Feb 28, 1895..The Masquerade.

The mask ball given by the Woodmen at Tilton Hall on last Friday night was a success. The new hall is a great improvement over any place for such a gathering that had previously been used in Berthoud. There were several couples that did not mask, but those who did had no trouble in "outshining" the "natural" individuals. In fact, in many cases, the merry dancers offered more attractions before unmasking than afterwards. Supper was given in the lodge room. It was not untill the "weesm" hours," that the happy revelers wended their homeward way. Following is a list of the maskers as reported.-

(rest not here)

Mrs. Jno. Stryker. Star

Jno. Stryker Fireman

Oct 22, 1896..C V Stryker went to Denver, Monday.

.....No 1898 papers on film.....

Feb 9, 1899..Married..At high noon, Feb 1 1899, at the residence of I N Stewart, Sunnyside, Colo, David F Cresswell, to Rosalee Keirnes, daughter of Richard Keirnes, Elder Harris of Longmont officiating.

Although the day was bitterly cold the invitations of Mr and Mrs Keirnes to the marriage of their daughter, was responded to by a house full of guests, which shows the high esteem in which Mr Cresswell and his bride are held.

The bride was handsomely attired in white silk trimmed with pearls and lace, with natural roses. Miss Nannie Swanson and Luther Keirnes acted as bridesmaid and groomsman.

After a very short marriage ceremony and congratulations had been received, the guests were invited to a sumptious dinner.

Many useful and beautiful presents were received of which the following were noticed. (not a complete list)

Mr and Mrs J H Welty, Handsome cake plate

Mr and Mrs J Stryker, Fancy tea pot

Jan 6 1900..J V Stryker and wife were entertained by Mr and Mrs F Welty last Thursday evening.

Jan 27 1900..The many friends of Miss Damie Coleman are sorry to learn that she has taken a relapse and is now confined to her bed.

Feb 3 1900..W L Mills put a new floor in the Stryker Church hall this week.

April 7 1900..C V Stryker went to Denver Thursday to meet his daughter, Mrs Wm Preston, who is quite ill and is coming here in the hopes that a change of altitude will do her good.

Sep 22 1900..Mr and Mrs John Coleman returned from their trip to Denver last Friday evening, and proceeded to their home at the Coleman ranch. These young people are held in the highest esteem by all the people of this community and all join in wishing them a most happy future.

Oct 20 1900..This week over 7,000 lambs have been received, as follows: W T Newell 1819, John V Stryker 540, .. of the above 5,300 were shipped in by Elza Knott.

Nov 24 1900..The ladies of the Eastern Star gave Mrs C V Stryker a surprise Tuesday evening, the 20th. There were Mr and Mrs W T Newell, Mr A A Knott, ... others..

Dec 8 1900..The Strykers had a family gathering and a big dinner on thanksgiving, at the home of Mrs J M Preston, in Berthoud, eleven being present.

The lambs to be fed in the vicinity of Berthoud are now all in except about a thousand head, and it is certainly surprising to note the increase over last year. Last year the number fed footed up to some thing over 23,000, but this season the number will aggregate nearly 50,000! Next spring the selling price is expected to bring a quarter of a million dollars. We are not sure that such a great increase is wise, but the finish only will determine. Should there be sufficient hay in the district no mistake will have been made, but should the feeders run short then there will be loss without end-and the lamb feeding industry will be cussed to a finish.

Here follows a list of the feeders in the Berthoud district for this season, with the number of lambs in the pens: (not all here)

J V Stryker 540

John Coleman 1010

Dec 29 1900..Jake and Fred Welty and D H Coleman started Monday afternoon for California, the objective point being Santa Barbara. They expect to be absent two or three months, and will certainly make the best of such an excursion.

Feb 23 1901..On Wednesday Jake and Fred Welty and their wives returned from their pleasure trip through california and the west. They expressed themselvs as highly pleased with the trip, as California is a wonderful state, expecially to the excursionist. For a home they really prefer Colorado, and they are sufficiently well satisfied with Berthoud and vicinity. The Coleman's will not return till May.

Mrs Coleman is not in as good health as when in Colorado, but the health of Miss Dama is greatly improved.

Mar 2 1901..Hugh Boatman was meeting Berthoud friends Wednesday.

Apr 13 1901..Lambs shippers..J V Stryker 1 car.

Apr 27 1901..J V Stryker's fat sheep were sold at Chicago on Monday. 520 head averaged 80 lbs. and sold at $5.15, which is too awfully low.

May 18 1901..The feeding pen..J V Stryker shipped 2 cars of sheep.

Jun 22 1901..C V Stryker has very kindly offered the band free use of his hall in which to practice.

Jul 20 1901..Miss Carrye Owen, Miss Hattie Oxer and Miss Mabel Barber, young ladies from Franklin, Nebr. were guests last week of the Newell families. Among other pleasant things the young ladies enjoyed a trip to Estes Park accompanied by Mrs W T Newell and son Earnest.

Another party to Estes Park consisted of the Misses Carrye and Olive Brown, Della Brooks, Imo Davis, merchant A F Brown and C V Stryker, who went Thursday. The party will go and climb Long's Peak. Mr Stryker went along as guide.

Jul 27 1901.. THEY WENT.............

Imagine yourself on Long's Peak with a forest fire between you and the world below! It isn't pleasant to the imagination and much less pleasant to experience. But such was the experience of the mountain party consisting of Misses Carrye and Olive Brown, Emo Davis, Della Brooks and A F Brown, C V Stryker and Everett Munsor last week.

They went to Estes Park and from there to the foot of Long's Peak, where they camped on Friday night. Saturday all except Miss Brooks, who remaines at the camp, started to scale the heights of the peak. They reached the ledge about two hundred feet from the summit where a very difficult and dangerous passage had to be made. To get beyond it the traveler has only a tow footing and but little means of clinging to the rock.. To lose one's hold and footing would mean a plunge o about two thousand feet below, as the side of the mountain is almost perpendicular. C V Stryker took the lead and succeded in getting across. He was followed by Emo Davis and Olive Brown who were also successful as far as they went. Everett Munson started but got faint and was helped back by Mr Brown who decided that it was a too dangerous undertaking for the advantage to be gained so he called the others back. The young ladies got back with little assistance but C V felt his nerves a trifle un steady and Arthur helped him keep his balance.

From their position they could see the frozen lakes and over into Utah. Looking this way they could see nothing owing to the forest fire that was raging across their trail. For four hours they had to wait before descending. Trees were still burning along the trail and it was dangerous to attempt to get through. However C V finally left the party at timber line and picked his way thrrough. It was an anxious wait for those who remained. They did not know whether he would get thru safely or not. But he did and the guide was sent to inform them that they could get through. The horse Emo was to ride refused to carry her. She mounted the animal three times and each time was thrown off the last time she alighted on top of the lunch basket and its mission as well as that of its contents ended at once.

The smoke of burning timber was suffocating, the heat was intense and falling pieces of tree trunks burned to charcoal made the way disagreeable and dangerous. The horses had to wade thru live coals in many places and the ground was so hot that their hoofs could be smelled burning.

The party found Miss Brooks at camp anxiously awaiting their return. She said the fire was only a short distance from the camp. Since things turned out as they did not one of the party regrets the experience, but they would not care to repeat it and risk the chances of coming out safely.


A quarter of a centruy in Colorado would alone entitle C V Stryker to recognition in these columns, to say nothing of the trials and hardships withstood in the meantime. Summerset county, New Jersey, is the birthplace of our subject. He was born May 21, 1838. When two years of age his parents moved to Hamilton country, Eight miles from Cincinnati, Ohio, where they resided about seven years, and then removed to Dearborn county, Indiana. After six years another removal was made, this time to Cedar county, Iowa, where more than twenty years were spent.

Mr Stryker moved from there to Green county, Iowa, where he resided three years, and then went to Osage county, Kansas. The latter move was necesitated on account of his health, he having been afflicted with asthma. He was married to Miss Ursula Sophia Smith on February 18, 1861, Mrs Stryker being a native of Montgomery county, New York. She was born August 20, 1832. While in Osage county Mr Stryker decided to come to Colorado in the hope of finding relief from his trouble, so he left his family, who returned to Iowa, and made his first trip to this state in 1875, paying $52 car fare from Omaha to Cheyenne, and $10 from Cheyenne to Denver. A few months here convinced him that Colorado was all right, so he returned to persuade his wife to come. Two more trips were made up to 1878, when Mrs Stryker decided to come west also, the trip being made with a mule team, reaching Highlandlake on the 28th of May. In September of that year Mr Stryker settled on the eighty-acre tract of school land which he now owns, three miles east and one north of town. He leased the tract from the state for fifteen years and later purshased it. His nearest neighbor on the east was Russell Skinner, who was then leading a bachelor's life.

Mr Stryker found relief from asthmatic troubles and his immense physique enabled him to surmount all difficulties and do the work of almost two ordinary men. In June of 1879 a number of the citizens, among them being Mr Stryker, congregated under the big cottonwood trees on the Little Thompson and preposed to build the Home Supply ditch and reservoir. Work was begun in the winter and the first ground broken contained frost eleven inches deep. Mr Stryker circulated a petition to establish SunnySide election precinct, and that same school district, No. 36. He also assisted in establishing the Berthoud Farmers' mill, in shich he is largely interested. About seven years ago he purchased his town property and moved to Berthoud.

Politically, he is an active republican; farternally, a Master Mason.


On Monday evening the members of Eastern Star drove to the home of Mr and Mrs Wm Clark, near Elwell, to celebrate the birthdays of the host and hostess.... Those present were:

Mr and Mrs John Newell, H H Foresman, A Fairbairn, H K Hankins, W T Newell, P F Davis, L C Saltzman, W E Hottel, John Coleman, and Mrs Sanderson and Charles, Mrs A A Knott, Mrs C V Stryker, Mrs H J Parish and Raymond, Miss Rose Zweck, J H Johnson.

Lew Light, Ed and Will Coleman and J H Newell went Thursday to the upper Poudre for a couple of weeks' hunting and fishing.


To the Bulletin: On Friday evening, Sept. 27th, the members of Laurel Chapter, No. 44 O.E.S. gave a nice little surprise party to Mr H K Hankins, this being Mr Hankins 54th birthday ....didn't copy all....

The party consisted of Mr and Mrs Arthur Brown; Mr and Mrs W T Newell; Mr and Mrs Ed Hottel; Mr and Mrs A A Knott; Mr and Mrs Wm Clark; Mr and Mrs A Fairbairn; Mrs Charles Blackwell; Mill Blackwell; Mill Birdie Stepp; Mrs Stepp; Mrs Saltzman; Mrs C V Stryker; John Johnson; E J Stockwell and daughters. These together with Mr Hankins' family made quite a merry party.

Nov 9 1901..Monday A A Knott brought in 4,000 sheep for the feeders, going as follows: John Sloan 552, Anderson and Hummell 548, H K Hankins 555, A C Sanderrson 803, J V Stryker 400, G F welty 1025. Mr Knott again went south for more lambs, and expected to load 5,000 at Fort Garland today.

Jan 4, 1902..The news of the death of Mrs C V Stryker on Saturday evening came with sadness to many friends in the Elwell community.

Death of Mrs C V Stryker

At her home on Fourth Street, Dec 29th, 1901. Ursula Sophia, Wife of Mr C V Stryker. Mrs Stryker was 69 years of age, and her death was caused by paralysis.

The funeral services were held in the home, conducted by the Order of the Eastern Star. Mrs Stryker being an active member of that order. The sermon was preached by Rev O A Smith, pastor of the U B church, and interment was at Highlandlake cemetery.

Mr and Mrs Stryker were married on Feb 18th 1861; three children, two sons and one daughter came to bless their home, two of which, Mrs Will Preston and J V Stryker, are left, one son having crossed the river of Death a few years ago.

Mr and Mrs Stryker came to Colorado from Kansas 26 years ago braving all the hardships of the pioneers. They worked hard but their efforts placed them far above want, and their kindly dispositions won them very many friends, who extend to the bereaved husband and children their sympathy in the loss of a loving wife and a devoted mother.

Hursula Smith Stryker was born in Montgomery Co., New York August 29, 1832, and died in Berthoud, Colorado, December 29, 1901. Mrs Stryker's parents died when she was but a child. She was married February 18, 1861, to Mr Stryker in Cedar Co., Iowa, and to this union three children were born. Alvin, J B and Althea May Preston, Alvin having died December 10, 1880 at the age of 15.

Mr and Mrs Stryker made their home in Iowa until 1878. It was there their children were born and in the year mentioned they gathered their little family into a wagon and started west. Their first stop in Colorado was in the Highlandlake district. Their next move was to the old farm site, three miles east of Berthoud. At that time their home was the second one the ridge.

In the year 1894 they moved to Berthoud where they have lived until death called her away.

Mrs Stryker was a member of the Christian church in an early day but did not unite with any church after coming west. She was a member of the Eastern Star. The funeral was held at the home Monday at 11 o'clock. The sermon was preached by Rev O A Smith. Interment was at Highlandlake cemetery. The Star conducted the services at the grave.

A Card of Thanks.

We wish to thank the members of the A F a A M, the Easern Star, and our many friends for their kindness during our great affliction in the loss of a wife and mother.

	C V Stryker
	John V Stryker
	Althea May Preston

Jan 25, 1902..Will Coleman was a caller at the county seat Monday. He said he was going for marriage license, but didn't seem nervous enough for that.

Feb 1, 1902..Lambs fed in Berthoud District...

	Stryker, J V		  400
	Welty, J H and Wm Edison  750
	Welty, G F		  1055
	Knott, A A		  3630
	Smith, W T		  2000?
  (rest not copied)

Feb 15, 1902..Mr C V Stryker was in Denver Wednesday.

A Surprise.

A number of the members of the Eastern Star completely surprised Mrs Ed Hottel Tuesday evening. Mr A A Knott made the presentation speech.

Those present were. Miss Rose Zweck, W T Newell, A A Knott, Mr C V Stryker,.. (rest not copied)

Mar 15, 1902..Will Coleman, W S Flora and F P Haworth, sold their lambs in St. Joe., (rest not copied)

Apr 26, 1902..A train load of 18 cars of sheep went out of Berthoud over the C and S Thursday. Mr Coleman hade one car, Mr J V Stryker two cars, Mr Robert Kaylor four cars and Mr A J Smith eleven cars. They average 266 lambs to the car. Their extimate value is $35,000.

May 10, 1902..John Stryker marketed his lambs Monday, in Chicago at 7cts.

May 17, 1902..C V Stryker departed on Monday morning for an extended trip in Nebraska and western Iowa to visit his brothers and sisters. He expects to be gone about a month.

Jun 7, 1902..C V Stryker returned home from his visit in Iowa and Nebraska Wednesday. He reports very hot weather in the east, the nights are expecially warm to an old Coloradoian.

Jul 12, 1902..C V Stryker has removed the fence from around his place. It would add much to the appearence of the town if everybody would do the same thing. No doubt there would be some damage occasionaly from the depredations of some old cow, but people have been more careful than usual this summer with their stock and if it was the rule to remove the fences there would be only an occasional trespass from that source.

Jul 26, 1902..C V Stryker has put up a nice iron fence around his place. If any fence adds to the appearance of a nicely kept lawn, the kind Mr Stryker has erected is the fancy.

Aug 16, 1902..Mr and Mrs Willard Newell, Bertha Marshall and Will Coleman went to the dam Sunday.

Aug 23, 1902..The Sheep Industry. Stryker, J V 400; Welty, J H and Wm Edison 750; Welty, G F 1055; Knott, A A 3630; Smith, W T 2000. (rest not copied)

Oct 18, 1902..Married..Cornelius V Stryker, of Berthoud, and Lydia J De Silva, of Harlan, Iowa.

Nov 1, 1902..Mr Coleman has added so much to the house he bought of Mr Dudley that is also practically new and is one of the neat attractive houses on that street.

Nov 22, 1902..Mrs Owen will lecture in the Christian Church next Tuesday night at 8 o'clock.

Jan 10, 1903..Feeding lambs. John Stryker 550; W T Newell 1100; (rest not copied)

Jan 24, 1903..Official bonds. C V Stryker, Justice, $1,000

Jan 31, 1903..Miss Daisy Pickard, a teacher in the Fort Collins schools, was the guest of Mrs C V Stryker over Sunday.

Apr 4, 1903..Masons celebrate. Those present from Berthoud were G N Bader, C V Stryker .. (and others)

Apr 11, 1903..Lamb shipments. The shipment of lambs from Berthoud this week consisted of two cars Thursday by T C Bunyan, which went to St Joseph. Next week John Stryker and others will endeavor to have a trainload ready by that time.

Apr 11, 1903..Last Friday the young people met at the home of John Stryker to surprise Mrs Stryker. The evening was spent in dancing after which refreshments were served. All report a very pleasant evening.

Apr 18, 1903..Fred Bein and John Stryker left Thursday morning with wix cars of fine lambs for the eastern market.

May 23, 1903..Friday after noon a number of friends gathered at the home of Florence Early, the occasion being her tenth birthday. The afernoon was spent in games after which refreshments consisting of ice cream and cake were served. Those present were Misses Ethel Cole, Willma Keirnes, Effie and Violet Bein, Lucy Smith, Cornelia Clark, Katherine and Francis Giligilian, Messers Earl Allen, Roy Welty, Willie Stryker, Hugh Wyatt, Joe Smith and Hobart Gilifilian. All spent a very pleasant afternoon.

Jun 6, 1903..Mrs C V Stryker went to Longmont yesterday morning.

Jun 27, 1903..C V Stryker returned Thursday from Pueblo, where he had been for a week trying the medicianl properties of the water of a noted well. He believes the water to be beneficial, and brought back 5 gallons for future use.

Jul 11, 1903..Last Wednesday about twenty friends of Master Welty came in to spend the afternoon together. The time was spent in out-door games, after which refreshments consisting of ice cream, cake, candy and fruit were servid. Those present were: Misses Ida Johnson, Florence early, Effie, Violet and Lena Beirn, Anna Johnson, Lucy Smith and Belle Le Valley, Messrs. Noah Early., Willie Stryker, Eric Johnson, That Rogers and Milo Eidson. All returned home wishing Roy many happy returnes.

Jul 25, 1903..Miss Anna Wilson, of Harlam, Iowa, arrived here Wednesday and is the guest of C V Stryker and wife.

Wheat without irrigation. J V Stryker has four acres of spring wheat that will yield over 60 bushels to the acre. The land was in potatoes last year, and the wheat grew so tall that Mr Stryker feared to irrigate it, and consequently it has not been irrigated. A great portion of the wheat is down, and it will not be ready for cutting before Aug 10.

John Stryker lost a fine heifer on alfalfa one day last week.

Aug 1, 1903..Mrs C V Styker and her guest, Miss Willson, took the 'Switzerland trail' to Ward Sunday. This is certainly one of the most beautiful one day mountain trips to be found any where.

Aug 8, 1903..The storm..Fields flooded and crops demaged by rain and hail .. J V Stryker loses a great crop of wheat .. (rest not copied).

Traded. J V Stryker informed us yesterday that he and Will Eidson had completed a trade whereby he became owner of Mr Eidson's ten acre tract just east of town, giving in exchange his equity in 160 acres of land and three shares of hand stock.

Sep 5, 1903..C V Stryker accompained his sister to Denver Wednesday.

Sep 26, 1903..Purchased building. The Davis-Hartfore mercantile Co. have purchased the Stryker building, adjoining them on the north, and two lots. They will use the building as a storage room, and will connect it with their hardware department.

John Stryker is building a residence on his 10 acre tract just east of town.

C V Stryker brought to this office Tuesday a small branch from a plum tree in his yard, literally loaded with ripe yellow plums of ample size and sweetness.

Oct 24, 1903..Among those who attended the Ben Hur performance since our last issue were, C V Stryker and wife. (rest not copied)

A Sewing bee. A number of ladies gathered at the home of Mrs A A Knott last Friday to sew carpet rags. Those present were: mesdames H D Coleman, Russell Skinner, Sim Jeffers, John Stryker, Fred Welty, Jake Welty, Jacob Correll, Frank Knott, Charles Hewitt and Miss Laura Hewitt. A bountiful repast was served, the king everyone knows Mrs Knott is famous for, at which it was easy to see who did the most work.

Oct 31, 1903..C V Stryker was in Denver Wednesday.

Nov 28, 1903..C V Stryker and wife left Wednesday morning for Los Angeles, where they will remain until spring.

Dec 12, 1903..Letter from C V Stryker. A letter from C V Stryker says that he and his wife are located at Long Beach, California, a city of 8000 inhabitants, having a system of water works which is supplied with fine water from artesian wells, also gas works, electric street railway, etc. Mr Stryker says: "The streets are all laid out North and South, fronting the beach. I have not seen anything very attractive here but the climate and the old pacific. This is a lovely climate and a good place to spend money. Send the bulletin to 327 Pine Avenue.

John Stryker and Lum Davis gave a farewell dance last Friday night at the Stryker home. Mr and Mrs Elza Knott furnished the music, and about twenty-five couples were present. Oyster soup was served, and the occasion was the long to be remembered.

Jan 2, 1904..Friday evening, the boys being disappointed by the postponement of the dance at Loveland on account of the death of Rev Rozella, determined to have one any way, to about twenty couples met at the home of John Stryker and enjoyed dancing until an oyster supper was served.

Feb 13, 1904..C V Stryker and wife are now in Petaluma, California, having tired of San Diego. They expect to return home about April 1.

Feb 20, 1904..D H Coleman...if related....big articale about death of D H Coleman. right front page....

Feb 27, 1904..front page death of mrs D H Coleman..

Mar 19, 1904..John Stryker was helping load wheat here this week.

Mar 26, 1904..Returned from California. Mr and Mrs C V Stryker returned Saturday from a three monts visit in Cal., during which they visited every point of interest. The climate pleased them, but they were glad to bet back to Colorado. They met a great number of Larimer county people in southern Cal, and attended a picnic of people from this county at Los Angeles. The towns there are all supported by tourits, who come from all parts of the world. Mrs Stryker found that good oranges were nearly as costly there as at home. Water is very scarce for irrigating. The crop of fleas is up to the calif average, and while the individual jumpers are not large, still thy make life interesting, and the tourist always has something to think about.

Jun 4 1904..Mr and Mrs John Stryker was the guest of F A Bein and family Sunday.

Jun 25, 1904..John Stryker has had a tough tussle with Measles the past two weeks, but was able to be out Thursday.

Jul 16, 1904..Mrs B H Coffman returned Tuesday evening from Eagle, Colorado, where she enjoyed a week's visit with her sister.

Aug 6, 1904..Mr and Mrs Will Bernhard, Dr Cross and Miss Carrie Owen, all of Franklin, Tenn., were guests of Mr and Mrs J H Newell Saturday, enroute to Middle Park.

C V Stryker received a telegram Monday stating that his brother, H C Stryker, of Rising City, Neb., was dying. Owing to ill health Mr Stryker was unable to go to his brother's bedside. Tuesday another telegram was received, stating that the sick man was improving and that they had hopes of his recovery.

Sep 24, 1904..Sold ranch. John and Will Coleman have sold the hme placr of 160 acres west of town to Orren Orton, of Illinois, for $16,000. The sale was made Monday, and the purchaser is to take possession about December 1. The Coleman brothers have a half section west of this ranch, which they will improve.

Mrs C V Stryker has our thanks for a generous sample of those fine plums grown in her yard.

Oct 1, 1904..Grant Osborn, John Stryker, W Cool and the boys have been in the hills the past week, looking for big game.

Oct 29, 1904..John Stryker and family were guests of Mr and Mrs Rhoderfers Sunday.

Dec 3, 1904..John Stryker and wife guests of Mr and Mrs Fred Bein Sunday.

Dec 17, 1904..C V Stryker has been confined to his home the past week by illness.

Jan 21, 1905..Glad to get back. C V Stryker returned Wednesday from a three weeks' stay in Exelsior Sprints, Mo. Mr Stryker says he saw sunshine onne while there. Exelsior Springs is a summer reosrt, with some good medicinal springs, but in winter the town is just like any other place in that country - damp, cold and disagreeable. He was glad to return to the land of sunshine.

Jan 28, 1905..C V Stryker is authority for the statement that if one of the big beet wagons in common use in Berthoud was placed empty on a street in the average Missouri town there couldn't be enough horses hitched to the wagon to pull it out of town. The roads must be awful in that state.

Mar 4, 1905..John Stryker and wife and Mabel Curtis attended the social Friday evening.

May 27, 1905..Mrs C V Stryker, accompained by Miss Daisy Pickard, of Fort Collins will leave next Monday for a three weeks' visit with relatives in Harlan, Iowa.

Charley Lovejoy, H C Lovejoy, Joh Stryker, Ed Held and W H Smith went to Fort Collins Thursday to attend the Knights of Pythias celebration.

Jun 3, 1905..Mrs C V Stryker left Monday for a three weeks' visit with relatives in Iowa.

Jun 17, 1905..Drilling for oil. C V Stryker and the writer drove out Monday to the well being drilled on the Culver ranch. (rest not copied)

Jun 24. 1905..Cat likes chicken. C V Stryker arose earyly Thursday morning, in time to see a big gray cat put the finishing touches on a fine pullet which C V had inttended to have for dinner on some future day. The cat ate the chicken with relish, and Mr Stryker wanted to serve him with desert, but not having a shotgun he deferred his kind intention to an opportune time in the future.

Jul 8, 1905..C V Stryker and wife were in Denver Monday.

Jul 29, 1905..Mr and Mrs C V Stryker were guests of C A Hewitt and wife at diner Sunday.

Aug 26, 1905..Miss Bicaise, of Charleston, S.C. who has been visiting Mrs C V Stryker, left Sunday for Portland and the pacific coast.

John Coleman and wife were guests at the home of W E Bader and wife Sunday.

Sep 9, 1905..Joe Owen, wife and son, of Cedar county, Iowa, are guests of relatives here this week. Mrs Owen is a sister of Mrs Will bader, Jake and Fred Welty, and Mrs A A Knott. Frank Port, of Wilton Junction, Iowa, is also visiting the same relatives here.

C V STryker and others were Denver visitors Wednesday.

Sep 23, 1905..Mr and Mrs C V Stryker and Viola Preston were Denver visitors Tuesday.

Sep 30, 1905..John Stryker, Gene Smith J D Stevenson, L P Curtis, G W Saltzman and Charles Osborn returned Tuesday from a 10 days fishing trip on the south Poudre. They caught lots of fish.

Oct 7, 1905..Mrs Jane Owen and son Ralph, of Tipton, Iowa, who have been visiting mesdames A A Knott and Will Bader and Jake and Fred Welty, returned home Wednesday.

Nov 25, 1905..C V Stryker and wife left at noon Tuesday for California, where they will remain until next spring. Their trip will take them through Oregon and then south along the coast, and they will spend most of the witner at San Diego.

Dec 23, 1905..We received a souvenir postal card from California the other day, mailed by Mrs C V Stryker, trying to make us envious.

20 Jan 1906..letter to Miss Olive Brown about her husband...(rest not copied) Mrs Stryker says that C V is in good health, but she is suffering with a bad cold.

5 May 1906..Back from California. C V Stryker and wife returned Sunday from San Diego, Calif. where they went last fall to spend the winter. The change of climate was not very enjoyable, as during their stay there the rainfall amounted to 18 inches, and brought a return of asthma to Mr Stryker, which only Colorado air will cure. They will probably remain in Colorado next winter.

15 Jun 1906..Mrs C V Stryker, Mrs William Preston, Jr Preston and Norman and Viola Preston spent Wednesday afternoon fishing at Hummel Lake. J V Stryker presented the bulletin with a box of fine strawberries Tuesday, grown on his home place. There were of excellent quality.

23 Jun 1906..John Stryker has a youngster, aged about six, out at his home who has the makings of a nervy man. Last Monday John left the young man sitting in a buggy while he went to make some purchases. The horse became frightened and dashed down the street, playing tag with several teams enroute. The runaways was stopped without any damage, and the young man remarked; "if I'd got hold of the lines I'd pulled him to pieces."

21 Jul 1906..Mr and Mrs C V Stryker, who have been visiting friends in Denver the past week, returned home Tuesday.

28 Jul 1906..Attending W.C.T.U. day the Boulder Chautauqua were Mrs John Stryker, and others.

25 Aug 1906..C V Stryker and Miss Wilson of Harlan, Iowa, guests of Mr and Mrs Stryker, make a trip to the terminus of the Moffatt road the first of the week. Ab Stryker, representing Farm and Field, of Denver, was a caller this week.??

22 Sep 1906..C V Stryker has returned from Kansas City and other points in Missouri. While away Mr Stryker bought several carloads of mules.

29 Sep 1906..C V Stryker still has a few more mules for sale.

6 Oct 1906..Mrs C V Stryker and her guest, Miss Miller, of San Diego, Calif spent Tuesday in Denver.

13 Oct 1906..Miss Buelah Miller, of San Diego, Calif, who has been the guest of Mr and Mrs C V Stryker for several weeks, is visiting friends in Lasalle this week.

3 Nov 1906..C V Stryker, who sprained his hip during the recent snowstorm, is able to be around on crutches.

24 Nov 1906..C V Stryker and wife entertained Albert McIntyre, wife and boy, of Santa Clara, Calif. several days this week. Mr and Mrs McIntyre left, Thursday, for Portland, Oregon, Mrs Stryker accompanying them as far as Denver.

23 Feb 1907..C V Stryker was in Fort Collins Thursday.

23 Mar 1907..J V Stryker and Mrs W J Preston were Fort Collins Visitors Saturday.

25 May 1907..C V Stryker passed the "three score and ten" mark in life's journey Tuesday. C V looks good for several years yet.

1 Jun 1907..C V Stryker left on Wednesday for Excelsior Springs, MO, where he will try the waters again. He derived much benefit from a former visit.

15 Jun 1907..C V Stryker writes from Excelsior Springs that he is improving in health and having a good time.

23 Jun 1907..C V Stryker returned Thursday evening from Excelsior Springs, MO, where he has been taking the waters.

13 Jul 1907..C V Stryker and his guest, Sidney Peet, went through the first canon Monday, the trip being made in the Breon auto.

21 Sep 1907..John Stryker is in Mitchell, Nebraska, sowing wheat on the ranch he recently acquired in that section. C V Stryker, E N Eagle, T O Stepp and others witnessing the Masonic rites at the laying of the corner stone for the auditorium.

19 Oct 1907..John V Stryker returned Sunday from Mitchell, Nebr. John will not return to Nebraska for several months. C V Stryker received a telegram announcing the death of his sister at Harlan, Iowa. C V Stryker went to Loveland Sunday afternoon to attend the funeral services of the late Volney Chapman.

26 Oct 1907..Mr and Mrs C V Stryker left last press day for Harlan, Iowa, in response to a telegram announcing the death of Mr Stryker's sister that place. They returned home Thursday.

16 Nov 1907..C V Stryker brought an ear of Iowa corn to his office not long ago. It was a fine specimen and showed up well until a few Colorado nubbins were placed along side of it. It then appeared so small that Mr Stryker came in and carried it away - couldn't stand the contrast.

23 Nov 1907..Luery Smith was the guest of Mrs John Stryker Tuesday.

7 Dec 1907..C V Stryker and wife were in Denver Monday.

11 Jan 1908..C V Stryker is on the sick list this week with Grippe.

7 Mar 1908..Miss Callie Whitworth, who has been in Colorado for the last three years, left Monday afternoon for her home in Kennetts, VA. Miss Whitworth has won many friends in Colorado. She regrets her departure. She is a niece of Eugene and Lura Smith, Mrs Norman Ellis and Mrs John Stryker.

14 Mar 1908..Sidney Peet, who visited his sister, Mrs C V Stryker, last summer, writes to Mr Stryker from Phillips Andover College, Mass., that the weather there makes him yearn for Colo. He promises to come again next year and may remain. Mr Peet is one of the for most athletic instructors in the country.

4 Apr 1908..C V Stryker is home again, after a few weeks spent in taking the waters at Excelsior Springs, MO.

4 Apr 1908..C V Stryker is having his front porch screened in this week, and the mosquitoes and flies will have to go elsewhere next summer.

23 May 1908..Mr and Mrs C V Stryker were Denver visitors Tuesday. C V Stryker is now goin on borrowed time, having reached the allotted three score and ten Thursday. The wear and tear on Mr Stryker has not been such as to leave him there than a pretty good man (physically speaking)

11 Jul 1908..C V Stryker went to Denver Tuesday to get a look - in at the big convention and if possible meet some of his friends of long ago in Iowa. He was unsuccessful, however, and returned home with his desire to mingle in a national convention gratified.

15 Aug 1908..John V Stryker and family left on Wednesday for their ranch near Mitchell, Neb. John will return in a couple months to see after the harvesting of his beet crop.

5 Sep 1908..C V Stryker attended the Fort Collins fair Tuesday. Mr Stryker is a pioneer in these parts and has watched Larimer county grow from a wilderness to its present prosperity and these fairs are very interesting to him.

3 Oct 1908..J V Stryker was attending court in Fort Collins Tuesday.

10 Oct 1908..John Stryker and family have returned from Mitchell, Neb. for the winter. Mr Stryker has a farm near Mitchell, and reports good crops this year.

19 Dec 1908..C V Stryker left Monday morning for Excelsior Springs, MO, where he will take the waters for the next three weeks. Mr Stryker has mad several journey to the Missouri health resort and has obtained relief on every trip.

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