REESE & descendants

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1.	EVAN REESE b. 1829, m. SARAH BENNETT, b. 26 Aug 1830/31, (daughter of BENJAMIN BENNETT and MARY LEWIS) d. 3 Jan 1909.  EVAN died 11 Oct 1912, buried: Bwichysarnau Villiage, Wales.
	  	2.	i	JOHN REESE b. 25 May 1858.
	  	3.	ii	Sarah REESE b. 3 Feb 1861.
	 	  	iii	Margaret REESE b. 28 Jan 1864, d. 1884, Bwichysarnau Villiage, Wales.
	  	4.	iv	Benjamin REESE b. 25 Dec 1865.
	 	  	v	Mary REESE b. 21 Sep 1867/71.
	 	  	vi	Evan REESE b. 1 Apr 1871, d. 1 Feb 1937, Bwichysarnau Villiage, Wales.
	 	  	vii	Edward REESE b. 12 May 1874.
	 	  	viii	John REESE b. 1883, d. Bwichysarnau Villiage, Wales.

Second Generation

2.	JOHN REESE b. 25 May 1858, Nantguryn, Wales, occupation Dir. 1ST Natl. Bank, Mead, m. 20 May 1896, in CO, ELIZABETH  BRADLEY, also known as: Lizzie b. 12 Feb 1868, Elizabeth Town, Hardin Co.,  KY, (daughter of SAMUEL BRADLEY and MATILDA  I. HUGHES) d. 8 Jul 1939, Longmont, Boulder Co., CO, buried: Longmont, Boulder Co., CO.  JOHN died 7 Jul 1940, buried: Longmont, Boulder Co., CO.
	 	  	i	Benita REESE b. 26 Oct 1897, Mead, Weld Co., CO, m. 1918, in Fort COllins, CO, ROY VIRGIL WELTY, b. 13 Feb 1896, Berthoud, Larimer Co., CO, (son of JACOB HUDSON WELTY and AUGUSTA ZWECK) occupation Farmer, d. 3 Jan 1972, Longmont, Boulder Co., CO, buried: Berthoud, Larimer Co., CO.  Benita died 24 Jan 1919, Longmont, Boulder Co., CO.
	  	5.	ii	NAOMI DILLY REESE b. 10 Jan 1899.
	  	6.	iii	Ruth Victoria REESE b. 22 Jul 1901.
	  	7.	iv	Paulina Abigale REESE b. 7 Sep 1903.

3.	Sarah REESE b. 3 Feb 1861, m. unknown.  Sarah died Bwichysarnau Villiage, Wales.
	  	8.	i	Sarah REESE.
	  	9.	ii	Mary Elizabeth REESE.
	 	  	iii	Arthur REESE m. Ethel.

4.	Benjamin REESE b. 25 Dec 1865, m. Lydia.
	 	  	i	Calistia REESE.
	 	  	ii	Frances REESE m. Bert Stevens?.

Third Generation

5.	NAOMI DILLY REESE b. 10 Jan 1899, Mead, Weld Co., CO, occupation House Wife, m. 9 Apr 1920, in Denver, CO, ROY VIRGIL WELTY, b. 13 Feb 1896, Berthoud, Larimer Co., CO, (son of JACOB HUDSON WELTY and AUGUSTA ZWECK) occupation Farmer, d. 3 Jan 1972, Longmont, Boulder Co., CO, buried: Berthoud, Larimer Co., CO.  NAOMI died 9 Jan 1973, Longmont, Boulder Co., CO, buried: Berthoud, Larimer Co., CO.
	  	10.	i	BENITA JANET WELTY b. 17 Feb 1921.
	  	11.	ii	John Jacob WELTY b. 6 Aug 1923.
	  	12.	iii	Roy Donald WELTY b. 1 Feb 1925.

6.	Ruth Victoria REESE b. 22 Jul 1901, Longmont, Boulder Co., CO, m. 22 Jan 1921, Edward Woodford Boatman, b. Jul 1899, Berthoud, Larimer Co., CO, (son of Boatman and Unknown) d. 30 Nov 1943, Denver, CO.  Ruth died 17 Dec 1979, Denver, CO, buried: Crown Hill.
	  	13.	i	Hugh Edward BOATMAN b. 23 Sep 1923.
	  	14.	ii	John Reese BOATMAN (details excluded).

7.	Paulina Abigale REESE b. 7 Sep 1903, Mead, CO, m. (1) 17 Jun 1924, in Long Beach, CA, John Yearwood, b. 1901, Thorp, WA, d. Jul 1925, Long Beach, CA, m. (2) Hubert Humphrey, m. (3) Oscar Stokes.  Paulina died 4 Jun 1984, Westminster, CA.
	 	  	i	Lavera YEARWOOD b. 24 Mar 1925, Long Beach, CA, m. Frank Wallace, (details excluded).

8.	Sarah REESE m. unknown.
	  	15.	i	Dennis REES?.

9.	Mary Elizabeth REESE m. William G J Hopson, also known as: last name Husle ?
	  	16.	i	Joy HOPSON (details excluded).
	 	  	ii	Lindsey HOPSON (details excluded).

Fourth Generation

10.	BENITA JANET WELTY b. 17 Feb 1921, Longmont, Boulder Co., CO, occupation Teacher, m. 27 Jun 1942, in Plainfield, NJ, WAYNE LEROY SMITH, b. 5 Sep 1918, Berthoud, Larimer Co., CO, (son of JOSEPH HOYT SMITH and LEORA MAUDE JOHNSON) occupation Electrical Engineer, d. 13 Sep 2007, Centennial, Arapahoe Co., CO, buried: 21 Sep 2007, Berthoud, Larimer Co., CO.  BENITA died 15 May 2005, Centennial, Arapahoe Co., CO, buried: 20 May 2005, Berthoud, Larimer Co., CO.
	  	17.	i	Janice Ann SMITH (details excluded).
	  	18.	ii	DONALD JACK SMITH (details excluded).
	 	  	iii	Robert Wayne SMITH (details excluded), m. Adrienne, occupation Office Mgr.

	 	  	iv	Richard Lee SMITH (details excluded).

11.	John Jacob WELTY b. 6 Aug 1923, Berthoud, Larimer Co., CO, occupation Farmer, Truck Driver, m. 25 Jan 1948, in Berthoud, Larimer Co., CO, Geraldine Marie Evans, b. 22 Aug 1929, Englewood, CO, (daughter of James Edward Evans and Ida Marie Roth) occupation Store Clerk.  John died 13 Dec 2008, Orange, CA.
	  	19.	i	Pamela WELTY (details excluded).
	  	20.	ii	Cynthia WELTY (details excluded).
	  	21.	iii	James Roy WELTY (details excluded).

12.	Roy Donald WELTY b. 1 Feb 1925, Berthoud, Larimer Co., CO, occupation Farmer, m. 13 May 1951, in Berthoud, Larimer Co., CO, Dolores Joan Evans, b. 12 Jul 1930, Englewood, CO, (daughter of James Edward Evans and Ida Marie Roth). Roy died 13 Oct 1981, Denver, CO, buried: Berthoud, Larimer Co., CO.
	  	22.	i	Michael Ernest WELTY b. 12 Mar 1952.
	  	23.	ii	John Edward WELTY (details excluded).

13.	Hugh Edward BOATMAN b. 23 Sep 1923, Denver, CO, occupation Phone Co., m. 16 Oct 1944, in Denver, CO, Ruby Ruth Miller, b. 15 Oct 1925, Denver, CO,  Denver, CO, occupation Secretary.  Hugh died 16 Oct 1944, Denver, CO.
	  	24.	i	Edena Ruth BOATMAN (details excluded).
	  	25.	ii	James Woodford BOATMAN (details excluded).
	 	  	iii	William John BOATMAN (details excluded).

14.	John Reese BOATMAN (details excluded), m. Betty Jane Roth, (details excluded).
	  	26.	i	Vicki Kay BOATMAN (details excluded).
	 	  	ii	Cindy BOATMAN (details excluded).

15.	Dennis REES? m. Sybil Owens.
	 	  	i	Dilwyn REES.

16.	Joy HOPSON (details excluded), m. Dick Edwards, b. 12 Sep 1929.
	 	  	i	Lindsay EDWARDS (details excluded).

Fifth Generation

17.	Janice Ann SMITH (details excluded), m. Joe Jostes, (details excluded), (son of Joseph Charles Jostes and Georgia Frances Maifarth).
	 	  	i	Kimberly Janet JOSTES (details excluded).

18.	DONALD JACK SMITH (details excluded), and Connie Sue Lowe, m. Sharon Carol Carr, (details excluded), m. Ruth Ann Carlson, (details excluded), (daughter of Robert Carlson and Helen Carlson) m. Jean Y Brandenburg, (details excluded), (daughter of A G Brandenburg and Dorothy Janice Cox).
	  	27.	i	JOSEPH MICHAEL LOWE (details excluded).
	  	28.	ii	Electa Ellen SMITH (details excluded).
	  	29.	iii	Radonda Kay Barton (details excluded).
	 	  	iv	Cari Kim Blecha (details excluded).
	 	  	v	Robert Carlson.

19.	Pamela WELTY (details excluded), m. Ben Irwin, b. 16 Mar 1948, Orange, CA, d. Sep 2006, CA.
	 	  	i	Jay Mitchell IRWIN (details excluded).
	 	  	ii	Jordan Daniel IRWIN (details excluded).

20.	Cynthia WELTY (details excluded), m. (1) David Hoffer, (details excluded), m. (2) Jules Wesselink.
	 	  	i	Tobias Tyler HOFFER (details excluded).
	 	  	ii	Trevor Tyrone HOFFER (details excluded).

21.	James Roy WELTY (details excluded), m. Cynthia Lou Roah, (details excluded).
	 	  	i	Brandon James WELTY (details excluded).

22.	Michael Ernest WELTY b. 12 Mar 1952, Longmont, Boulder Co., CO, occupation Liquor store owner, m. Tamara Lee Reichel, (details excluded).  Michael died 24 Jan 2005, Winnemucca, NV, buried: Winnemucca Cem, Winnemucca, NV.
	 	  	i	Coleman Roy WELTY (details excluded).
	 	  	ii	Jacob R. WELTY.

23.	John Edward WELTY (details excluded), m. Gayle Buechner, (details excluded).
	 	  	i	Julie Ann WELTY (details excluded).
	 	  	ii	Leslie Renee WELTY (details excluded).

24.	Edena Ruth BOATMAN (details excluded), m. James J Seaton.
	 	  	i	Phillip SEATON (details excluded).
	 	  	ii	Andrea SEATON (details excluded).

25.	James Woodford BOATMAN (details excluded), m. (1) Julie Bowman, m. (2) Ellen Lesnett, m. (3) Deanna Dent.
	 	  	i	Michelle BOATMAN (details excluded).

26.	Vicki Kay BOATMAN (details excluded), m. Steve J Parmley.
	 	  	i	John Jason PARMLEY (details excluded).
	 	  	ii	Beth Renee PARMLEY (details excluded).
	 	  	iii	Marlo Dawn PARMLEY (details excluded).

Sixth Generation

27.	JOSEPH MICHAEL LOWE (details excluded), m. Shirley Ann Kaschke, (details excluded).
	 	  	i	JOSLYN RENEE LOWE (details excluded).

28.	Electa Ellen SMITH (details excluded), m. (1) Larry Johnsen, (details excluded), m. (2) Rocky Sayer.
	 	  	i	Heidi Michell Johnsen (details excluded).
	 	  	ii	Casey Lynn Johnsen (details excluded).

29.	Radonda Kay Barton (details excluded), m. Ivan Joe Stanley, (details excluded).
	 	  	i	Gwynne Estelle Stanley (details excluded).



	Fred Reese
	L-12. Letter abt Reese by Lavera 

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        This is a Latin sentence, which means "Hope for better days" and
similar poetic meanings (such as "Better days to come" and the like).
        SPES = noun: hope, expectation, lookout
        AEVI = genitive for "aevum", time, days, era, generation, etc.
        MELIORIS = genitive for the comparative melior (better), which
qualifies "aevi" in this sentence.

Note: SPES is also a Roman goddess -- which the Romans thought to be the
sister of the Sleep -- represented by a smiling young woman crowned with

Here is the heart of the name and note at the bottom the description on the
coat of arms.


 Beautiful Wales, mountainous land of the red dragon and Eisteddfods (music
festivals) and King Arthur, gives us the distinguished surname of  Reese.
 The Romans vacated the British Isles at the end of the 4th century.  The
Welsh or Ancient Britons were left in sole possession of all of  England,
all  the way north to the banks of the Clyde.  The Saxons forced them
westward into the mountains of what is now Wales, north to Cumberland and
southern Scotland, and into Cornwall.
 Rhodri Mawr, or Roderick the Great, was the first recorded monarch of all
Wales.  He died in 893.  On his death he gave Wales to his three sons,
Anarawd became King of north Wales, Cadalh became King of south Wales and
Mervyn became King of Powys, or mid Wales.
 The ancient history of the name Reese also emerges from these same Welsh
chronicles.  It was first found in  Carmarthenshire where they were seated
from very early times.
 From some of the many early records researchers examined, manuscripts such
as the Doomesday Book, the Pipe Rolls, Hearth Rolls, the Black Book of the
Exchequer, the Curia Regis Rolls, the family name, Reese, was traced in many
different forms.  Although the name Reese was mentioned in serveral
different records, it was spelt Rees, Reece, Rhys, Ap-Rhys, and these
changes in spelling frequently occurred, even between father and son.  It
was not uncommon for a person to be born with one spelling, marry with
another, and still have another on the headstone in his or her resting
 The Norman Conquest of Wales was less than conclusive.  A testimony to the
Welsh fighting spirit is that there are more castles, or ruins of castles,
to the square mile in Wales than anywhere else in the world.  The welsh
tactic was to thrust, then retire to their bleak mountain homes to plan
their next attack.  As peace gradually returned to this picturesque country,
the Welsh, attracted by the economic opportunities, moved eastward into the
English cities.
 This distinguished Welsh family name Reese, emerged in Carmarthen where
they were recorded as a family of great antiquity seated as Lords of the
manor and estates in that shire.  They were descended from Urien-Rheged,
Prince of Rheged, who was descended from Coel Codedog, king of the Britons.
He built the Castle of Carmarthen.  Descended were Sir Elidir Ddu, Phillip
his son, Griffydd his son, Owen, Morris, to Rees of  Llechdwnny in Kidwelly
Land.  His son, Rhys, was High Sheriff of Carmarthen in 1615.  His son,
Morris Rhys  is buried at Kidwelly Church.  Hector Rees, his grandson,
declined the offer of a knighthood.  Present family seat is at
Killymaenllwyd near Llanelly, prominent amongst the family during the late
middle ages was Sir Elidir Ddu.
 For the next two or three centuries the surname Reese flourished and played
an important role in local county politics and in the affairs of Britain in
 Religious conflicts followed.  The newly found passionate fervour of
Cromwellianism found the Roman assessments, tithes and demands imposed a
heavy burden on rich and poor alike.  They looked to the New World for their
salvation.  Many became pirates who roamed the islands of the West Indies
such as Captain Morgan.
 Some were shipped to Ireland where they were known as the Adventurers for
land.  Essentially, they contracted to keep the Protestant faith, being
granted lands for small sums, previously owned by the Catholic Irish.  There
is no evidence that the family name migrated to Ireland, but this does not
preclude the possibility of their scattered migration to that country.
 The New World also held many attractions.  They sailed across the stormy
Atlantic abouard the tiny sailing ships, built for 100 passengers, but
sometimes carrying 400 or 500, ships which were to become known as the
"White Sails".  The overcrowed ships, sometimes spending two months at sea,
were wracked with disease.
Those that survived the elements were often stricken with small pox,
dysentery and typhoid, sometimes landing with only 60 to 70% of the original
passenger list.
 In North America, one of the first migrants which could be considered  a
kinsman of the Reese family or having a variation of the family surname
spelling, was Henry Reece, settled in Nevis in 1663, along with Jane.
Richard Reece settled in New England in 1668; Barbara, Jacob, Mathew, Thomas
and William Reece all arrived in Philadelphia between 1840 and 1870;  Edward
Aprees arrived in Delaware in 1682 with his wife and children;  Thomas Rees
settled in Virginia n 1623;  Bartholomew and Bennett Reese arrived in the
Barbados in 1680 with their servants;  Lawrence Reese arrived in the
Barbados in 1678.
 Thee are many notable contemporaries of this name, Albert Rees, Australian
Scientist;  Brian Rees, Charterhouse Headmaster;  Carl Rees, Professor of
Mathematics;  Charles Rees, British Chemist;  Elfan Rees, Clergyman;
Florence Rees, British Parasitologist;  Leslie Rees, Australian Author;
Merlin Rees, M.P.;  Mina Rees, American Mathematician;  Thomas Rees,
American Politician;  William Rees, Welsh Historian;  William Rees,
Pshchologist;  Addison Reese, American Banker;  Thomas Reese, American
Psychologist;  Jean Rhys, Novelist.
 Whilst researching the family name Coat of Arms, we traced the most ancient
recording and grant of Arms.  Those many branch Coat of Arms which were
granted down throught the ages may also be appropriater to the name.
 The most ancient grant of a Coat of Arms found was:
 Silver with a chevron between three black ravens.
 The Crest was:
 A black lion
 The ancient family Motto for this distinguished name was:
 "Spes Melioris Aevi"

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