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Aug 26, 1892..From Sunnyside..
   On the 5th inst, a Mr. Henry Dobback began to fish at my lake and by Sunday 7th, he had
a fine lot of large cat fish caught.  Early Sunday morning Mr. D Went to Berthoud and on
returning found that about 25 or 30lbs. of fish had been stolen.  Monday following J.B.
Summers assisted Mr. D to catch another fine lot of cats with the sein.  A short time before
Sunset Messrs D and S went to Berthoud and left their fish at the lake in safe keeping as they
supposed.  But alas when night came and I were out looking after a horse (which I supposed
were in the wheat field) I heard some talking and they going through my field to the lake. 
Knowing that some fish had been stolen, I proceeded to watch them.  On arriving at the place
where the ones had been taken on Sunday, they did not find them and the leader said. "he
hasn't got them here this time he's got them in his box in the lake".  So they proceeded on
and took about 25 of the largest ones.  There were two men and a boy at first and soon there
came the 4th to them just as he came up I spoke (Knowing too well who they were) and they
broke and run and I after them.  I did not know that a gang of thieves were so easy chased
until that night.  The very idea of any one learning a boy of 12 or 13 years old to steal ought
to be penned for life.  I don't think the one that come from the South West secured any fish
as he just came up as they broke to run.  I don't know whether they got scratched on the wire
fence or not, but I know I did, it is the first time for a long while that I could do all the
talking and not get a reply.
                          W.T. Smith

          A Reply to those Stolen Fish.
Sept 2, 1892             Sunny Side, Aug 29

Editor    Blade.
   Your correspondent from this "neck woods" in last weeks Blade seems to be a little off his
base and I thought it best to make a little explanation in behalf of the fellow south east of the
lake who was too late to get any fish", and to give Mr. Smith a few pointers in regard to my
lake and fish that he has been selling.  In the first place one third of that lake happens to be
on my land while the water right on it belongs to J. H. Welty for irrigaton.  Now if Mr. Smith
ever put a fish in this lake no one knows it some four years ago I put over 3000 growing cat
fish in the lake and posted notice for no fishing and kindly asked Mr. Smith to do the same
and he promised to do so, thinking that in a short time we could have some fine sport
catching fish for our table.  Now when the fish are nicely grown Mr. S. thinks there is a
chance to make 5c or so and take in a marker fisherman to camp on his land and fish out the
lake for the paltry sum of 3cts a pound.  Now it seems that some of Mr. Smiths neighbors
thinking there was no harm to "steal from a thief", has made a raid on the "purioined cats"
and friend Smith is on his ear.  Suppose he was out 10 or 15 cents.  I think Mr. Welty can ask
neighbor Smith a few questions in regard to who keeps up this lake and furnishes the water
to fill it.  Think it is too bad about Mr. Smith running  that 12 year old boy through the wire
fence. I would advise parties sending such boys out fishing in Smiths wheat field to yoke
them and if friend Smith will come over I will lend him an old bull yoke I have here to keep
him out.
   Mr. Welty just came in and says that about the time most of those fish was "Stolen" he
(Welty) missed the water from his horse pasture and sent a man up to the lake to turn it in
again.  And if Mr. Smith or his fisherman had taken the trouble to look they could have
found the fish along down the ditch, and also says that this same water has been stopped
since then and if it is tampered with any more someone will be made an example of.  Mr
Welty further states that he has 27 shares of water to run into this lake while Smith has only
7 and was never known to hire any, and most Springs Mr. Welty gets my ditch stock (40
shares) to help fill the lake and then while Welty is irrigating out of the lake, Smith gobbles
all of Welty's water from the ditch to irrigate his farm, this is rather cheap irrigation 1/4 sec,
with 7 shares supply stock and yet neighbor Smith calls this my lake and my Fish. "Rats". 
 Yours Very Respectfully.
                        A.A. Knott (12A)

Sep 9, 1892            Sunny Side Sept. 5
Editor Blade,
  Since the article in last weeks Blade seemed to be considerably  off, and a number have
asked me for a more through explanation concerning those stolen fish, I concluded to do so. 
Hoping you will allow me the space for this one I will not ask you for another on this
subject.  In the first place Mr Knott claims one third of the lake is on his land.  I will give the
surveyors figures and let each one divide it to suit himself.  27 3-10 acres is on the N/  1/4
sec. J. H. Welty, C.V. Stryker and I went fishing one day  and caught a lot of sunfish and ... 
the lake and we paid equal for them posting notices.  My father said Mr. Knott wanted me
to post notices too but I never consented to do so.  Mr. Knott claims that he has caught about
lbs. of fish and sold them.
   Does this look like "for our table use" Paltry sum of 3cts a pound.  Mr Dobback said Mr.
Knott offered to let him (Dobback) fish on his side of the lake for 2  a pound after he got
through on mine.  I don't think the 12 year old boy had any worse time running through the
wire fence than the others for they all ran like a herd of horses.  We did take the trouble to
look and 3 within 15 feet of the enclosure were found.  Of course 5 or 10 inches of water
over 3  foot of the ditch was hardly deep enough for such large fish to swim so far.
  "This same water" I would not stop it if I wanted to for it runs through my horse pasture
also.  27 vs 7 shares, when Mr. Welty and I went into partnership in the lake I only had 4
shares of ditch stock and Mr Welty had 12.  10 of Supply and 2 of Handy and on these we
agreed to fill the lake and I was to use his Supply stock above the lake and he (Welty) was
to draw all of his water through the lake.  After some 3 years I bought 3 more shares and
about the same time Mr. Welty bought another 1/4 section of land with 15 shares of stock
which he used to fill the lake and then has it turned to his other farm and also runs water
from the lake to irrigate some 40 or more acres of his other farm.  Does this look like "Smith
gobbles all of Welty's water from the ditch."
   Is this cheap irrigation when I do not have the use of the twenty seven acres to farm and
have to pay the assessments of 7 shares of ditch stock?  If I am not mistaken my father said
he caught several hundred young cat fish out of the same ditch that Knott caught his out of. 
This ditch was used to fill the J. W. McIntyre lake and when the lake was nearly dry and the
fish water turned in the young cat fish started up stream and were captured for "my lake".
   Hoping this will satisfy all inquiring minds I kindly bid you adios....
                         W.T. Smith

Sep 9, 1892..Another letter appears in this weeks issue of the Blade relating to that "fish
story" Mr Smith claims that he was wrongfully accused and wishes to make an explanation
on the subject of a few questions, and therefore we allow its appearance with a reply if

Sep 30, 1892..Sunnyside..Sept 22 Ed. Blade. Please correct my article of Sept 5, to read as
follows  27 3-10 acres on N E 1/4 sec and 7 7-10 acres on N W 1/4 sec.  Also J V Stryker in
place of C V.
                   Respectfully  W T Smith

Nov 25, 1892..Frank Shoemaker and Griff. Smith were feasting on wild goose with W T
Smith and family on last Sabbath.

Dec 2, 1892..Frank Shoemaker and Griff. Smith started for the foothills on Tuesday morning
to round up a bunch of cattle for Uncle Dick Hubbel and bring them down on his ranch for
the winter.

Dec 30, 1892..Griff Smith returned last week from the mountains and made his many friends
happy with a fine lot of venison.

Jan 6, 1893..Frank Shoemaker and Griff. Smith started on Wednesday for the foothills for
the purpose of hunting a good summers pasture for R M Hubbell and Frank's large herd of

Mar 24, 1893..W T Smith, sells Dr. Matchett's Tobacco Antidote, only $1.00 per box.

Berthoud Blade changed names around April 1893 to Berthoud Bulletin

Aug 3, 1894..Grandmother Smith (Lucy Johnson #17) left for Olathe Kansas, Sunday
morning, in response to the intelligence that her daughter, Mrs Amanda Easterday (8G?), was
dangerously ill-not expected to live.  She will remain for some time.

Aug 10, 1894..W T Smith and family and J P Barnhart and wife, attended the funeral of Mrs
D H Weaver, Sunday, at Hygiene.

Aug 31, 1894..Grandma Smith returned Wednesday from her trip to Olathe, Kansas.  Her
daughter, whose illness was the cause of going, is now convalescing.

Oct 5, 1894..Griff Smith returned from a trip to Estes Park Sunday, bringing with him a half
of venison, which he and Mr H M Ferguson were fortunate enough to have bagged while out
hunting on Thursday of last week.  Both caught sight of the deer at the same instant and fired
almost simultaneously, each shot taking effect though the animal was more than 200 yards
distant.  Griff played fair with the meat, giving a steak to all of his friends.  The bulletin
among the rest.  He also brought along the pelt, a most beautiful speciman of deer skin.

Oct 19, 1894..W T Smith and wife Sundayed at Hygiene.

Dec 27, 1894..Married-Mr John Stryker and Miss Effie Smith (9B) were joined in the holy
bonds of matrimony today at 2 o'clock PM by elder Harris of Longmont.  Mr Stryker is a
prosperous young farmer of Sunnyside and an only son of our worthy citizen, C V Stryker,
while the bride is a former resident of Virginia who has been in this vicinity for sometime
past.  Both are highly respected citizens and have the well wishes of the entire community.

 Jan 3, 1895..Following is a list of the wedding presents received by Mr. and Mrs. John
Stryker, which has been handed us since our last issue.
   One set silver knives and forks from parents of groom; one set silver tea spoons and one
World's Fair souvenir spoon from sister of groom at Leadville; album by Dr. McCarty, J.
Davis and H. Newell; a pair slippers, Lou Jennings; butter knife and sugar spoon from
groom; silver toothpick holder by Arthur Brown and wife; dress pattern by Frank Shoemaker
and wife; set of glassware from brother of bride; one pair pillow shams by Christine Hayton;
one dozen napkins from Ed Walker, Risings, Neb; unique needle cushion, sister of bride in

Jan 5, 1895..Mr and Mrs Jlo. Stryker took the afternoon train for Denver last Thursday and
returned Friday night.  They will begin housekeeping at once on the Sunnyside farm of C V
Stryker.  They are hustlers and will succeed in the battle for honor and wealth.

Jan 3, 1895..Sunnyside..Much interest was manifested here about in the announcement of
the marriage of John V Stryker and Miss Effie Smith.  These worthy young people enjoy the
high esteem of their acquaintances, who bespeak for them a happy prosperous journey
through life.

Feb 28, 1895..The Masquerade.
   The mask ball given by the Woodmen at Tilton Hall on last Friday night was a success. 
The new hall is a great improvement over any place for such a gathering that had previously
been used in Berthoud.  There were several couples that did not mask, but those who did had
no trouble in "outshining" the "natural" individuals.  In fact, in many cases, the merry
dancers offered more attractions before unmasking than afterwards.  Supper was given in the
lodge room.  It was not until the "weesm" hours," that the happy revelers wended their
homeward way.  Following is a list of the maskers as reported.-(see WELTY for complete
Mrs. Jno. Stryker      Star
Jno. Stryker          Fireman

Apr 11, 1895..FOR SALE - at a great bargain, 80 acres of land, three miles north-east of
Berthoud.  Inquire of S H Eidson. (believe this is the farm W T Smith had)

Sep 3, 1896..Mr Griffith Smith passed through our vicinity on his return home from an
extended trip in the mountains.

Mar 11, 1897..Lake View..Mr and Mrs A A Knott started for Fort Morgan, Wednesday.  Mr
Knott goes on business and his wife goes to visit friends.  Grandma Smith will be
housekeeper while they are gone, so of course things will be carried on about right.

Apr 8, 1897..Mr Stryker and daughter spent a couple of days in Denver last week.  They
went down Friday morning.
   Griff. Smith went to Longmont Tuesday, to remain sometime and take care of Mr Likens
who is a very sick man.

May 27, 1897..Miss Stryker went to Longmont last Friday, where she is employed as

Jun 10, 1897..C V Stryker has the foundation laid for a convenient addition to his dwelling

Jun 24, 1897..Mr Stryker's new addition is progressing and will be about ready for the plaster
this week.

Jul 1, 1897..Miss Stryker united with the Christian endeavor society a week ago last Sunday
and Albert Fife united last Sunday evening.

Jul 8, 1897..Griff. Smith, Geo. Keirnes and Jim Pyles are fishing in the mountains this week. 
Each of them expressed themselves as being awfully afraid of rattle snakes and no doubt will
keep their systems in trim.
   Griff. Smith is telling fish stories in the community this week.

Jul 12, 1897..Notice for publication shows Griffin Smith as a witness in final prof claim on
property for Theodore Roeder

.....No 1898 papers on film.....

Jan 12, 1899..Grandma Smith who has been quite sick for some time is slowly improving.

Jan 26, 1899..  C V Stryker started to Texas, Tuesday morning.  He goes in the capacity of
agent for the Berthoud Roller Mill and Elevator Co.

Feb 9, 1899..Married..At high noon, Feb 1 1899, at the residence of I N Stewart, Sunnyside,
Colo, David F Cresswell, to Rosalee Keirnes, daughter of Richard Keirnes, Elder Harris of
Longmont officiating.
   Although the day was bitterly cold the invitations of Mr and Mrs Keirnes to the marriage
of their daughter, was responded to by a house full of guests, which shows the high esteem
in which Mr Cresswell and his bride are held.
   The bride was handsomely attired in white silk trimmed with pearls and lace, with natural
roses.  Miss Nannie Swanson and Luther Keirnes acted as bridesmaid and groomsman.
   After a very short marriage ceremony and congratulations had been received, the guests
were invited to a sumptuous dinner.
   Many useful and beautiful presents were received of which the following were noticed.
(see WELTY for complete list)
Mr and Mrs J Stryker,       Fancy tea pot

Aug 19, 1899..H Stryker, of Nebraska, a brother of C V Stryker, arrived here Sunday
morning.  He and C V have gone to Leadville, he to look after some cattle to feed this winter
and C V to visit his daughter, Mrs Preston.  Mr Stryker has two hundred acres of corn in
Nebraska which he thinks will average eighty bushels to the acre.  He should be able to make
some nice tender beef out of any cattle which he may feed so let him have all the Colorado
cattle he wants!

Sept 16 1899..C V Stryker went to Fort Collins Monday to sit as a juryman in the district
court.  He got a leave of absence and came home Wednesday returning Friday.

Sep 30 1899..Mis Stryker, of Rising Sun, Neb., a sister of Ed Walker, was a guest at the
home of C V Stryker this week.  She returned home Friday.

Oct 21 1899..C V Stryker was a Fort Collins visitor Saturday.

Oct 28 1899..George Richey, proprietor of the Highland Lake Store, took dinner at the home
of C V Stryker Sunday.

Nov 24 1899..Griff. Smith and - Culliver returned from Iowa last week where they purchased
a number of stock cattle.  They marketed 2 car loads of horses at Omaha receiving good
prices and finding no trouble in disposing of them.

Dec 23 1899..Lave View..J V Stryker and wife gave a taffy pull Monday eve.  The taffy pull
lasted until near 11 o'clock after which it was turned into a dance and the merry dancers
shook their fantastic feet until the "wee small hours".

Feb 15, 1902..The ladies prayer meeting, met with Mrs Minnie Smith this week.  We hope
all will become interested in these meetings and attend.

Mar 1, 1902..The prayer meeting at Mrs Smith's Wednesday afternoon, was not as well
attended as it might have been, had it not been for the inclemency of the weather.

May 9, 1903..Tom Smith of Sunnyside surveyed ditches for Mr Eberheart Tuesday.

May 23, 1903..Friday afternoon a number of friends gathered at the home of Florence Early,
the occasion being her tenth birthday.  The afternoon was spent in games after which
refreshments consisting of ice cream and cake were served.  Those present were Misses Ethel
Cole, Willma Keirnes, Effie and Violet Bein, Lucy Smith, Cornelia Clark, Katherine and
Francis Giligilian, Messrs. Earl Allen, Roy Welty, Willie Stryker, Hugh Wyatt, Joe Smith
and Hobart Gilifilian.  All spent a very pleasant afternoon.

Jul 11, 1903..Last Wednesday about twenty friends of Master Welty (Roy) came in to spend
the afternoon together.  The time was spent in out-door games, after which refreshments
consisting of ice cream, cake, candy and fruit were served.  Those present were;  Misses Ida
Johnson, Florence Early, Effie, Violet and Lena Beirn, Anna Johnson, Lucy Smith and Belle
Le Valley, Messrs. Noah Early, Willie Stryker, Eric Johnson, That Rogers and Milo Eidson. 
All returned home wishing Roy many happy returns.

Mar 12, 1904..Friday evening about twenty friends of Earl Allen gathered because that was
his 13th birthday anniversary.  Various games were played after which a bounteous supper
served.  Those present were Cordie and Wilma Keirnes, Jessie Hull, Florence Early, Lena
and Effie Bein, Lizzie Spooner, Anna Johnson, Emma Carlson, Lucy Smith, and Elmer and
Julius Carlson, Roland Kellogg, Eric Johnson, Orlin Hendershott, Hugh Smith, Noah Early
and Willie Frank.

May 21, 1904..Will T smith reports a fine stand of beets on the Early ranch, which he is
farming this year.  The ground was worked until it was a regular garden spot, and Mr Smith
surely deserves a fine crop.

Jun 11, 1904..Will Smith had quite a serious time Thursday afternoon.  He tied his horses
to a post and went over to the blacksmith and while gone an auto came along, frightening the
horses, making them break loose and tearing the beet cultivator to pieces.

Aug 20, 1904..Miss Lura Smith visited with Tom Smith and family Sunday.  
  Mr Smith, our blacksmith, is working on a threshing machine.

Oct 15, 1904..Will Smith and others attended the harvest festival in Fort Collins last week.

Nov 5, 1904..Will Smith was a Loveland visitor Monday.

Nov 19, 1904..Will Smith has been doctoring several sick horses this week.

Nov 26, 1904..Will T Smith, on Frank Early's ranch, had an average of 180 sacks of potatoes
per acre on 10  acres.  His beets averaged 20 tons net.

Dec 17, 1904..Will Smith started for Roanoke, Va., Monday to visit relatives a few months.
   Will T Smith and Joe Harris left Monday for Virginia to visit friends and relatives for
about three months.

Feb 4, 1905..Will Smith moved into John Sloan's farm Tuesday, where he expects to raise

Feb 25, 1905..Will Smith and wife returned from Virginia Thursday.

May 27, 1905..Charley Lovejoy, H C Lovejoy, John Stryker, Ed Held and W H Smith went
to Fort Collins Thursday to attend the Knights of Pythias celebration.

Jul 1, 1905..Mrs Tom Smith and children visited H R Smith Sunday.

Aug 12, 1905..W T W Smith has purchased from Charles Day, of Longmont, the 320 acres
3 miles north of Berthoud which has been farmed for several years by Olof Johnson.  The
land is mostly above irrigation, and is irrigated by means of a pumping plant.  Six shares of
Home Supply Stock go with the place.  The consideration was $9,000, and it is considered
a big bargain.

Sep 2, 1905..Mrs Will Smith was the guest of Mrs Ellis Tuesday.

Sep 16, 1905..Will T Smith, on Frank Early's ranch, had 53 acres in spring wheat which
averaged 45  bushels to the acre.  This is the best yield of spring wheat we have heard of
this season.  It was grown on ground which had been in beets for two years.
   Will T Smith has leased for next year the Edmondson ranch now being farmed by J P
McGlothlan, who will farm the north half of F M Waggener's section next year.

Sep 23, 1905..W T W Smith threshed 2  acres of barley which averaged 89 bushels to the
acre.  He also had 17  acres of winter wheat which averaged 36  bushels without
irrigation, and 10 acres of spring wheat which averaged 28 bushels.
   Beet Hauler wanted with good 4 horse team.  Apply at once to Will T Smith, phone brown

Nov 25, 1905..Mrs Lucy Smith, mother of W T W Smith and N H Smith, met with a serious
accident last Saturday at the home of W T W Smith, the result of a fall, which broke the
bones of her right hip.  Mrs Smith is 92 years of age.  Dr Clymer reduced the fracture.
   Grandma Smith had the misfortune to fall and break her leg Tuesday.

Dec 16, 1905..W H Smith left Thursday for this old home in Virginia, but will stop in Joplin,
Mo., to visit a short with his sister.  He will return in the spring.

Dec 30, 1905..Eugene and Lura Smith entertained at dinner Wednesday evening Will T
Smith and wife, Norman Ellis and wife, Paul Snell, Ed Soper, Miss Emma Bennett and Miss
Lucy Smith.  During the evening games were played and a very happy evening was enjoyed
by all.

20 Jan 1906..Lamp exploded.  WTW Smith brought in a curiosity Monday, consisting of
a handful of finely broken pieces of glass, some of the pieces having the appearance of
having melted under intense heat.  The pieces were the remains of an ordinary lamp
chimney, which had been shivered into fragments by an explosion the night before.  The
lamp was burning in the kitchen, and luckily no one was in the room at the time it
exploded.  There was no apparent cause for the occurrence, the lamp being nearly full of
oil, and the burner being clear.

17 Feb 1906..Mr Kesler and family from Texas are guests of WTW Smith and family.
          O Kesler and family, from Delta county, Texas, arrived in Berthoud tuesday, and will farm
the half-section owned by WTW Smith, now occupied by Olof Johnson.  Mr Kesler is a
cousin of Mr Smith.

10 Mar 1906..Death of An Old Resident.
   Mrs Lucy Smith died Saturday evening, March 3, at the home of her son, W.T.W.
Smith, northeast of Berthoud, aged 92 years and 6 months.  Mrs Smith had been ailing for
some time, and her death was due to the infirmities incident to her great age.  She was
born in Franklin county, Virginia, and came to Colorado with her husband and family in
1881.  In 1893 her husband died, and since that time she has resided with her son. 
Grandma Smith, as she was affectionately called, was a noble woman, loved and respected
by all who knew her.  Funeral services were held at Hygiene at 1 p.m. on Monday,
conducted by Rev. Myers, of the Longmont Dunkard church, of which deceased was a
member.  Mrs Smith was the mother of thirteen children, six of whom are living:  Griffin
Smith, W.T.W. Smith, and N.H. Smith, all of Berthoud, and John P. Smith, of
Logansport, Ind., and three daughters living in Indiana, Kansas and Oregon.
   Card of Thanks..We desire to express our sincere thanks to the many kind friends and
neighbors who so kindly assisted us during our recent sad bereavement.  Mr and Mrs
WTW Smith.

24 Mar 1906..W H Smith, who has been visiting relatives and friends in Missouri and
Virginia for the past three months, returned to Berthoud last week.  He was accompanied
by his granddaughter, Miss Callie Whitworth, who will make her home in Colorado.

19 May 1906..born, to Mr and Mrs WTW Smith, Tuesday, May 8, a girl baby.

          27 Oct 1906..The Northern Telephone Company.  The Independent System.  list of
           Lakeside 21-Smith, W.T.W. Ranch.

24 Nov 1906..WTW Smith lost a valuable horse by death yesterday.

1 Dec 1906..WTW Smith has sold the half section three miles north of town, known as the
Day place, to Oaty Kesler for $9,500.

8 Dec 1906..Some crops.  W.T.W. Smith had twelve and one half acres of dry land wheat
that averaged 50 bushels, and 32 acres that averaged 40 bushels.  He also had 14 acres in
spring wheat averaging 40 bushels, and 2 acres in barley averaging 45 bushels.  An
average of 20 tons of beets was secured on 8 acres.
   Smith and Rodeffer had 11 acres in fall wheat averaging 40 bushels, 9 acres in spring
wheat that went 50 bushels, and another lot of spring wheat, 10 acres, that went 62 bushels
to the acre.  They had 21 acres of beets averaging 19 1/2 tons.
   Smith and Kesler had 38 acres in oats averaging 34 bushels, 31 acres of spring wheat
averaging 30 bushels and 19 1/2 acres of alfalfa spring wheat that averaged 63 bushels to
the acre.  They had 8 acres of beets that yielded 160 tons.

16 Feb 1907..GF Welty, this week, sold his 160 acre ranch southeast of Berthoud to P O
Caldwell, of Loveland, Gene Smith? will continue farming the ranch.  Consideration was

29 Jun 1907..Cabbage plants for sale; 25c per 100-Mrs WTW Smith, ind. phone Lakeside

13 Jul 1907..Wyatt Smith is able to be out again after having been knocked down by a
horse the 4th.

20 Jul 1907..WTW Smith, L W Hendershott and William Clark attended the meeting of
stockholders of the Longmont farmers mill Wednesday.

23 Nov 1907..Luery Smith was the guest of Mrs John Stryker Tuesday.

25 Jan 1908..A birthday dinner was given in honor of WTW Smith at his home Saturday,
Jan 18.  About fifty guests were present, and all enjoyed the bountiful dinner.

29 Feb 1908..Miss Mildres Smith entertained Misses Effie and Violet Bein, Florence
Early, Wilima Keirnes and Hugh Smith at dinner Sunday.

7 Mar 1908..Miss Callie Whitworth, who has been in Colorado for the last three years,
left Monday afternoon for her home in Kennetts, VA.  Miss Whitworth has won many
friends in Colorado, she regrets her departure.  She is a niece of Eugene and Lura Smith,
Mrs Norman  Ellis and Mrs John Stryker.

14 Mar 1908..Mrs Norman Ellis and  Miss Lura Smith left Monday afternoon for their
new home in Nebraska.

21 Mar 1908..Sunnyside literary notes.  Last Friday afternoon at the sunnyside school the
evergreen society held its regular monthly meeting with Allen Hinkle as president. and
Wilma Keirnes as secretary.  
 After a program the following question was debated:  resolved-that coal is more useful
to man than iron.  The affirmative speakers were, Wilma Keirnes, Emma Carlson, Violet
Bein and Anna Frank.  The negative was defended in a manly manner by Roy Welty, Noah
Early, Allen Hinkle and Wyatt Smith.  The judges decided in favor of the negative.  By
a popular vote it was decided that Wilma Keirnes and Roy Welty made the best speeches
of the day.

4 Apr 1908..WTW Smith has had a system of water works put in his residence, the water
being piped from a lake nearby.  He has all modern Improvements on his ranch.  Preston
Bros. did the work.

9 May 1908..Friday was the last day of school.  In the evening a program was rendered,
followed by a box social, from which $17.50 was realized.  This will be used to purchase
books for the library.  The graduates were Effie Bein, Wilma Keirnes, Lucy Smith,
Florence Early and Allen Hinkle.  Mr Payne well deserves the credit that has been given
him as an excellent teacher.

   The Sunnyside school house presented a gay scene last Friday night when a class of five
graduated from the eight grade.  There was a profusion of lilacs and the air was fragrant
with their odor.
   The graduates and their essay themes are as follows:
      Lucy Smith, "James Watt"
   Roy Welty, who has just entered the eight grade, composed and read a prophecy of the
graduates, which was well received...(rest not here, see file)

5 Sep 1908..Mrs WTW Smith returned this week from Mitchell, Nebraska where she
visited relatives.

7 Nov 1908..Saturday night a sheet and pillow slip party was given at the home of Fred
Bein.  A Ghost parade was the special feature.  Those present were Lucy Smith;  (rest not

28 Nov 1908..Shower for Edna Johnson.
   Miss Emma Bennett gave a shower at her home east of town last Thursday for Miss
Edna Johnson, who was married Thanksgiving.  She was the recipient of many beautiful
presents of silver, china, linen and cooking utensils.  Refreshments were served and a fine
time had by all.
     Those present were:
      Mrs Johnson, Edna Johnson, (rest not here)

Farewell Party.  Last Tuesday evening a farewell party was given at the home of M W
Barr for Amos and Elso Kinzie, who will leave for Sawyer, Kan, in a few days.  The boys
have made many friends during their short stay in Colorado.  The evening was spent in
playing games, and refreshments were served.  Those present were:
      Amos Kinzie, Elso Kinzie, Vera Johnson, Edna Johnson..
  (rest not here)

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