larkin and Salem Johnson will start East Tuesday in
search of work.
    We are sorry to learn the death of Mrs. Sparks, mother of Mrs Mima Johnson and Mrs
Mary Thomas. The children feel that their loss is irreparable in this world but their comfort
is in knowledge that there has come to her an infinite gain.
    Mr D D Johnson, of MO. who has been visiting friends in these parts has returned.

    15 May 1886: Big Creek: James Johnson has paled in his garden and it improves the looks
of his place.
   Isaac Johnson set out a big strawberry bed and says he wants to live on strawberries and

    19 Jun 1886: Big Creek: James Johnson is complaining some and he has been accused of
eating to much strawberry short cake. Your correspondent is prone to believe this report as
Mr Johnson is very nice man and could certainly have called us in to help on such an
    L P Johnson has a fine piece of rye, and thinks it will be ready for the harvester before the
forth of July at least.
    Isaac Johnson lost some fine pigs during the heavy rain last Monday night. They were

    21 Aug 1886 Mr L P Johnson and brothers are at present enjoying a visit from a sister Mrs
S J Clark.
    Isaac Johnson is building a new residence, and his brother, L P, is putting up a new barn.
Improvements seems to be the order of the day.

    30 Oct 1886: Big Creek: L P Johnson is up and about after a long spell of fever, but is very
    James Johnson is raising hogs and has sixty-five young pigs.

    11 Dec 1886: DIED: Father Johnson, whom we mentioned last week as being quite low
with pneumonia, passed quietly away on last Monday at the age of 86 years and was buried
on the day following. On last Saturday, all hopes of his recovery was abandoned and a
dispatch was sent to his two brothers in MO. but owing to delay they did not arrive here until
the day after the funeral. He was the father of Isaac, James and L P Johnson, one of whom
he resided with at the time of his death.

    22 Jan 1887: Prairie View: Mrs. S J Clark and Miss Mary Johnson were visiting relatives
here last week.

    5 Feb 1887: Big Creek: James Johnson has fenced in his stalk filed and he now sits back
and reads the Herald.
    Messrs. H. Lower and Elmer Johnson have gone to Cawker City. We trust they will not
stay long for they are needed at singing school.
    Mrs S J Clark, a sister of the Johnson brothers, will start to MO. in a short time.  

    19 Feb 1887: Big Creek: Miss Anna Thomas, of Prairie View, has returned home after a
pleasant visit with friends in the valley.
    Mrs S J Clark has been quite sick. The good roasted turkey and cranberries at L P
Johnson's the day of the sewing circle did not agree with her.

    a previous letter should read "cemetery" gates are broken down instead of "country" gates.

    5 Mar 1887: Prairie View: Quite a good deal of sickness in this vicinity, chicken poxes,
bad colds and lung trouble. Little Arthur Thomas is quite sick with bronchitis and has been
sick about a week. Dr. Bennie, of Long Island, is attending him. We think it is the sudden
change in the weather that causes so much sickness.
   D W Thomas started to Atchison Saturday evening on business.

   21 May 1887: Prairie view items:  several Thomas's listed
    Robert Thomas family are all on the mend from being sick excepting Miss Ida, who, we
believe is not able to speak aloud yet.
    Miss Norris spent last Sabbath at Prairie View the guest of Misses Jo and Ona Thomas.

    28 May 1887: Big Creek: Mr. D Lower has his black-smith shop in running order and if
you want your plow sharpened call on Mr. Lower.
    James Johnson sold off some of his stock and has invested in a fine Norman 2 year old

    2 Jul 1887: Big Creek: James Johnson had a big crop of strawberries this year on a small
patch and he thinks it would pay farmers to take notice of them as they do well.

    23 Jul 1887: Prairie View: L P Johnson of Big Creek, spent the 25th & 26th in Prairie
View visiting Thomas and Chas. Short.

    24 Sep 1887: Big Creek: The Thomas Brothers, of Prairie view, are starting a new town,
have eight acres laid off in lots.
    James Johnson has a fine lot of strawberry plants he is selling at 50c per hundred.
    Miss Dora Johnson is taking music lessons and is progressing nicely.

    11 Nov 1887: Messrs Buell and Johnson are busy plastering James Johnson's cellar and
pointing up the stone house, and getting ready for winter.
    The ladies Sewing Circle met at Mrs. J Johnsons, the 3rd of November, had a splendid
good time.
    James Johnson found a bee tree last Monday. The question is what will he do with them
this winter.
    Mr. Figley is improving his house by the day of a new addition. Mr. H Lower is doing the
carpenter work.

    18 Nov 1887: Miss Ellie Johnson of Pleasant Valley who has been visiting friends and
relatives at Prairie view, returned home last Sabbath. Her cousin's Mr Fred Thomas, Miss Ida
and Laura Thomas, came with her and returned home this morning.

    25 Dec 1887: Big Creek: supplement. 2d Dec 1887: Thanksgiving day was a very pleasent
day. We had turkey to eat and many other good things to numerous to mention. In the
evening Elder P Johnson preached a Thanksgiving sermon.
    Mr. L P Johnson and family have returned home from Prairie view where they have been
visiting friends and relatives.

    27 Jan Prairie view. as Tuck.

1888: Prairie View: mention of new and thriving village a Thomas mentioned again with
    info. D W Thomas Known

    3 Feb 1888: supplement: Big Creek: James Johnson and his nephew Elmer were hauling
hay the 25th, early for haying.
    The sewing circle will meet at Mrs. L P Johnson's the 2nd day of Feb.
    Miss Mary Johnson is very sick, Dr. Houck was called but she is not improving as her
many friends would wish to see her.
    Mr 0 Buell is visiting his brother Charles.

    2 Mar 1888: Big Creek: Rev, E B Homart and REV, Isaac Johnson are holding a series of
meetings at the valley School House. Turn out to meeting friends like we did to the Literary.
We Miss Mr Cadwell and family in the meetings.
    Dora Johnson received a letter from Miss Minnie Codwell who they do not live on Big
    We noticed in one of the country papers last week a good article on temperance, which
fully expresses our sentiments: anti-temperance is charged with the murder of innumerable
souls. It is our belief that intoxicating stimulants have sank into perdition more men and
women than found a grave in the deluge which swept over the highest hill tops, engulfing a
world of which only eight were saved.

    23 Mar 1888: Big Creek: Charley Edwards spent the Sabbath with his cousin, Charles
Buell of Big Creek.
    James Johnson received a letter from Mr. Ferguson, of Salem, Oregon, and he thinks that
a fine country.
    Miss May Lower and Miss Mary Johnson are visiting friends in Norton county.

    4 May 1888: Big Creek: Listing corn is the order of the day. The members of the Big
Creek Sewing Circle met at the cemetery the 13th and set out trees and shrubbery. There
were 46 persons present and all worked with a will, but it did no good for in less than twenty-
four hours the trees and shrubbery were all burned. Mr. Whit Colby's boys were burning
prairie and let the fire get beyond their control. It burned into James Johnson's fence and did
a good deal of damage and Mr Jake Nichols and others also suffered some less. Fires are very
dangerous and more care should be taken when setting them out.
    Rena Johnson has the measles.

    22 Jun 1888: Big Creek: Crops are looking well and it don't look as though we had had
a big hail storm.
    The Ladies Sewing Circle will meet at James Johnson's Aug 1st, his forty-fifth birthday.

    10 Aug 1888: Big Creek: A nice little rain last night makes us all feel better. 
Corn is looking well yet, but we need a heavy rain. Miss Martha Shoecraft was visiting Miss
Dora Johnson last week.
    Mrs. Figley and her daughter were visiting with Mrs. James Johnson the 6th.
    The carpet rag sewing at James Johnson's last week passed off pleasantly there being 75
or 80 persons present.
    Mrs Clark, of Norton is visiting her father and mother, Mr and Mrs Lower, of the valley.

    31 Aug 1888: Praireview: much about Thomas's?

    5 Oct 1888: Big Creek: no mention of Johnsons.

    2 Nov 1888: Big Creek: A China wedding was held at the residence of Mr Jas. Johnson
in honor of Mr and Mrs Johnson's 20th anniversary, on the night of Oct. 16th. The friends
began to gather at an early hour and found the worthy couple in their every day attire going
about doing their evening work. They were somewhat surprised but received their friends
with a warm welcome. There is thought to have been over 125 persons present, the house
being filled up stairs and down many of them remained out doors. The young people enjoyed
their usual games while those remaining in the house enjoyed the evening by music and
singing and misc. pleasant conversations. A nice lap supper was partaken of, the plates being
well loaded with pie and cake, after which the distribution of the presents took place. The
presents consisted of a nice china set and a pair of handsome vases, the compliments of
Hillside young folks, a a blue glass mustard mug by Mrs F B (Felix Black) Cannon and Mrs
L P Johnson, and a china cup and saucer by Mrs James Hodge. The presents were received
with many thanks. All those assisting in the wedding have the heartfelt thanks of Mr and Mrs
Johnson, for so kindly remembering them. The evening was an enjoyable one to all present.
We feel sure there is a reward for those who bring happiness to the hearts and homes of

    16 Nov 1888: Prairie view: many Thomas's?

    4 Jan 1889: Obituary of a George Thomas age 20 from Prairie View.

    1 Feb 1889: Big Creek: Miss Shriver, of Clyde, is visiting her old friend, Mrs May

    8 Mar 1889:  Big Creek: We are having fine spring weather and farmers have commenced 
    Mr Smith is breaking prairie. 
    Mrs Mary Johnson is quite sick.
    A surprise party was given at the residence of Mr and Mrs Lower, in honor of Mrs Lower's
63rd birthday. Some of her friends and relatives spent the evening with the worthy couple.

    15 Mar 1889: Pleasant Valley: Old Father Irtlard, a former pastor of the Methodist church
at Hill Side School House, was the guest of Elder Isaac Johnson last Thursday night.
    Mrs Mary Johnson has been quite sick of nervous prostration but has recovered so far as
to sit up a part of the time.
    Mr D H Lower has rented Mr Tomerlins place for this season and taken possession.
    Mrs M Thomas and son, of Haddam, Washington county, KS. with Miss Annie and Mr
Chas. Thomas of Praireview, are visiting their relatives, Johnsons this week.
    Eider Isaac Johnson preached here Sabbath morning in his usual clear earnest way to a
most appreciative audience.

    5 Apr 1889: Big Creek: Farmers are planting potatoes and getting ready to plant corn. The
wheat and timothy fields are looking green and nice.
    Misses Mattie and Carrie Mitchell Katie Morgan and Aunie Larken, of Hillside was
visiting Girtha and Dora Johnson last week.

    3 May 1889: Big Creek: Miss Ethel Johnson started for Prairie View last Sat to visit
friends and relatives a week or two.
    James Johnson has some fine apple and cherry trees in bloom and expects to reap a fine
harvest of fruit. He has not got the Arkansas fever now.
    Mr Charles Buell was visiting friends at the Valley last Sat and Sun. Come again Charley.
    Rev. Isaac Johnson started for Almena last Mon where he is going to preach.
    Mr Delmet Lower will have no trouble with cattle this summer as they are in A J Colby's
pasture for the season.
    Mrs Lower and Daughter, Mrs A (Inex Lower 11E?) Stewart, were visiting her daughter
Mrs May Johnson last week.
    James Johnson has been experimenting in a small way in four kinds of tame grasses, viz.
blue grass, white and red clover and timothy. He has a good show for timothy and clover and
says it looks extra well, and that it well pay to have time pasture.

    7 Jun 1889: Big Creek: A fine trip to Dana last Sat, the crops all along the road looked
splendid; the foliage on the trees out in full splendor, and more weeding and planting done
than in any two years previous. What is more, no one in these parts are envious of the poor
Oklahoma Boomers; nearly every body is contented and looking forward to a bountiful
reward for their labor.
    Some of the young people of Pleasant Valley were at Phillipsburg last Sabbath to attend
the Memorial services.
    James Johnson has a fine patch of red clover in bloom.

    28 Jun 1889: Big Creek: Corn is growing very fast and farmers are busy cultivating it and
chopping weeds, for the weeds grow to enormous size in KS, something less than a foot
through, and where weeds grow so well it is a good rich soil.
    Deacon Johnson met with bad luck the other day, His buggy tipped over on level road and
broke the wheel. Some of the women folks were in the buggy but there were no broken
    Elmer Johnson is getting ready to cut his oats.
    Mrs Lower was visiting her daughter Mrs May Johnson, Monday. She says Mr Lower has
bought land in MO. and is well pleased with the country. They have plenty of fruit of all

    26 Jul. 1889: L P Johnson is on the delinquent tax sale list in Greenwood township.

    13 Sep 1889: Big Creek: Farmers are very busy putting up hay and corn.
    Mr Hatter and Isaac Johnson have returned home from Norton, where they have been
attending the Baptist association.
    L P Johnson has a fine grape vine loaded with grapes, but the old rooster found they were
good and ate them all.
    D Lower and Elmer Johnson's team ran away last week and smashed the buggy, but Mr
Lower is a good blacksmith and soon had it in running order.

    10 Jan 1890: Big Creek: The Valley folks are observing the week of praise and have had
meetings every night since last Sabbath.
    Birtha and Ethel Johnson spent New Years Day with friends at Prairie view and had a nice
    Mr Charles Buell spent a few days last week visiting friends on Big Creek. He said he was
visiting his mother in law.
    The dinner at James Johnson's on New Years day was fine and if we have as much to eat
all the year as we did that day we will not go hungry.

    7 Mar 1890: Big Creek: Some of our neighbors have Just taken the grip; some are standing
around talking and others have gone to farming in good earnest.
Miss Jessie Town was visiting Dora and Girtha Johnson last week. Elmer Johnson, who left
KS. and went to SW MO. last fall does not like that country very well on account of their
raising so mutch tobacco and he don't like the weed.

    25 Apr 1890: Big Creek: Splendid rain Sat and Sun makes the farmers have a smile all
over their faces.
    James Johnson has a letter from Charles Buell last week stating
they had arrived in OR. and were well pleased with the country so far. Misses Ola Owens
    and Dora Johnson are taking music lessons.
    If the one who set out that fire last Friday week, and burned up so much, wants to get off
easy, he had better get around and try to straighten up matters for there is talk of making it
as warm for him as the fire was for others.

    20 Jun 1890: Big Creek: Corn plowing was the order of the day, but the fine rain Sunday
night made the ground too wet to cultivate and the farmers are busy plowing to sow millet.
    Corn looks well and not so weedy as last year.
    Misses Mary and Ethel Johnson, Katie Morgan and Katie Whitney are taking music
lessons of Miss Wilson of Phillipsburg.
    James Johnson and family visited the family of David Goddard, south of Phillipsburg, and
found them busy making cheese, but not too busy to be social and pleasant. We enjoyed our
selves very much, partook of a good dinner and then came home much wiser than when we
went, and extend our sincere thanks to Mrs Goddard for the information she gave us in
regard to cheese making, for we have had the best of success.
        A letter from Charles Buell states he is getting one dollar and a half per day in a woolen

        4 Jul. 1890: Big Creek: A splendid rain last Sunday night. Cherries are ripe and James
Johnson is having lots of pies now.
    Mr S P Johnson has bought an organ and expect we will have another musician on Big

    18 Jul. 1890: Big Creek: Still no pain. Mr L P Johnson got kicked by a horse last week,
and was very badly hurt, but is getting better.

    31 Jul. 1890: E W Johnson made the Delinquent tax list in Greenwood township.
         (He was not in MO at this time)

    26 Feb 1891: Big Creek: Some of our Oregon friends are wishing to get back to KS.

    12 Mar 1891: Big Creek: Misses Girtha and Dora Johnson are attending school at Hillside,
and are very much pleased with the teacher, Ben Collins.
    Charles Buell contemplates returning from Oregon to KS. this come fall.

    26 Apr 1891: Big Creek: We have had a terrible snow storm but small grain is looking
splendid. Some of the farmers are talking of planting corn, but they had better wait a little
while, for
Professor Hicks predicts another storm before spring opens up.
    Miss Ethel Johnson is on the sick list at present.
    Maudie and Blanche Granger took dinner with their friend Rena Johnson last Sunday.
    Missis Ola Owens and Katie Morgan, visited Girtha and Dora Johnson last week.

    ? May 1891: Big Creek: The farmers are very busy with putting in their crops. some of
them have corn up large enough to plow.
    One prodigal has returned KS., Salem Johnson.
    A letter from Charlie Buell states, that he will be in KS inside of six months, and to have
the fatted calf killed for the prodigal's return.
    A sing at Ref. Isaac Johnson's last Sunday was enjoyed by all present. Lets us all go again.
    S.P. Johnson is now on the sick list.
    Ben Smith & John Johnson are rustling to get their large crop of corn.
    Mr James Johnson has a piece of rye that he will have to harvest quite early, if nothing
destroys it.

    21 May 1891: Big Creek: Plenty of garden sass is now seen on the table.
    Rev. H. Cocks visited James Johnson last Tuesday, he and his daughter intended coming
but Saturday when he was to preach for us at the Valley if it had not been for the good rain,
but we hope they will arrangements to come at some future time.
    Mrs. J.R. and H B Steward, visited Mrs. James Johnson last week.
    Ben Smith and John Johnson are going to raise a big crop of beans this year.

    11 Jun 1891: Big Creek: We are having a splendid rain. Prof Hicks says, we will have as
much this month as we will have the rest of the season.
    Mr James Johnson had a mess of new potatoes and peas the fourth.
    Lena and Anna Chocks visited Girtha and Dora Johnson part of week before last.
    Mr James Johnson's had their first mess of peas and potatoes on the 4th.
    23 Jul. 1891: Delinquent tax list;
         J. Johnson e hf ne   e hf se 30 2 17 9 63
                           e hf sw w hf se 30 2 17 6 05
         J. Johnson n e                    30 2 17 9 63

    13 Aug 1891: Prarieview: Jo and Laura Thomas are visiting relatives at Big Creek.

    27 Aug 1891: Big Creek: Dick Hodge has nearly completed the stone work on James
Johnson's barn. B F Shoemaker will do the frame work, then the young folks can have an ice
cream supper.

    17 Sep 1891: Big Creek: A number of the young folks expect to attend school in town this
    Tom Johnson has been sick for some time fur is now recovering.
    Ella Lower and Elmer Johnson of Pawnee county are visiting their father Rev Isaac

    22 Oct 1891: There will be a meeting of the directors and stock holders of the Phillips
County Farmers' Alliance Co-operative Association on Sat Oct 24, 1891; as there is
important business to attend to a full attendance is requested. L P Johnson,, Pres.
    James Johnson on Big Creek, is building a magnificent barn. Glad to note this evidence
of prosperity.

    24 Dec 1891: Big Creek: Oh what mud since the fine rain, good on the fall grain.
    Mr. Benj. Smith raised two thousand bushels of corn this year and John Johnson raised
about five thousand bushels. James Johnson raised sixteen or seventeen bushels of sweet
potatoes from four hundred plants.

    31 Dec 1891: Big Creek: R T Thomas, wife and youngest son, of Prairie view, Dartook
of a Christmas dinner at Elder Isaac Johnson's.
    Wm. Stewarts and family also Misses Girtha and Dora Johnson spend Christmas at H
    Mr A Grangers' were guests at L P Johnson Christmas.
    Isaac Johnson shelled about 600 bushels of corn.

    21 Jan 1892: Big Creek: There is more corn raised in Kansas this year than ever was
    Miss Mary Johnson was visiting relatives at Prairie view last week. James Johnson
received a letter from Mark Buell, in Oregon, and he says he would like to get back to sunny
Kansas. And still the prodigals will return.

    11 Feb 1892: The Fair Association. L P Johnson chosen to be on board.
    L P Johnson listed on Pleasant Valley F A & I U No. 2204 to resolve case involving J S
Barnes accuses as a defaulter.

    19 May 1892: Big Creek: I come to report a surprise for Elder Isaac Johnson, by the
members of the Baptist church, Christian people of Big Creek. After a bountiful supper was
partaken of by all, Rev. N B Homart made a short speech, presenting to Elder Johnson on
behalf of the friends, a number of presents, some groceries and quite a sum of money, for
which we feel very Elder Isaac Johnson

   1 Sep 1892: The county central committee was then appointed as follows:  for The People's
Party, Greenwood twp. L P Johnson and two others.
    Big Creek: The Big Creek Baptist church has a roll call on Aug 27. Elder Isaac Johnson
presided. The meeting was a success. Of fifty-three members every one was present, or
represented by some one. A number of the members of the Phillipsburg church were present,
all taking active part in the meeting. Also the Hon. W L Morgan and family were present,
taking part with us after meeting. Supper was spread; Oh how the preachers did eat chicken,
especially Elder Crawford and Johnson.
Greenwood township elected six delegates to the county convention the 31st. These delegates
are among the best farmers in our township.
    Mr C W Buell leaves for Ottawa this week, where he expects to attend school.
    Miss Mary Buell of Phillipsburg, will teach our district school for six months.

        23 Mar 1893: Big Creek: Wheat is suffering for rain.
    A fine boy at James Johnson's.

    1 Feb 1894: Miss Dora Johnson, by her attorney Frank McKay, has brought an injunction
suit against the school board of this district restraining them from preventing her attendance
at school. Miss Johnson claims residence here, have been enumerated in this district last year.
She has been out in the country teaching and upon her return she was stopped from attending
school. The case will be heard before the probate judge this afternoon.

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