Newell Paper

       Rosetta (Rose) ZWECK and Samuel E Newell (13B)


Sep 3, 1896..A party of young people consisting of Harry Ingalls, Earnest Newell, Chas.
Newell, Lovilo Fagan, Nettie Davis, Miss Montgomery, May Graves, Katie Fagan, Minnie
Hawkins, Anna Hawkins and Estella Hendren, drove to Loveland Thursday evening, and
were the guests of their Sabbath school teacher, Mrs L M Smith, while there.

Feb 25, 1897..Earnest Newell was a delegate from here to the Christian endeavor
convention in Fort Collins last Sunday.

Apr 29, 1897..Earnest Newell elected to treasurer of the Y.P.S.C.E. for six months.

Feb 16, 1899..Following are the names of those who attended a party given at Mr J H
Welty's last Thursday evening.  Mr and Mrs E H Knott, Mr and Mrs H H Foresman,
Misses Luella Clark, Maud Richards, Nellie Ellis, May Graves, Rose Zweck, May
Coleman, Alice Brown, Messier. H C Lovejoy, H D Whipple, J H Coleman and Al
Hawkins.  The party indulged in numerous games until a late hour when they partook of a
dainty spread which was done justice to by all.

Apr 20, 1899..Miss Rose Zweck came up from Denver Tuesday.

Sept 23 1899..Miss Rose Zweck left Monday morning for St Joseph, Mo., where she will
spend some time with relatives.

Jan 6 1900..Earnest Newell and Lovilo Fagan were Denver sight-seers Saturday.

Mar 3 1900..Seven cars of sheep were billed from Berthoud this week.  On Monday Ernest
Newell left with a car for himself and one car for I H Fagan via the Burlington.  Tuesday 
a consignment of 5 cars was made via the Union Pacific and Northwestern routes.  The
shippers were as follows,  O J Smith 2 cars, E Hoffman 1 car, McPhee and McGinity 2

Sep 29 1900..Ernest Newell, Dr McCarty, A Mahan, Ed Tracht and others were in Denver
to hear the Roosevelt and Wolcott speeches on Tuesday.

Jan 19 1901..Ernest Newell has a good story he is giving to the boys.  He says one of the
Erie Coal strikers slept in his straw stack one night and in the morning went to town and
got breakfast at Mr Jefferes.  During the day Ernest asked why he did not stop at his place 
for breakfast instead of going so far for it, where upon the stranger replied that he had 
furnished him with a bed and he didn't care to ask to much from one family.
   J H Newell, manager of the roller mills, and B H Sexton, the engineer, took a drive to
the Erie and other coal fields Monday in quest of fuel for the mill.  The best they could 
do was about $4 a ton hauled, but it had to be obtained at that price as orders were in 
and too important to refuse.  It takes 3 1/2 tons for a day of twelve hours, and at $4 it 
makes fuel rather expensive.  Slack is generally used, which is delivered at $1.25 a ton.

Apr 20 1901..Ernest Newell returned Sunday evening from Chicago, and he reported a
pleasant trip.

   On Monday evening the members of Eastern Star drove to the home of Mr and Mrs Wm
Clark, near Elwell, to celebrate the birthdays of the host and hostess.... Those present
were: Mr and Mrs John Newell, H H Foresman, A Fairbairn, H K Hankins, W T Newell, P F
Davis, L C Saltzman, W E Hottel, John Coleman, and Mrs Sanderson and Charles, Mrs A
A Knott, Mrs C V Stryker, Mrs H J Parish and Raymond, Miss Rose Zweck, J H Johnson.

Feb 15, 1902..A number of the members of the Eastern Star completely surprised Mrs Ed
Hottel Tuesday evening. Mr A A Knott made the presentation speech.
 Those present were.   Miss Rose Zweck,  W T Newell,  A A Knott, Mr C V Stryker,..
(rest not copied)

Sep 13, 1902..Clyde Jeffers, Earnest Newell, Sid Davis, and Geo. Copeland, who returned
from their mountain trip last week, say that ice formed several nights where they were.

Feb 27, 1904..Pretty home wedding.  Wednesday at noon the marriage of Miss Annetta N
Bradley to Mr Elton C Parks.  Those present were Mr and Mrs W T Newell, Mr and Mrs J
H Newell, Mr and Mrs Willard Newell, Mr S E Newll, Mr Clarence Newell.. (rest not

Mar 26, 1904..Went to Denver.  The Bosonians attracted quite a crowd from Berthoud
Thursday evening, the special train having the following from our city on board. Rose
Zweck, Messrs Ernest Newell.. (rest not copied)

Apr 16, 1904..Fred Bein left Thursday with five cars and Ernest Newell with four cars of
lambs for the eastern market.  Considering that prices for Colorado lambs have been
improving latley, they ought to strike a good market, as their lambs were in prime
   Fred Bein and Ernest Newell shipped their sheep Thursday.

Aug 20, 1904..Miss Rose Zweck came over from Hygiene Thursday and is a guest at the
home of W T Newell.
   C S Newell and family, Mrs J H Newell and children, Miss Rose Zweck and Ernest
Newell are comping on the Big Thompson.

Mar 11, 1905..W T Newell and wife, Mrs Charles Newell and son, Willard Newell and
wife, Mrs J H Newell and children and S E Newell were guests of Mr and Mrs J H Welty
at dinner Wednesday.

Mar 18, 1905..Jake Welty, Ernest Newell and Will Eidson started Thursday with their

May 6, 1905..Mr and Mrs S E Newell returned from their Denver visit Tuesday.

Jul 15, 1905.. Miss Jannette Zweck is visiting her sister, Mrs Ernest Newell, this week.

Jul 22, 1905..F R Greub, wife and children, of St Joseph, Mo., arrived in Berthoud
Thursday, and will visit with relatives - G N Bader, Will Bader, J H Welty, Mrs Ernest
Newell and others.

Aug 12, 1905.. Crop reports.  Ernest Newell had 45 acres of dry land wheat which
averaged 40 bushels to the acre;  15 acres of irrigated which run about 20 bushels, and 
35 cres wich averaged 45 bushels.

Sep 23, 1905..Value of water.  Ernest Newell purchased two shares of Loveland Lake and
Ditch Company stock last Saturday for $700.  A year ago this stock was $250 a share. 
Next year, after the lake is enlarged, it will probably be worth $700 a share.

Nov 4, 1905..Dined on turkey.  Mr and Mrs Ernest Newell gave a dinner Sunday to
celebrate the return of their parents, Mr and Mrs W T Newell, who have been visiting in
the east.  The following were assembled around the family board. Mr and Mrs W T
Newell, Mr and Mrs J H Newell and children, Mr and Mrs Williard Newell and Mr and
Mrs Ernest Newell.
   Lamp receipts.  Feeders recieved  Bunyan and Knott, 2 cars, G F Welty, 4 cars, S E
Newell 3 cars.  (rest not copied)

Nov 25, 1905..Mesdames C R Skinner, J H Welty and S E Newell were in Denver
Monday and Tuesday.

10 Mar 1906..Miss McCullogh visited Mrs Bader and Mrs Ernest Newell last week.

1 Dec 1906..Mrs Jake Welty and Mrs Ernest Newell transacted business in Longmont

2 Feb 1907..Miss Jeanette Zweck, of Longmont, spent several days with Mrs Ernest
Newell and Mrs Jake Welty.

11 Apr 1908..Lamb sales.  Ernest Newell sold 17 ? head averaging 97 pounds at $7.20 in
St Joseph..(rest not copied)

9 May 1908..big shipment of lambs.  Ernest Newell, 2 cars..(rest not copied)

13 Jun 1908..Miss Jean Zweck returned to her home at Longmont Wednesday,
accompanied by her nephew, Roy Welty.  Miss Zweck has been stopping for some time
with her sister, Mrs S E Newell, in the country.

18 Jul 1908..George N Bader and daughter Louise, and S E Newell and wife went by auto
to Nunn Sunday.  They got into some moisture but had a very good trip nevertheless,
passing through sections in which crops varied greatly, some being very fine and some 
very poor.  Going out they went by was of Greeley, Eaton and Ault, returning by way of 
Fort Collins.  Mrs Bader is visiting a week with her sister and Louise will remain during 
the month.

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