Maps of the Henry Welty farm, south of Tipton, Iowa.


 Josiah Owen & Mary Jane Welty


Highlandlake Cemetery, Highlandlake, Weld County, Colorado

Stryker, Alvin C. 15 y 10 m, 6 d, 10 Dec 1880 Son of C.V. (C.J.) & 
U.S. Stryker

Stryker,Cornelius V. 1838 - 1911

Stryker, Ursula S. 1832 - 1901


1901 Historical Sketch, Berthoud, Larimer County, Colorado

Transcribed by Marta Norton 
February 23, 2000

The Berthoud Bulletin Newspaper
Saturday, September 7, 1901; Page 1.

The History of Berthoud, Larimer County, Colorado

Little Thompson
The Rich Valley that Surround the Town of Berthoud.
Old Times - Putting in Water Works - Organizing of the Town - 
Milling and Elevator Facilities - Growth Owing to Improved Means 
of Farming and Intelligent Farmers.

(The following is from The Fort Collins Express "Industrial 
Edition," issued in 1892, and is so well to the point we thought 
best to see it for The Bulletin's "Pioneer Edition.")

      The Little Thompson valley received its settlers in 1860; 
they were transients who came in to raise a little hay, and but a 
few stayed.  Among those who did remain after the first year were 
Louis Cross and Major Kerr, but both of these gentlemen have been 
gathered in by the great Reaper.  The Overland Stage Line kept a 
station along the creek for the exchange of horses and gathering 
of hay and other need of the company, but the early history of the 
little valley like its later prosperity, is very closely cemented 
to the larger Thompson.

      The Little Thompson is not a very large stream and most of 
the water it furnished was very soon taken charge of by the owners 
of stock ranches and farms lying just inside the hills or at the 
point where the stream passes out to the plains.  The Cary Culver 
and Lawrence Stock farms are almost as well known as any in the 
west, and there are others about them owned by capitalists of 
Boulder and Arapahoe Counties that will some day be as famous as 

      When Colorado Central Railroad was built in 1877 the station 
was named Berthoud in honor of E.L. Berthoud, chief engineer of 
the road, and station house and a section house added to the burg 
which had formerly consisted of Mr. Cross' farm building and a 
public school.

      In 1876 Peter Turner moved to the land lying on the bluff 
just north of the bottom. He and his two boys the set to work to 
prepare the land for cultivation.  There was much talk of ditches 
to be constructed from the Big Thompson to cover the country lying 
between the two steams, and Mr. Turner and his boys selected a 
site as near the coming road as possible and one that would be 
surely under the new ditch.  There was not a house on the bluff at 
that time, and only one habitation, a dug out, in the 
neighborhood.  Water was carried from the Little Thompson, or, in 
drier times, from the Big Thompson.  Little was done or could be 
done, until the completion of the Handy and Home Supply canals 
early in the eighties.  Then in 1884, the present site of the town 
was platted, and the railway station was moved up.  Soon after the 
Colorado Milling & Elevator Company erected a large elevator.  
This gave the farmers of the section an opportunity to ship all 
their products without crossing the Big Thompson bottom, which was 
sometimes in an almost impassable condition.  With the increase of 
business a neat little town speedily sprung up and stepped into a 
large trade.
A Great Section.

      The natural resources of the county around the station are 
great, situated as it is in the midst of the largest wheat growing 
section in the state, and the one claimed to be the best in the 
county.  Immense crops of wheat come to be speedily the rule, as 
the class of men that had settled on the farms were away above 
average.  Intelligence on the farm is as much at a premium as in 
any other calling.

      Good water was one of the first anxieties of the residents, 
and in 1877 a pipe was laid to a lake about a mile and three 
quarters north of town and all residences supplied.  A force was 
obtained for fire purposes sufficient to protect any building in 

      In the spring of the following year it was found that the 
population had increased to such a number as to warrant 
incorporation.  The agitation led to the organization being 
perfected during the summer; on September 15, 1885, the first town 
board met to consider the affairs of the Bailiwick of Berthoud.  
F.I. Davis was mayor and the trusties were Peter Turner, L.H. 
Kelly, F.A. Crane, John Y. Munson, M.A. Rowen and Andrew 
Fairbairn.  A. Fairbairn was elected clerk and L.H. Kelly 
treasurer.  At this first meeting propositions were presented for 
buying a hose cart and for the purchase of the system of water 
supply.  The purchases were made as soon as the town taxes were in 
hand and thus, at the very start, all the modern improvements were 
at hand for the citizens.
Farmers Mill

      The large Farmers' Mill has always been an immense 
advantage.  By reason of its presence the farmers have invariably 
received the highest market price for their grain, and have been 
able to sell at times when at no other place was there any such 
prospect.  This of course owing to the rivalry between the mill 
and the Colorado Milling & Elevator Company's offers, but the 
farmers have reaped the advantage.            


      In schools, Berthoud has always been abreast of the progress 
in the country, which is and always has been well advanced, in 
educational facilities.  Hardly was the town started when building 
was commenced on the lot set apart for the high school, and so 
large was the structure made that the district has not yet 
outgrown it.

Intelligence Has Advantage

      Let the visitor to the Little Thompson Valley go along the 
road past the fields and converse for a time with their owners and 
he will be convinced that the intelligent farmer has as much 
advantage in this world as the intelligent professional man.  Ten 
years ago the land was a waste, or when cultivated was done so 
carelessly as to be detrimental to both the owner and the soil.  
Now pleasant lanes lined with large cottonwood trees, large and 
roomy farm houses sitting back in groves and orchards - a smiling 
land dimpled with happy homes.

      Better yet there is no indication that the valley is in 
danger of a backward step.  The careful farmer seems never to 
reach the point where further progress in his march is not 
possible.  His land may yield thirty bushels this year, but he 
thinks he can make it do better next and in many cases he does.  
Think of a tract of over one hundred acres that averages thirty-
five bushels, and a sixty acre tract which yields fifty bushels 
per acre, and then imagine a farmer who believes he can beat even 
that, then you will form an estimate of what the brainy go-ahead 
agriculturists of the Little Thompson are like.

      The forgoing was written of Berthoud and vicinity in 1892, 
but since then we have advanced.

      The town has put in a complete drainage and sewer system.

      The water is the very best.  The mills, elevators, stores 
and shops are right up to date.  Excellent schools and churches.  
The streets are wide and clean, there are shade and fruit trees in 
abundance, and each street has its stone walks.

      The farms are being divided into smaller tracts and better 
farming is the result.  Fruit raising has become popular and very 
profitable.  There is an abundance of water for irrigation 

      The farmers of this district fattened 55,000 head of lambs 
last season for the eastern markets.  The citizens of town and 
country are well-to-do and progressive.

      The culture of sugar beets is a new enterprise and 
apparently will be a very profitable one for the farmer.

      Location of Berthoud, 54 miles north of Denver, on the 
Colorado & Southern Railway, in Larimer County.  Six miles from 
the mountains.

      Prices of town and farm property are yet very reasonable, 
but advances are being made rapidly in all directions.

      In the following columns we are pleased to give the pictures 
and personal sketches of a number of the people who assisted in 
making this beautiful and prosperous county what it is.

NOTE - You can find these sketches in the Larimer County Archives 
page.  Under 1901 Berthoud Bio's.

The Fort Collins Courier Newspaper
 Friday, June 14, 1918 Page 3.
 List of 209 Young Men Who Registered Last Week
 On June 5 the young men of the county who had reached the age of 21 were
 called upon to register for the draft and in response to this call
 209 answered the questions put to them by the war department thru the
 registration board.
 The list of these young men is given below and it furnishes interpating
 reading to the people of the county.
 Many well known names are included in the list but the outstanding
 feature is the fact that these boys have reached the age of 21.  Many
 people know these young men ______ boys and the registration for service
 shows that they have passed the _____ high school and "____ youth"
 stage.  They are listed for places in the Army either in the line or
 behind it to help put the Kaiser out of ______.
 The numbers given herewith were given indiscriminately by the local
 board but later the war department will advise as to the numbers which
 will be used in inducting the young men into service.
 (I am sorry but the newspaper copy is very poor and hard to read
109. Whalen, Leonard Joseph - Berthoud
 110. Fairbairn, Frank Manhard - Berthoud
 111. Brinkley, Willard Edmund - Berthoud
 112. Ostermiller, Peter - Berthoud
 113. Smith, Joseph Hoyt - Berthoud
 114. Doggett, Albert - Berthoud
 115. Johnson, Vernon Lower - Berthoud
 116. Solomonson, Clarence Joseph - Berthoud
 117. Lehsaek, Henry - Berthoud
 118. Mundt. Henry John - Berthoud
 119. Zoller, Fred - Berthoud
 120. Okimoto, Kaname - Berthoud
 121. Magnusom, Alfred Verner - Berthoud
 122. Gettman, Conrad - Berthoud
 123. Waggener, Frank - Berthoud

Berthoud WWI Service, 9/6/1918 Newsclip, Berthoud, Larimer County, Colorado  

Transcribed by Marta Norton 
April 24, 2000

Berthoud Bulletin Newspaper 
Friday, September 6, 1918; page 1
(Berthoud, Larimer County, CO)


The women of Berthoud are planning to procure a big service flag on 
which will appear a star for each one in the war - soldiers, sailors 
and nurses.  The following list was made by Miss Doris Van Galder.  If 
you know any once from this community whose name does not appear, 
please notify Miss Van Galder, or the Bulletin.

Allen, Edgar J.
Anderson, Riner
Barrowman, Roy L.
Berry, Willa
Bimson, Walter
Boatman, Earl C.
Boatman, Eddie 
Boatman, Lafe
Boatman, Robert H.
Brinkley, Willard
Brossman, Frank
Brossman, Roy
Brown, Earl
Bradley, Ernest
Carlson, Elmer
Costner, Glenn
Chenoweth, Jesse
Claus, Henry
Christense, Wm.
Cook, William
Connors, Martin
Curtis, Frank
Coon, Lloyd
Donovan, Claude C.
Donovan, Earl
Dortch, Clyde
Dryden, Lafayette
Dreith, Louie
Doggett, Charles
Doggett, Lawrence
Early, Carl
Edmondson, Lt. Otto
Everitt, Mae
Fettis, Verne L.
Geith, Harry A.
Gettman, Conrad
Greeland, Walter
Habbinga, Dirk A.
Habbinga, Henerikus
Hal--, Alvin P.
Hansen, Carl
Hazlett, Capt. J.C.
Hankins, Harlan
Hermanson, Niels
Henry, John
Hinkle, Lt. Allen
Howell, Richard
Hutchings, Roe
Jacobs, Ross H.
Johnson, Vernon L.
Klein, Alferd
Klein, William
Keirnes, Harry
Knoll, Capt. Dallas
King, Bonnie
King, Elmer
King, Ernest
King, Vincent
Lebsack, Henry
Lockhart, Harry
Matthews, Don
Matthews, Percy
Mead, Leslie
McNeil, Waldo C.
MacMurtrie, George
Morgan, Earl
Motz, Charles
Morford, Clarence
Neff, Ike
Niven, Harold F.
Ostermiller, Peter
Patterson, Aaron
Rhodes, Walter
Rix, Charles
Roeder, Fred
Roosa, James H.
Salomon, Carl
Salomon, Clarence II
Salomonson, Albert
Salomonson, Milton
Schleuger, Adam
Schleuger, Henry
Schuman, John
Schuman, Henry
Smith, Hugh
Smith, John W.
Smith, Wyatt
Snively, Raymond
Stevens, Wesley
Strand, Herbert
Tartaglio, John
Tartaglio, Mike
Thornburg, Clifford
Turner, Bryan B.
Waggener, Frank
Wakely, LeRoy
Wells, Cornelius
Whalen, Leonard
Wiggin, Charles
Wogan, Hiram
Zollar, William

1907 Larimer County, Colorado Directory

Transcribed and donated by Marta Norton 
April 22, 2001

Volume IV
Fort Collins and Loveland are in another database.

Included here are Alford, Arkins, Bellvue, Berthoud, Boxelder, Butler, 
Cowdrey, Elkhorn, Estes Park, Glendevey, Gleneyre, Hebron, Higho, Home, 
Livermore, LaPorte, Log Cabin, Masonville, Owl, Pinewood, Rand, St. 
Cloud, Spicer, Stout, Timnath, Walden and Wellington. 

BERTHOUD ~ One of the most up-to-date and progressive towns in the west, 
as a ( ? ) the industries represented in this list will show.  20 miles 
south of Fort Collins on the Colorado & Southern Railraod.  Population 

Akers, J.A., carpenter
Ashcroft, Sarah
Albert, John O., (Nettie)
Allen, Dr. Henrietta H., Dentist
Anderson, Paul, (Anna), laborer
Banks, ?. L., (Bertha), night marshal
Bader, Geo. N., (Iva), groceries and dry goods
Batten, D., clerk
Bailey, Chas., (Addie), nightwatch
Benson, A.A., (Nellie)
Bauer, Chas. J.
Berhoud Drug Co., A.S. Horn, Mgr.
Berthoud Electric Light Co., J.R. Preston, Mgr.
Berthoud National Bank - T.C. Bunyan, President; Thos. Kerley, Vice-
President; John Bunyan, Cashier; Wm. C.Bunyan, Assistant 
Berthoud Machine and Blacksmith Shop, W.J. Preston, Prop.
Bell, John A., (Anna), contractor
Berglin, Andrew, (Sophia), plumber
Bimson, C.E., (Angelina)
Bimson, A.G., (Maggie), blacksmith
Birdsill, Ralph
Birdsill, W.L., (Margaret), laborer
Boatman, R.H., farmer
Boatman, Newton
Boatman, Florence
Bowers, Frank, (Josephine)
Boulder and Larimer County S. & M. Ditch Co., J.B. Everhard, Sec'y
Boettcher, L.F., Manager Colorado Telephone Co.
Breon, Chas., auto livery
Brown, A.F., (Katie), secretary
Brown, Lottie
Brown, Mary, Davis-Hartford Mercantile Co.
Brady, W.M., (Rosa)
Bulletin, Weekly, R.C. Hardesty, Editor and Publisher
Buzzard, Geo., Star Livery Barn
Burns, D.M., Barber
Burns, Dollie
Burns, Ellen
Bunyan, John, Mayor and Banker
Bunyan, Julia
Bunyan, T.C., (Ellen), President Berthoud National Bank
C. & S. Depot, W.S. Greenland, Agt.
Carr, L.M., Barber
Carty, Robt.
Cass, C.H. (Ida), lrayman
Cass, C.H., (Ida May), Star Barn
Chamberlain, F.L.
Christian Church - Rev. W.L. Cline, Pastor
City Resturant and Bakery, M.L. Fisher, Prop.
City Government - John Bunyan, Mayor; H.A. Lovejoy, Clerk; M.L. 
Fishbairn, F.T. McAeister, C.R.Skinner, C.G. Pollock, C.E. Williams, 
City Star Barn, S. Jefferies, Prop.
Clark, W.G., blacksmith
Cline, Rev.W.L., Pastor Christian Church
Cleaver, Rev. J.W., (E.J.)
Clymer, Dr. J.B., (Ella), Physician
Cole, Dr. W.W., (Gene), Physician
Cobb, A.E.
Cole, Edna, clerk, Lovejoy Feed Mill
Cole, Wallace, student
Coleman, Daniel
Coleman, J.H., (Ella), farmer
Connor, Jim, carpenter
Corcillus, R.H., (Mamie), Prop. Panitorium
Cook, H.C., (Jennie)
Crawford, R.R., (Alberta), laborer
Cronk, Geo., (Eliza), farmer
Curtis, Mrs. Mary
Curtis, Mabel, telephone operator
Cunningham, Dr. W.M., Physician
Davis, Ed, works Panitorium
Davis, E.N., (L.A.), Davis Merc. Co.
Davis, F. Irving, Davis-Hartford Mercantile Co.
Davis, S.L., clerk
Davis, Nettie, clerk
Davis-Hartford Mercantile Co., F.Irving Davis, Pres.; A.F. Brown Sec'y 
Dennis, H.P., (Lura), Dunvar & Dennis
Drew, O.F., (Carrie), contractor
Dorman, John, Marshal
Dunbar, C.E. (A.), Insurance Agent
Dunbar, Henry, (Nettie), works McCormick's
Dunbar, H.A., works McCormick's
Dunbar, Jennie, student
Dusenberg, H.M., (Nancy), carpenter
Duckworth, W.A.
Dyer, S.H., (A.F.)
Edmondson, I., (Ella)
Edmondson, J.F., (Emma), works at Chop Mill
Edmondson, W.F., (Elizabeth), retired farmer
Eagan, E., (Sarah), rancher
Fagan, L.H., farmer
Fairbairn, M.L., (Madge), manager Newton Lumber Co.
Farmer's Milling & Mercantile Co., wholesale flour, feed and grain
Fenton, W.C., (Clara), boarding house
Fenton, W.L., (Margaret)
Ferguson, H.C., (Linnie)
Finley, F.D., (Zetta), printer
Fisher, M.L., restaurant
Foresman, H.H., (Lyde), Druggest
Foresman & McCarty, Druggest and Stationers
Fuhrman & Furguson, Brick Yard
Gardner, I.N., (Emily)
Ghent, Blaine, laborer
Ghent, Maud
Greenland, W.S., (Etta), agent C. & S. Depot
Glazier, C.E., (Iona), plasterer
Grand View Hotel, Wm. Brady, Prop.
Gregg, W.H., (Agnes), farmer
Handy Ditch Co., F. A. Bein, Pres.; J. Y. Munson, Sec.
Hanes, Rev. J.N., (Rose), Pastor U. B. Church
Hartford, Albert, student
Hartford, Fred, student
Hammans, W.E., (Effie)
Hardesty, RC., (Caroline), Editor and Proprietor, Berthoud Bulletin 
Harper, J., (Jane), hod carrier
Hertha, L.S.
Hiltabiddle Bros., Real Estate
Hinkley, Geo., (Ella), City Market
Horn, A.S., (Anna), Manager Berthoud Drug Co.
Howard, F.M., (Callie)
Howarth, Myrtle, clerk
Hull, Bert.
Hutchinson, Mrs. J.B.
Ish Reservoir Co., C.A. Hewitt, Pres.; H.H. Foresman, Sec.
Jefferes, Clyde (Nellie)
Jefferies, Hazel, bookkeeper
Jefferies, S., (Jennie), City Star Barn
Johnson, Anna, student
Johnson, Erle, student
Johnson, Ida, student
Johnson, Wagner, (Mildred), windmills and tanks
Johnson, Mike, blacksomith
Johnson, P.W., (Mary), bowling alley
Johnson, August
Kee, G.W., (Florence), laborer
Kotthoff, Geo., (Florence), hardware and jewelry
Loomis, Guy E., (Irene), Pres. First national Bank
Ludlow, Earl, stockman
Ludlow, Ovid, (Olive)
Lovejoy Bros., (H.A. and C.A.), Inplements and Grain
Lovejoy, E., (Mary), farmer
Lovejoy, H.C., (Nellie), engineer
Lovejoy, Harry, (Maud), Lovejoy Bros.
Lutener, Ethel
Lynch, Lula, telephone operator
Lynch, W.E., (Agnes)
Lyon, Elizabeth, student
Lyon, J.W., (Inez)
Lyon, Wm., (Marie)
McAlister, F.T., (Minnie), clerkMcCormick, Grace, bookkeeper
McCormick, W.E., clerk
McCormick, W.H., (Anna), general merchandise
McClung, J.H., (Martha), road overseer
McCarty, Dr. D.W., (Jennie)
McFarland, Dr. S.B., (Lucile)
McGregor, R.A., (Katie), plasterer
McNell, W.H., farmer
Mack, Homer, (Sallie)
Martin, Dr. E.E.
Martindale, Mrs. Della
Martindale, E.F., (Emma), farmer
Martindale, Florence, clerk
Martindale, Ruth, telephone operator
Matthews, F.A., (Mattie), barber
May, D.M., May &Pollock
May & Pollock, dry goods and groceries
Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev. W.S. Moffat, Pastor
Mills, Mrs. W.L. Sr.
Mills, W.L. Jr.
Moffat, Rev. W.S., Pastor M.E. Church
Moffat, R.A., real estate
Munson, J.Y., (Isabella), real estate and insurance
Murrell, G.A., (Ida), contractor
Myers, B.B., (Bertha), laborer
Nall, Geo. A.
Nelson, P.D., (Mildred)
Newman, A.F., (Eva), carpenter
Newton Lumber Co., M.L. Fairbairn, manager
Newell, H.J., (?Isa?), bookkeeper
Newell, S., (Rose), farmer
Newell, W.T., (Carrie)
Niven, Harry E., (Viola), agent Denver News and Times
Osborn, Beth, clerk at Post Office
Osborn, Charley
Osborne, Grant, (May)
Othier, Dr.
Othier, J.A.
Paddock, M.F., (Laura), laborer
Palmer, Mrs. Lizzie (widow)
Peden, S.E., (Alice), machinist
Pollock, C.G., May & Pollock
Porter, N.S.G., (Fannie), fruit grower
Post Office, Arthur F. Brown, Post Master
Preffer, Olive
Presbyterian Church - Rev. E. J. Staton, Pastor
Preston, H.C., (Ada), blacksmith
Preston, W.J., (A.M.), blacksmith
Purcell, C.E., (Fannie), photographer and barber
Purcell, O.R.
Price, E.R.
Raisbeck, Emma
Riland, O.O., (Jennie), painter
Rising, S.C., (Emma), clerk
Ritland, S.J., painter
Rowe, H.A., manager at Western Lumber & Supply co.
Ruple, Mrs. Etta (widow)
Ruple, J.C., (Dorothy)
Salsman, G.W., (Ellen)
Salsman, Clara, clerk
Saltzman, Frank, clerk
Sampson, A.H., clerk
Sampson, J.F., (Lizzie), clerk
Sappington, Bertha
Sargison, John H., furniture and hardware
Shield, Will
Shull, J.C., (Jennie)
Shryock Hardward Co.
Shryock, F.R., (Mary), manager of Shyrock Hardware Co.
Simpson, C.E., (Nahhah)
Simpson, Tillie, milliner at Shryock Hardware Co.
Skinner, C.R., (Sarah), farmer
Sloan, Bert. (May), teamster
Smith, Mildred
Smith, N.H., (Ida)
Smith, O.J., (Margaret), farmer
Smith, Myrtle
Smith, Verdie
Smith, Virgle
Soderstrand, Geo., (Rose), carpenter
Spohr, C.B.
Spohr, R.L., (Esther), farmer
Spohr, S.M., (Julia)
Snively, C.A., (Mollie), carpenter
Stotom, Rev. E.J., Pastor Presbyterian Church
Stepp, Alberta
Stepp, E.E., (Carrie), farmer
Stepp, T.O., (Elizabeth), farmer
Stockwell, Ida
Stockwell, Mollie
Stockwell, Myrtle
Stryker, C.V.
Stryker, J.V., (Effie), farmer
Swanson, Sigfried
Templeton, A., (Cora), contractor
Theobald, J.P., (M.J.), shoe shop
Thompson, C.P., (Laura), shoemaker
Thompson, J.T., (Lizzie), fruit and confectionery
Thompson, S.A., (Clarice), works at Farmer's Milling Co.
Trask, R.T., bookkeeper
Traynor, Lelia, student
Trussell, A.J., harness and sadd'ery
Turner, Duck, (Grace), farmer
Turner, Jim, farmer
Turner, Peter
Turner, Susie, teacher
United Brethren Church - Rev. J.N. Hances, Pastor
Van Galder, A.C., (Lucy)
Veasey, Irwin, First National Bank 
Vigar, Annie
Vigar, J.G., (Nettie), miller
Walker, L.M., (Anna), meat market
Wells, H.C., (Nola), laborer
Western Lumber & Supply Co., H.A. Rose, manager
Whipple, H.D., (Maud), civil engineer
Whipple, M.D., (Lyde), civil engineer
White, G.O., (Alice), teamster
Wright, Blanche, teacher
Wright, Caroline
Wright, Claude
Wright, Geo., (Zettie), painter
Wright, Mrs. R.A.
Williams, C.E., (Lizzie), bookkeeper at Farmer's Milling Co.
Williams, Tom, (Margaret)
Williams, Geo. O., (Selma), laborer
Williams, G.T., carpenter
Yockey, Daniel, (Elizabeth), plasterer

1906 County Directory Vol III, Larimer County, Colorado

Transcribed by Marta Norton 
23 March 2000

In 1906, the boundaries of Larimer County included what would 
become Jackson County in 1909.

NOTE - Vol III includes the following cities -
Alford, Arkins, Berthoud, Boxelder, Elkhorn, Estes Park, 
Glendevey, Gleneyre, Home, Laporte, Livermore, Log Cabin, 
Masonville, Pinewood, Rand, St. Cloud, Stout, Timnath, and 

Butler, Cowdrey, Hebron, Higho, Owl, Spicer, Walden and Zirkel

BERTHOUD ~ One of the most up-to-date and progressive small towns 
in the West, as a glance at the industries represented in this 
list will show.  20 miles south of Fort Collins, on the C. & S. 
R. R. Population, 600.

Albert, Jno., O., (Nettie)
Allen, Dr. Henrietta H., dentist
Anderson, Paul, (Anna) lab.
Bader, Geo H, (Iva M) groceries and dry goods
Baily, Chas, (Addie), nightwatch
Baptist Church - Rev. W.H. Whittier, Paster
Barrows, James, Mgr. Colo. Tel. Co's office
Bauer, Chas. J.
Berthoud Drug C., A.S. Horn, mgr.
Berthoud Electric Light Co., J.R. Preston, mgr
Berthoud National Bank; T.C. Bunyan, pres; Thos. Kerley, vice-
pres; John Bunyan, cashier; Wm. C. 
     Bunyan, asst. cashier.
Berthoud Lumber Co., L.R. Hayward, pres; R.E. Harris, sec'y
Berthoud Public Schools - Carl Smith, Prin and Supt; Miss Lola 
Turner, Prin. High School Dept., Dina
Porter, Susie Turner, Blanch Wright, Marie Harris.
Berthoud Machine and Blacksmith Shop, W.J. Preston, Prop.
Bell, John, (Anna), contr
Berglin, Andrew, (Sophia), plmbr
Bimson, C.E., (Angelina)
Bimson, E.G., (Maggie)
Birdsill, Ralph, wks, Hottoff's
Birdsill, W.L. (Margaret), lab.
Boulder & Larimer County L & M Ditch Co., J.B. Everhard, Sec'y
Bowns, Frank, (Josephine), wks. Fairbairn-Parish Lumber Co.
Brown, Frank, (Katie), sec'y Davis-Hartford Merc. Co.
Brown, Olive
Brady, W.M., (Rosa), prop, Grandview Hotel
Breedlove, Geo., (Lou), eng.
Breedlove, Sadie
Bulletin, Weekly, R.C. Hardersy, Editor and Publisher
Bunyan, A.G., (Maggie), blksmth.
Bunyan, Ellen
Bunyan, John, Mayor and Banker
Bunyan, Julia
Bunyan, T.C., (Ellen), Pres. Berthoud Nat. Bank
Bunyan, William
C. & S. Depot, W.A. Carleton, Agt. 
Carr, L.M., (Alice), barber
Cass, C.H. (Ida), drayman
Cass, C.H., (Ida May), wks. City Star Barn
Chamberlain, F.L.
Christian Church - Rev. O.S. Cliff, Pastor
City Government - John Bunyan Mayor; H.A. Lovejoy, Clerk; 
A.Fairbairn, F.T. McCallaster, J.H. Newell, 
     C.G. Pollock, C.E. Williams, Trustees
City Market, Geo. Hinkley, prop.
City Restaurant and Bakery, H.H. Smith, prop.
City Star Barn, S. Jeffries, prop.
Clark, J.F., (Rosa), tmstr.
Cleaver, Rev. J.W., (E.J.)
Cliff, Rev. O.S., Paster Christian Church
Clymer, Dr. J.B. (Ella), physician
Cole, Edna, clk P.O.
Cole, Dr. W.W., (Gene), physician
Cole, Wallace, stdt.
Coleman, J. H., (Ella), farm
Coleman, W.K., (Mabel), farm
Colo. Tel. Office, James Burrows, mgr.
Connor, Jim, carpntr
Corciluis, R.H., (Mamie), prop. Panitorium
Crawford, R.R., (Alberta), lab.
Cronk, Geo., (Eliza), farm.
Davis, Ed, wks. Panitorium
Davis, E.M., (L.A.), wks. Davis Merc. Co.
Davis, F. Irving, Davis-Hartford Merc. Co.
Davis-Hartford Merc. Co., F. Irving Davis, Pres; A.F. Brown, 
Darman, John, Marshal
Dunbar, C.E., (A.), Ins.
Dunbar, Henry, (Nettie), wks. McCormick's
Dunbar, H.A., wks McCormick's
Dunbar, Jennie, stdt.
Drew, O.F., (Conie), contr.
Dusenberg, H.M., (Nancy), carpntr.
Dyer, S.H., (A.F.)
Edmondson, Esther
Edmondson, J.F., (Emma), wks. Chop Mill
Edmondson, W.F., (Elizabeth), ret. Farm.
Fagan, E., (Sarah), rancher
Fagan, Jennie, tchr.
Fagan, Kate, tchr.
Fagan, L.H., farm.
Fairbairn, Andrew, (Lucy), Sec. Faribairn-Parish Lumber Co.
Fairbairn-Parish Lumber Co., H.J. Parish, Pres.; A. Fairbairn, 
Farmers' Milling & Mercantile Co., wholesale flour, feed and 
Fenton, H.E., (Ella), farm.
Finley, F.D., (Zetta), printer
Foresman, H.H., (Lyde), druggest
Foresman & McCarty, druggests & stationers.
Gardner, I.N., (Emily)
Glanler, C.E., (Ione), plasterer
Grand View Hotel, Wm. Bradley, Prop.
Gregg, W.H., (Agnes), farm.
Greem, L.H., blacksmith
Handy Ditch Co., F.A. Bein, Pres.; J. Y. Munson, Sec'y.
Hanes, Rev. J.N, (Rose), Paster U.B. Church
Hammans, W.E., (Ella)
Haraison, P.K., (Carrie), wks. Walker's Market
Hardesty, R.C., (Caroline), Editor and Prop. Bulletin Newspaper
Harper, J., (Jane), hod carrier.
Harris, Roy E., (Cora), Berthoud Lumber Co.
Harris, Sarah
Hayes, G.M., (M.)
Hayes, Jim
Hayes, J.M., groceries
Hedke, C.R., (Ada), civ. eng.
Held, Edward C., barber
Helt, I.L.S.
Hink, Y. Geo., (Ella), City Market
Horn, A.S., (Anna), Mgr. Berthoud Drug Co.
Ish Reservoir Co., C.A. Hewitt, Pres.; H.H. Foresman, Sec'y
Johnson, Wagners, (Mildred H.), windmills and tanks
Johnson, "Mike", blksmth
Jones, Josephine, (wid)
Jones, N.W., palter and decorator
Jefferes, Clyde
Jeffers, S., (Jennie), Prop. City Star Barn
Kee, Frank, clk, Kitto Store
Kee, G.L. (Rose), tmstr.
Kee, G.W., (Florence), lab.
Kee, G.W., (F.M.)
Kitts, C.W., (Belle), gen. mdse.
Kotthoff, Geo., (Emma), jewelry, hardware and tinware
Lindsey, J.A., (Dollie), lab.
Lovejoy Bros, feed, implements and grain, H.A. & C.A. Lovejoy
Lovejoy, E., (Mary), farm.
Lovejoy, H.C., (Nellie), eng.
Lovejoy, Harris, (Maude), Lovejoy Bros. feed store
Lovelett, Geo., (Julia), lab.
Lutener, Ethel
Lyon, Elizabeth, stdt.
Lyon, William (Maria)
McCormick, Grace, bkpr, McCormick's
McClung, J.H., (Martha), road boss.
McGregor, R.A., (Katie), plstr.
McGregor, W.E., clk. McCormick's
McGregor, W.H., (Anna), gen'l mdse.
Matthews, F.A., (Mattie), barber
May, D.M., (May), May & Pollock
May & Pollock, dry goods and groceries
Martindale, Della, (wid.)
Martindale, E.F., (Emma), farm.
Mattindale, Florence, clk, Tel. Co.
Methodist Episcopal Church - Rev. C. Miller, Pastor
Miller, Rev. C., (Ida), Pastor M.E. Church
Milla, W.L.
Moore, F.W., (Artie), tel. opr.
Munson, J.Y., (Isabella), real estate and insurance
Murrell, G.A., (Ida), contr.
Myers, Lissa, millinery
Newman, A.F., (Eva), carpntr.
Niven, Harry E., (Violo), agt. Denver News and Times
Osborn, Grant, (Mary)
Palmer, Lizzie, (wid.)
Porter, U.S.G., (Fannie), fruit grower
Peden, S.E., (Alcie), machinist
Pollock, C.G., May & Pollock
Postoffice - Arthur Brown, postmaster; Mrs. Kate E. Brown, asst.
Preffer, Olive
Presbyterian Church - Rev. E. J. Station, Pastor
Preston, H.C., (Ada), blksmth.
Preston, W.J., (A.M.), blksmth.
Purcell, C.E., (Fannie), photo and barber
Raisback, Emma
Ritland, O.O., (Jennie), painter
Ruple, Etta, (wid.)
Ruple, J.C., (Dorothy)
Sampson, E.B.
Sampson, J.F., (Lizzie G.), clk. Foresman & McCarty
Sappington, Bertha
Shay, Moses, (Jennie), ret. Farm.
Shield, Will.
Shull, J.C., (Jennie)
Shryock Hardware Co., F.R. Shryock, mgr. (Mary E.)
Skinner, C.R., (Sarah), farm.
Sloan, Bert., (May) tmstr.
Smith, Mildred
Smith, N.H., (Ida), Prop. City Rest. And Bakery
Smith, O.J., (Margaret), farm.
Smith, Myrtle
Smith, Verde, stdt.
Smith, Virgle
Sniveley, C.A., (Mollie), carpntr.
Staton, Rev. E.J., (Helen), Pastor Presbyterian Church
Stepp, alberta
Stepp, T.O., (Elizabeth), farm
Stockwell, Ida
Stockwell, Mollie
Stockwell, Myrtle
Stryke, C.V.
Templeman, A., (Cora), contr.
Theobald, J.P., (M.J.), shoes and shoe shop
Thompson, C.P., (Laura), shoemakr.
Thompson, J.T., (Lizzie), fruit and con_ect.
Thompson, S.A., (Clarice), wks. Farmers' Milling and Merc. Co.
Trussell, A.J., harness and saddlery
Turner, Duck, farm.
Turner, Jim, farm.
Turner, Peter
Turner, Susie, tchr.
United Brethren Church - Rev. J.N. Hanes, Pastor
VanGalder, A.C., (Lucy)
Vigar, Annie
Vigar, J.G., (Nettie), miller
Vigar, Nellie
Walker, L.M., (Anna), butcher and market
Western Union Tel. Office, F.W. Moore, opr.
Whipple, H.D., (Maud), civ. eng.
Whipple, M.D., (Lyde), civ. eng.
White, G.O., (Alice), tmstr.
Whitlstch?, Dr. B., physician
Whittler, Rev. W.H., (Lucy), Pastor Baptist Church
Williams, C.E., (Lizzie), bkpr. Farmers' Milling & Merc. Co.
Williams. Tom, (Margaret)
Wilson, Etta
Wilson, Geo. E., (Selma), lab.
Wilson, G.T., carpntr.
Wright, Caroline
Wright, Blanche
Wright, Claud
Wright, Claud, wks. Berthoud Drug Co.
Wright, Geo., (Zettie), painter
Wright, Mrs. R.A., (wid.)
Zimmerman, G.E., fruit growner
Zimmerman, G.W., (M.L.) fruit grower
Zimmerman, O.A., fruit grower

                        The Hygiene Cemetery
                 St. Vrain Church of the Brethren
                 Hygiene, Boulder County, Colorado


The cemetery is divided into two sections. The North Section is in back of the church on the north side of Hygiene Road. 
Lot numbering begins on the east side, nearest the church, and extends to the end of the north fence line. The first row 
of lots are designated with an alphabetical identification. All subsequent rows are identified with numerical designations.

Lot        Name of Deceased         Dates and Inscriptions                              Family Name
17         Lucy Smith               1813 - 1906                                         Smith
17         Mark Smith               1816 - 1893                                         Smith
17         Nancy J. Smith, Dau. of  Died May 4, 1878 Aged 24 yrs. 10 mo. 27 days        Smith
           M. and L. Smith
17         Carrie M. Smith, Dau.    Born May 14, 1908 Died Dec. 31, 1908                Smith
           of W. T. and Minnie B. 
17         William C. Smith         Feb. 7, 1867 -April 29, 1903 36 yrs 2 mo. 22 days   Smith
17         Joseph L. Smith          Oct. 9, 1854 - March 21, 1909                       Smith
17         Elizabeth Smith          Feb. 22, 1865 - Feb. 23, 1903                       Smith
17         Catherine Smith          Age 64 year                                         Smith
17         Clarence E., Son of W.   June 6, 1894 7 mo.                                  Smith
           C. & M. J. Smith
96         Hallie Zweck             1886 - 1981                                         Zweck
96         Zweck George H.          1884 - 1962                                         Zweck






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