Aug 16, 1892..Jacob Welty and family are entertaining eleven visitors from Iowa this

          A Reply to those Stolen Fish.
Sept 2, 1892             Sunny Side, Aug 29

Editor    Blade.
   Your correspondent from this "neck woods" in last weeks Blade seems to be a little off
his base and I thought it best to make a little explanation in behalf of the fellow south east
of the lake who was too late to get any fish", and to give Mr. Smith a few pointers in
regard to my lake and fish that he has been selling.  In the first place one third of that 
lake happens to be on my land while the water right on it belongs to J. H. Welty for 
irrigation. Now if Mr. Smith ever put a fish in this lake no one knows it some four years 
ago I put over 3000 growing cat fish in the lake and posted notice for no fishing and kindly 
asked Mr. Smith to do the same and he promised to do so, thinking that in a short time we 
could have some fine sport catching fish for our table.  Now when the fish are nicely grown 
Mr. S. thinks there is a chance to make 5c or so and take in a marker fisherman to camp on 
his land and fish out the lake for the paltry sum of 3cts a pound.  Now it seems that some of
Mr. Smiths neighbors thinking there was no harm to "steal from a thief", has made a raid
on the "purioined cats" and friend Smith is on his ear.  Suppose he was out 10 or 15 cents. 
I think Mr. Welty can ask neighbor Smith a few questions in regard to who keeps up this
lake and furnishes the water to fill it.  Think it is too bad about Mr. Smith running  that 12
year old boy through the wire fence. I would advise parties sending such boys out fishing
in Smiths wheat field to yoke them and if friend Smith will come over I will lend him an
old bull yoke I have here to keep him out.
   Mr. Welty just came in and says that about the time most of those fish was "Stolen" he
(Welty) missed the water from his horse pasture and sent a man up to the lake to turn it in
again.  And if Mr. Smith or his fisherman had taken the trouble to look they could have
found the fish along down the ditch, and also says that this same water has been stopped
since then and if it is tampered with any more someone will be made an example of.  Mr
Welty further states that he has 27 shares of water to run into this lake while Smith has
only 7 and was never known to hire any, and most Springs Mr. Welty gets my ditch stock
(40 shares) to help fill the lake and then while Welty is irrigating out of the lake, Smith
gobbles all of Welty's water from the ditch to irrigate his farm, this is rather cheap
irrigation 1/4 sec, with 7 shares supply stock and yet neighbor Smith calls this my lake and
my Fish. "Rats". 
     Yours Very Respectfully.
                        A.A. Knott (12A)

Sep 9, 1892            Sunny Side Sept. 5
Editor Blade,
  Since the article in last weeks Blade seemed to be considerably  off, and a number have
asked me for a more through explanation concerning those stolen fish, I concluded to do
so.  Hoping you will allow me the space for this one I will not ask you for another on this
subject.  In the first place Mr Knott claims one third of the lake is on his land.  I will 
give the surveyors figures and let each one divide it to suit himself.  27 3-10 acres is on 
the N 1/4 sec. J. H. Welty, C.V. Stryker and I went fishing one day  and caught a lot of 
sunfish and ...  the lake and we paid equal for them posting notices.  My father said Mr. 
Knott wanted me to post notices too but I never consented to do so.  Mr. Knott claims that he
has caught about 100lbs. of fish and sold them.
   Does this look like "for our table use" Paltry sum of 3cts a pound.  Mr Dobback said Mr.
Knott offered to let him (Dobback) fish on his side of the lake for 2  a pound after he got
through on mine.  I don't think the 12 year old boy had any worse time running through
the wire fence than the others for they all ran like a herd of horses.  We did take the
trouble to look and 3 within 15 feet of the enclosure were found.  Of course 5 or 10 inches
of water over 3  foot of the ditch was hardly deep enough for such large fish to swim so
  "This same water" I would not stop it if I wanted to for it runs through my horse pasture
also.  27 vs 7 shares, when Mr. Welty and I went into partnership in the lake I only had 4
shares of ditch stock and Mr Welty had 12.  10 of Supply and 2 of Handy and on these we
agreed to fill the lake and I was to use his Supply stock above the lake and he (Welty) was
to draw all of his water through the lake.  After some 3 years I bought 3 more shares and
about the same time Mr. Welty bought another 1/4 section of land with 15 shares of stock
which he used to fill the lake and then has it turned to his other farm and also runs water
from the lake to irrigate some 40 or more acres of his other farm.  Does this look like
"Smith gobbles all of Welty's water from the ditch."   Is this cheap irrigation when I
do not have the use of the twenty seven acres to farm and have to pay the assessments of 7
shares of ditch stock?  If I am not mistaken my father said he caught several hundred
young cat fish out of the same ditch that Knott caught his out of.  This ditch was used to
fill the J. W. McIntyre lake and when the lake was nearly dry and the fish water turned in
the young cat fish started up stream and were captured for "my lake".
   Hoping this will satisfy all inquiring minds I kindly bid you adios....
                         W.T. Smith

Sep 9, 1892..Another letter appears in this weeks issue of the Blade relating to that "fish
story" Mr Smith claims that he was wrongfully accused and wishes to make an
explanation on the subject of a few questions, and therefore we allow its appearance with a
reply if necessary.

Sep 30, 1892..Sunnyside..Sept 22 Ed. Blade. Please correct my article of Sept 5, to read as
follows  27 3-10 acres on N E 1/4 sec and 7 7-10 acres on N W 1/4 sec.  Also J V Stryker
in place of C V.
                   Respectfully  W T Smith

Sept 28, 1894..Mrs J H Welty was a Longmont visitor Wednesday.
   Mrs Fred Welty and John Sipple left yesterday for Tipton, Iowa, the former to make a
six weeks visit to relatives at that place, the latter, who has been on a protracted visit 
here, to remain.

Feb 7 1895..Mrs Elza Knott and son Clifford and Mrs Fred Welty visited with Mrs Wm
Bader last Friday.

Aug 20, 1896..Mesdames. Williams, Bader and E H Knott were calling on Mrs Jake
Welty, Friday afternoon.

Oct 1, 1896..A A Knott and son, Frank, started for new Mexico, Tuesday, where they will
purchase some lambs for J H Coleman and the Welty brothers.  There will be several pens
of sheep fed in this neighborhood this winter but not as many as last winter.

Oct 8, 1896..A A and Frank Knott arrived from New Mexico, Monday, with 2600 fine
Mexican to be fed in this vicinity for the Chicago market.  They will be fed by J H
Coleman, the Welty bros. and Wm Greip.  Mr Knott will return to New Mexico at once for
another load of lambs.

Jan 7, 1897..Several persons enjoyed the hospitality of D Colemans family New Years day
and report a grand good time.  The guests were Jake Welty and family, Mrs A A Knott and
family, H H Foresman and family, Wm Bader and family, Mr and Mrs Fred Welty, Mr
and Mrs Elza Knott, Mr and Mrs Frank Knott and Mrs Jackman.

Mar 25, 1897..John Shay, A A Knott, Wm Coleman and Jake Welty went with the sheep
shipments, Wednesday.

Apr 8, 1897..  Jake Welty and Will Coleman returned from Iowa, Wednesday, where they
had been visiting for some time since they left Chicago where they went with a shipment
of sheep.

May 6, 1897..Fred Welty, Will Greip and Ed Coleman started to Chicago, Wednesday,
with a shipment of sheep.  They will join A A Knott at Fort Morgan.

May 13, 1897..The collections for the India sufferers in cash and grain through the efforts
of the Y.P.S.C.E. were as follows: Fred Welty 2 sacks of corn; E H Knott 1 Sack of corn;
(others not listed here)

May 27, 1897..Jake Welty and Bert Knott returned from Chicago last week.  Mr Welty's
father joined him in Iowa and will visit among friends and relatives here for some time.

.....No 1898 papers on film.....

Feb 9, 1899..Married..At high noon, Feb 1 1899, at the residence of I N Stewart,
Sunnyside, Colo, David F Cresswell, to Rosalee Keirnes, daughter of Richard Keirnes,
Elder Harris of Longmont officiating.
   Although the day was bitterly cold the invitations of Mr and Mrs Keirnes to the marriage
of their daughter, was responded to by a house full of guests, which shows the high esteem
in which Mr Cresswell and his bride are held.
   The bride was handsomely attired in white silk trimmed with pearls and lace, with
natural roses.  Miss Nannie Swanson and Luther Keirnes acted as bridesmaid and
   After a very short marriage ceremony and congratulations had been received, the guests
were invited to a sumptuous dinner.
   Many useful and beautiful presents were received of which the following were noticed.
Mr and Mrs J H Welty,       Handsome cake plate
Mr and Mrs J Stryker,       Fancy tea pot

Feb 16, 1899..Following are the names of those who attended a party given at Mr J H
Welty's last Thursday evening.  Mr and Mrs E H Knott, Mr and Mrs H H Foresman,
Misses Luella Clark, Maud Richards, Nellie Ellis, May Graves, Rose Zweck, May
Coleman, Alice Brown, Messer. H C Lovejoy, H D Whipple, J H Coleman and Al
Hawkins.  The party indulged in numerous games until a late hour when they partook of a
dainty spread which was done justice to by all.

Aug 19, 1899..Misses Sadie and Ada Owen, of Tipton, Ia., arrived in Berthoud Sunday on
a visit with the Messrs. Weltys and Knott's families.
   Mrs Fred Welty, Misses Ada Owens, Sadie Owens, Alice Knott and Mr Ed Trough are
spending the week at Estes Park.

...maybe..Jun 3 1899 abt Fred Welty, 2 pgs back from that date Aug 9 1899.

Sep 3 1899..Reception to Rev and Mrs Snitcher..If there is anything better than a formal
reception, it is an informal reception, and that was the kind tendered Rev Homer C
Snitcher and wife last Friday evening at the pleasant and commodious home of Mr W T
Newell, a mile and a half east of Berthoud.
   This reception was two-fold, we presume to welcome the rev gentleman to his new
charge here of the Presbyterian flock, and to celebrate the occasion of his recent marriage. 
This latter ceremony was performed at Greenwich, N.J. on August 26, 1899 by Rev J Chas
Levengood, and the present Mrs Snithcer was Miss Sarah Ewing Hunt.  She is a talented,
pleasing and loveable lady, and the people of Berthoud and community are delighted to
welcome such a personage.
   From 3 o'clock up to 10 Mrs Newell and her no less able assistants were kept busy
receiving the guests who came from all the surrounding country, and with music, vocal
and instrumental, and lively chat the time passed pleasantly.
   At 8:30 Mr and Mrs Snitcher arrived, when followed introductions to and welcomes
from each individual.  All were satisfied.
   At 11 o'clock refreshments were served-sandwiches, cake, ice cream and coffee-all the
very best-and the flower decorations were dahlias and pansies.  Then followed another
hour or two of enjoyment, for there was never a more agreeable gathering.
   The ladies who had the affair in charge were certainly encouraged by its success.
   After October 5, Mr and Mrs Snitcher will be at home at the Presbyterian parsonage.
   Those present were:
Mr and Mrs..Homer Snitcher, Hendershot, J Y Munson, W T Newell, Fred Welty, J H
Newell, McClung, Hottell, Phelps, Thornton, Foresman, Lovejoy, O J Smith.
   Mesdames ..R M Hubbell, A F Brown, J Dudley, Rockwell, Wm Clark, D Coleman.
   Misses.. Marguerite Zager, Edna Cole.

Sept 16 1899..Lake View..Jake Welty went up the foot hills to gather his cattle and bring
them down to his ranch.
   Mr and Mrs G F Welty was calling here Monday afternoon.

Sept 23 1899..Jake Welty reports his cattle badly scattered on account of the dry weather

Oct 14 1899..J H Welty purchased a new wagon in Loveland on Tuesday

Oct 21 1899..Mr. and Mrs. G F Welty took Sunday dinner at the Knott ranch.

Nov 4 1899..Jake Welty and W C Stiles brought their cattle down from the hills last week
to winter in fields.

Nov 11 1899..E H Knott and wife dined, Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. G F Welty.
   George Zweck of Hygiene, was visiting his sister, Mrs Jake Welty, last week.

Nov 18 1899..Berthoud Public School Report
   The following is a report of the four departments of the Berthoud public school for the
month of October.  The total enrollment this term is 116 pupils.
   Primary department, Miss Susie Turner teacher:
Males       Females     Total
 16      32         48
Average Daily attendance, 34
   Those neither tardy nor absent during the month, 1st grade, Bettie Hubbell, La Veta
Wright, Nellie Jefferes, Robert Boston, Gladys McClung and Eva Foresman; 2nd grade,
Lynetta Foresman, Minnie Nevin, Olive Persen, Wallace Pierce and Louis Greenland; 3rd
grade, Harold Nevin, Helen Shull, Walter Greenland and Edward Boston.
Mrs H Foresman,  Mrs F Welty,  Mrs Knott.
Intermediate department. Mrs L C King teacher:
4th grade   5th grade    6th grade
  12        14   14
Neither tardy nor absent, 4th grade, Hazel Jefferes, Charlie Osborn, Carl and George
Wright; 5th grade, Willie Brown, George Saltzman; 6th grade, John Dudley, Ina Haskins,
Everett Munson, Elmer Pulliam, Myrtle Smith, Belva Turner and Theresa Thornton.
   Grammar department, Miss Coleman teacher:
7th grade    8th grade    total
   12          4       16
   Those neither tardy nor absent, Olive Brown and Imo Davis.
   High school department, Miss L F McConnell teacher:
9th grade    10 grade     total
   5      7       12
Neither tardy nor absent, Allan Cole, Sydney Davis.

   Miss Nettye Zweck is visiting at the Welty ranches this week.

Nov 24 1899..SHEEP FEEDING INDUSTRY..Each succeeding year notes a rapid growth
in the sheep feeding industry in the vicinity of Berthoud.  The value of such an industry is
incalculable to the agricultural interests for which this locality is noted, as it is almost 
the only means of consuming the tons of alfalfa hay which are raised and to the feeder it is 
not unprofitable.
   Not more than eight years ago sheep feeding was introduced as an experiment in the Big
Thompson valley by our prominent stockman, A A Knott, who feed but a very small flock
with gratifying results.  Thousands are now fed in that valley and the following list gives
the number being fed with Berthoud as a shipping point for the eastern market this season.
J W Shay       1360
F P Haworth         1110
Edward Huffman      1080
R M Hubball         1500
A A Knott      1900
W H Gregg       550
W T Newell          1320
I H Fagan      1549
Peter Turner and son 1256
J H Coleman          700
C A Hewitt           365
O J Smith      2500
McPhee and McGinnity 2600
E H Knott       130
J H Welty       550
total             18,470

We have it upon good authority that between five and six thousand more lambs will be fed
in the neighborhood besides those listed above, as twelve carloads have already been
contracted for and there is good probability of six cars being shipped in later on.
   Last year the number fed and shipped from here, exclusive of those fed by McPhee and
McGinnity, only reached 16,200.    The price of lambs last year ranged from $2.35 to
$2.55 f.p.r; this year it was from $2.20 to $2.40 on Mexican lambs, with the heavy Utah
and western ranging upwards.  Aside from the feeding business, several are
experimenting in sheep raising.  Among those who have found the business encouraging
are E H Knott, J H Welty, Russell Skinner and J H Coleman.  C A Rockwell, with 260
ewes, will try the business the coming season.
   Allowing 1,000 head for those raised here, and taking the number being fed by Hubbell
and Smith (4,000) which were trailed from Wyoming from the total number, leaves 13,470
that were brought to this point by rail.
   A large number of cattle are also being fed for the market and several cars of calves are
expected to arrive soon.

Dec 30 1899..Mr. and Mrs G Foresman and Mr and Mrs Fred Welty ate the Christmas
fowl at Elza Knott's

Jan 6 1900..J V Stryker and wife were entertained by Mr and Mrs F Welty last Thursday

Feb 10 1900..The first consignment of sheep for the eastern market this season left
Berthoud Tuesday.  It consisted of five cars, three of which were shipped by A A Knott
and two by J H Welty.  The time is now at hand when the feeder begins to think of turning
at least a part of his fatted stock into cash, and the present market quotations indicated 
that some profit may be realized by the early shipper. During the next month or two it is
probable that many sheep and fat cattle also, will go to market.  We cherish the hope that
all who have ventured into the feeding business will realize a profit that will be
   Sheep inspector J G Moon, of Fort Collins, inspected the sheep of Welty and Knott
Monday prior to their shipment on Tuesday.
   Fred Welty sold a bunch of fine, fat cattle Wednesday to a cattleman who loaded and
shipped them to market.  They were sold by the bunch.  Mr Welty is well satisfied with the
transaction and thinks that he realized a better profit than in any cattle deal he has made.
   LAKE VIEW...Roads are fine..John Zweck, of St Vrain, came up Saturday on a visit to J
H Welty and family.
   Jean Smith is going to work for Fred Welty this coming summer.
   A A and E H Knott and J H Welty shipped five car loads of sheep on Tuesday to
  Berthoud Public School Report...not entered at this time..

Feb 24 1900..A telegram was received by H Foresman from Clarence, Iowa, informing
him that Henry Welty was lying at the point of death.  Fred Welty left for his bedside on
Monday afternoon's train.  Mr Welty is the father of our well known country people Mrs A
A Knott, Mrs W E Bader, J H and G F Welty.

Mar 3 1900..Mrs A A Knott left Friday for Clarence, Iowa to visit her father, Henry
Welty, who is seriously ill.  She contemplates a trip to Chicago before returning home.
   Among the shippers..J Welty marketed his lambs at Omaha, receiving 6.80 for them and
4.60 for his ewes.

Mar 10 1900..Eugene Smith, who is employed on the farm of F Welty purchased a $35
Crescent bicycle of Foresman and McCarty this week.  This is probably the first new
wheel sold in Berthoud this spring.
   Fred Welty returned from Iowa Wednesday.  He states that his father, Henry Welty, who
has been seriously ill is improving in health now.

Apr 14 1900..F Welty and wife, R M Hubbell and wife, C B Prior and wife, J W Everhard
and J McCormick attended the Stockmen's Association Monday.

April 21 1900..J H Welty returned from Chicago Tuesday evening.

May 26 1900..BERTHOUD AND VICINITY..Almost under the shadow of the Rockies is
situated the Town of Berthoud in the south-eastern part of the county of Larimer, 54 miles
north west from Denver, and in the very heart of the best agricultural district in the state.
   Beautiful farms, clad in the green of a variety of shade and fruit trees surround this 
little city, reaching to the west a distance of 7 miles, beyond which, in the "hills" graze 
the cattle and horses of the valley during the summer months.  For miles to the east, north and
south lies the richest and most fertile region under cultivation.  From this broad expanse of
productive soil is grown vast quantities of grain, fruit, potatoes and alfalfa.
   Larimer county is fast becoming famous as the feed yard of great droves of sheep and
cattle which command the tip-top price in the eastern markets.   This vicinity takes a
leading part in the industry.
   Berthoud is the market place of nearly all the grain and potatoes.  The wheat is mostly
made into flour before being shipped.
   The business men are thorough, enterprising and eminently successful.  The business
houses of the town surpass those of much larger places in capacity and business style.
   Berthoud has--
7 department stores       2 general stores
2 drug stores             2 novelty stores
2 restaurants and bakeries     2 livery barns
1 implement store         1 jewelry store
1 millinery store         1 meat market
1 lumber yard             1 newspaper and printing office
1 harness shop            1 barber shop
1 bank                    1 machine repair shop
3 physicians              2 dentists
2 carpenter shops         1 feed mill
2 paint shops             1 plasterer
3 blacksmith shops        1 large hotel
Colo and Southern Railroad     1 graded school
3 churches                7 fraternal orders
1 elevator with a capacity of 75,000 bushels 
1 mill and elevator combined 125,000 bushels is the capacity of the elevator, and 150
barrels of high grade flour per day is turned out by the mill.  This mill and elevator occupy
half a block.
   172 cars of wheat were shipped from Berthoud during 1899.
   53 cars of other grain were shipped during same period.
   322 cars of flour were shipped from here last year, also 13 cars of cattle, 106 cars of
   3 cars of other stock, 66 cars of potatoes.
   We have good mountain water.  Berthoud owns the water works, which cost the town
   Most healthful climate, altitude 4,747 feet.
   Stone walks and shade trees on all streets.
   Population, 400.  
   Only 35 miles from Estes Park, one of the most delightful of Colorado's outing spots.
   Trout in the mountain steams, plenty of game in the mountains.
   The lakes are fully supplied with ducks in the spring and fall.
   Wheat yields from 50 to 60 bus. per acre
   Splendid system of irrigation-crops never fail.   An excellent point to start a fruit farm.
   No better place to own a farm of any kind.
   5 to 8 tons of hay per acre-3 cuttings.
   As an illustration of the extent and importance of the sheep feeding industry we invite
careful consideration of the following, which is the practical experience of a prominent
lamb feeder in the vicinity of Berthoud this season:  This feeder says that much better
results would have been realized had there been more grain put into the animals.  Let
everyone bear in mind that this has been an exceptionally good year for sheepmen.  From
the following anyone can readily compute the possible profits.
   Number fed, 500
   First cost per head, $2.15
   Average grain fed each lamb, 91 lbs.  Average cost of grain per cwt, 63c.
   Average amount of hay fed each lamb, 392 lbs.  Average price of hay per ton, $4.00
   Labor, $100.00
   Average price received at sale, $5.06.
   $125,000 is the amount received for lambs in this vicinity this season.

Oct 27 1900..A A Knott brought down a train load of lambs from Rawlins, Wyo., last
Saturday, distributing them as follows:
Wm Flora     1028     J H Welty    860
F P Howarth   344     Thos Smith   515
A A Knott     335
car at Loveland for G A Hamilton (343) and nine car loads ewes at Greeley for Gaddis
And Bennett to be wintered east of Loveland and to be taken to the range in the spring.

Dec 8 1900..The lambs to be fed in the vicinity of Berthoud are now all in except about a
thousand head, and it is certainly surprising to note the increase over last year.  Last year
the number fed footed up to some thing over 23,000, but this season the number will
aggregate nearly 50,000!  Next spring the selling price is expected to bring a quarter of a
million dollars.  We are not sure that such a great increase is wise, but the finish only will
determine.  Should there be sufficient hay in the district no mistake will have been made,
but should the feeders run short then there will be loss without end-and the lamb feeding
industry will be cussed to a finish.
   Here follows a list of the feeders in the Berthoud district for this season, with the 
number of lambs in the pens:
J H Welty 1085 G F Welty 690
A A Knott 1800 E H Knott 374
W T Newell     1800 J V Stryker    540
F L Rockwell   1546 H C Preston    1086
H K Hankins    1050 L G Strever    540
C A Hewitt     1322 John B Sloan   712
John J Thornton 1912     Wm Greip       2180
John Coleman   1010 Hummell and Anderson  1493
A C Sanderson   748 J W Shaw       1850
F A Beinker     640 W T Branson    540
W T Smith  515 W S Flora      1028
E P Howarth    1897 T C Bunyan     2350
Peter Johnson  1101 J L Ransom     1250
Joe Biederman  1100 McPhee and McGinnity 3800
Elten Williams  746 C L Walker     2344
Luther Keirnes  550 S J Wilson     732
Wm Clark  1600 I H Fagan      2700
J B Everhard   1055 Munson and Turner     919
O J Smith 1875 Peter Turner and Son 1418
R M Hubbell    1200 Lou Hendershott      1060
ED Huffman     2100 C R Skinner    1150
B F Early 1000 Robert Kablor  1500
yet to come    1000 TOTAL.........48,808
   Of the above the local bank is carrying all but about 15,000 head....didn't get rest.

Dec 22 1900..Fred Welty returned Tuesday evening from Omaha where he disposed of
two cars of sheep at good prices.  Messrs. Fred and Jake Welty propose starting next week
for Los Angeles, Calif, where their wives have been for some time.

Dec 29 1900..Jake and Fred Welty and D H Coleman started Monday afternoon for
California, the objective point being Santa Barbara.  They expect to be absent two or three
months, and will certainly make the best of such an excursion.

Jun 15 1901..John Turner, who for five years has been employed steadily on the Jake
Welty ranch, returned to his home at Longmont Monday.

Jul 27 1901..Mrs F Welty visited at Longmont Sunday and Monday.

Sep 7 1901..J H WELTY (12)..Among those who have taken advantage of every
opportunity to make farming successful in its various branches is J H Welty.  It is often
remarked of him that whatever he touches turns to money.  Mr Welty came to Berthoud
before much rural development had been made.
   He was born near Tipton, Cedar country, Iowa, September 2, 1857.  He was one of six
children, among whom are Mrs. W E Bader, Mrs A A Knott and G F Welty, all prominent
people hereabout.  His boyhood days were spent on his father's farm.  By the way, his
father was Henry Welty, who also came to Colorado.  In the fall of 1878, Jake went to
Illinois in company with A A Knott and Crawford McKee, making the trip overland. 
From there they came to Sumner county, Kansas.  
   Mr Welty took up land and got a deed for it, and after two years he drove through to
Colorado and settled near Longmont.  He was employed as a farm hand on the George
Zweck ranch on the St Vrain.  In the meantime he made a trip to Buffalo, Wyoming, with a
bunch of cattle for his employer.  It was in 1885 that he bought his home quarter section of
Dr Chase.  There was one little scrubby tree and a dugout upon it.  The house was claimed
to be haunted, and considerable excitement prevailed about that time over reports of
ghosts seen.  For three years he kept "bachelor's hall," after which his sister came out and
kept house for him several years.  In 1889 he bought the quarter section adjoining him on
the west.
   On September 24, 1891, Mr Welty was married to Miss Augusta Zweck, daughter of his
former employer.  Mrs Welty was born and raised in Colorado.  Her father came to the
state in 1859.  He built the Zweck Hotel at Longmont and was third partner in the Prussian
mine at Gold Hill.
   Their wedding trip was to eastern Iowa and lasted six weeks.  They have one child
whose name is Roy Virgil (6), born February 13, 1896.
   Mr Welty owns altogether about 790 acres of land.  He purchased Cliff Cottage Stock
Farm in the mountains in partnership with W C Stilles.  He stocked the ranch with sheep
and cattle, now owning about 100 head of branded cattle.  About 1890 he began feeding
sheep.  He and Mr Knott were about the first to engage in the industry here.  For the last
three years Mr Welty has raised lambs as an experiment and says he knows of no other
business that pays better, owing to the value of the land.
   Last winter Mr and Mrs Welty took a trip to California, visiting Los Angeles, Santa
Barbara and Sacramento, returning by way of Ogden and Salt Lake City in Utah, and
arriving home February 21st.

Nov 2 1901..Wednesday night A A Knott came in from the south with 1525 lambs, half of
which were for Jake Welty and the balance for Hummell and Anderson.

Nov 9 1901..Monday A A Knott brought in 4,000 sheep for the feeders, going as follows:
John Sloan 552, Anderson and Hummell 548, H K Hankins 555, A C Sanderrson 803, J V
Stryker 400, G F Welty 1025.  Mr Knott again went south for more lambs, and
expected to load 5,000 at Fort Garland today.

Feb 1, 1902..Lambs fed in Berthoud District...
     Stryker, J V          400
     Welty, J H and Wm Edison  750
     Welty, G F            1055
     Knott, A A            3630
     Smith, W T            2000?
  (rest not copied)

Apr 12, 1902..Jake Welty marketed his lambs last week, at St. Joe at the pleasing price of

May 3. 1902..A train load of lambs left Berthoud Tuesday for Chicago, A A Knott shipped
4 cars, Jacob Welty 2 cars and Lavilo Fagan 3 cars.

Jun 21, 1902..Mrs Fred Welty of Berthoud called on Mrs Knott Friday.

Jul 12, 1902..Mr and Mrs Knott spent the 4th at Fred Welty's.

Aug 23, 1902..The Sheep Industry.  Striker, J V  400;  Welty, J H and Wm Edison  750; 
Welty, G F  1055;  Knott, A A  3630;  Smith, W T 2000.  (rest not copied)

Aug 30, 1902..Mrs Knott had the pleasure of entertaining Mr and Mrs Fred Welty and Mr
Fairman and family at dinner together.
   (believe next is from 1903)
   Handy Ditch Company.  Annual Meeting Elects Directors for Enusing year.  J H Welty
elected as a director.

Sep 6, 1902..G F Welty shipped his wool to Denver, Friday.

Nov 15, 1902..Jake Welty and son drove through here Saturday.

Nov 22, 1902..Mrs Owen will lecture in the Christian Church next Tuesday night at 8

Dec 20, 1902..Miss Rose Zweck went to Denver Tuesday morning.

Dec 27, 1902..Death of Geo. Zweck.  Died - at his home near Hygiene, Wednesday Dec
24.  Mr Geo. Zweck is well known to all the old settlers in this part of the state.  He has
been engaged in the mining business for many years and the old man was still hard at
work in his mine when sickness compelled him to relinquish his work.  Mr Zweck is Mrs
Jacob Welty's father.  He will be berried from his home, Saturday.

Jan 3, 1903..A Very enjoyable dinner party was given Thursday at the home of Elza H
Knott at Highland Lake.  The guests were G F Welty and wife, H H Foresman and wife,
Albert Mills and wife, and Miss Laura Hewitt.

Mar 7, 1903..Handy Ditch Company.  Annual meeting elects directors for ensuing year.  J
H Welty elected as a director .. (rest not copied)
   Mrs Jake Welty has been visiting in Longmont this week.  She returned home Thursday.

Apr 18, 1903..Mr Welty is having a building put up this week to accommodate the family
brought here to cultivate his sugar beets.  A number of dwellings have been erected for
this purpose in this vicinity.

May 23, 1903..Mr and Mrs Jake Welty attended the graduating exercises at Loveland.
   Friday after noon a number of friends gathered at the home of Florence Early, the
occasion being her tenth birthday.  The afternoon was spent in games after which
refreshments consisting of ice cream and cake were served.  Those present were Misses
Ethel Cole, Willma Keirnes, Effie and Violet Bein, Lucy Smith, Cornelia Clark, Katherine
and Francis Giligilian, Messers Earl Allen, Roy Welty, Willie Stryker, Hugh Wyatt, Joe
Smith and Hobart Gilifilian.  All spent a very pleasant afternoon.

Jun 6, 1903..Miss Rose Zweck and Mary Affolter were guests of G N Bader and wife
Saturday and of J H Welty and wife Sunday.
   Mr and Mrs H H Foresman were guests of Fred Welty and wife Sunday.

Jun 27, 1903..Mrs Jake Welty returned from Longmont Thursday.

Jul 4, 1903..Jake Welty and wife returned from Longmont Friday where they went to
attend the wedding of Mrs Welty's cousin.

Jul 11, 1903..Last Wednesday about twenty friends of Master Welty came in to spend the
afternoon together.  The time was spent in out-door games, after which refreshments
consisting of ice cream, cake, candy and fruit were served. Those present were: Misses
Ida Johnson, Florence early, Effie, Violet and Lena Beirn, Anna Johnson, Lucy Smith and
Belle Le Valley, Messrs. Noah Early., Willie Stryker, Eric Johnson, That Rogers and Milo
Eidson.  All returned home wishing Roy many happy returns.

Jul 18, 1903..Jake Welty visited at his mountain ranch several days this week.

Jul 25, 1903..  Merry picnic party.  Ernest Newell, Misses Nettle Bradley and Carrie
Owen, Willard Newell and wife, J H Newell and wife, Claude Fairbairn and Miss Clara
Saltzman formed a merry picnic party on the new river road Sunday.
   Jake Welty was a Fort Collins Visitor one day last week.

Aug 1, 1903..Jake Welty returned from over the range Monday.

Aug 8, 1903..Jake Welty to have been slightly in it.

Aug 15, 1903..Miss Rose Zweck is visiting her sister, Mrs Welty this week.

Sep 5, 1903..A A Knott has contracted with Jake Welty for 900 lambs.  Mr Knott informs
us that the lambs are of much better quality than in previous years.  He also believes the
price will rise.

Sep 12, 1903..Jake Welty is up at his mountain ranch.

Sep 19, 1903..A A Knott reports having contracted to furnish 1080? lambs to R H Kahlet
and 540 to Fred Welty for winter feeding.

Sep 26, 1903..W C Stiles of Loveland visited J H Welty and family Sunday.

Oct 24, 1903..A Sewing bee.  A number of ladies gathered at the home of Mrs A A Knott
last Friday to sew carpet rags.  Those present were: mesdames H D Coleman, Russell
Skinner, Sim Jeffers, John Stryker, Fred Welty, Jake Welty, Jacob Correll, Frank Knott,
Charles Hewitt and Miss Laura Hewitt.
   A bountiful repast was served, the king everyone knows Mrs Knott is famous for, at
which it was easy to see who did the most work.

Oct 31, 1903..Feeding lambs. The following is an incomplete list of those feeding lambs
this fall, and the number each is feeding.  There will be others added to the list as the
season advances.  S E Newell 982, A A Knott 3700, G F Welty ..... (rest not copied)

Nov 21, 1903..Jake Welty met Sim Jeffers yesterday and remarked, "Sim hasn't had
enough coal to sell the past week to blacken his face."

Dec 5, 1903..Jake Welty made a trip to his mountain ranch Wednesday.

Dec 12, 1903..B F Early, J H Welty and August Johnson were in consultation with
furniture men Monday with reference to school furniture for the new Sunnyside school

Jan 2, 1904..Jake Welty and Kin Hankins dipped sheep at Fred Bein's Monday and

Jan 9, 1904..Jake Welty and H K Hankins expect to dip sheep again this week.
   Misses Rose and Jeannette Zweck returned home Sunday after a Pleasant visit with Jake
Welty and wife.
   Fred Welty and wife were Fort Collins visitors Wednesday and Thursday.

Feb 27, 1904..Mrs Jake Welty visited her mother in Longmont last week.
   Miss Rose Zweck is visiting with her sister, Mrs Welty, this week.
   Annual report of Handy Ditch Company for year ending Feb 20, 1904 shows
expenditures.  J H Welty..$96.00  (rest not copied)

Mar 5, 1904..Annual meeting of the Handy Ditch Company transacts important business. 
J H Welty elected to board of directors.     (rest not copied)

Mar 19, 1904..Lamb shipments Monday seven cars of lambs were shipped to the eastern
markets from Berthoud, three cars by G F Welty and four cars by A A Knott.  The stock
looked fine.
   Mrs Jake Welty and Miss Rose Zweck were guests of Miss Laura Kibby at School last

Apr 16, 1904..J H Welty and W C Stiles sold two cars of cattle to Denver buyers the first
of the week.

Apr 23, 1904..Fred Welty and wife were over from Highland Lake Wednesday.  They
have been living on their new place about two weeks, and like it very much.

May 7, 1904..Lamb shipments Monday 21 cars of lambs were shipped to the eastern
market from Berthoud, as follows,  Welty and Gunter, 1 car and Welty and Eidson, 1 car. 
(rest not copied)

May 14, 1904..Jake Welty went to his mountain ranch one day this week.

May 21, 1904..Peter Monday, of Tipton, Iowa, who has been in California all winter,
stopped in Berthoud last pressday to visit with relatives before returning home.  His
relatives are Mrs H H Foresman, Mrs Elza Knott and Mrs G F Welty.

May 28, 1904.. Pleasantly entertained.  Mrs Elza Knott entertained the highland lake
ladies' aid society Thursday, being assisted by Mrs G F Welty and Lynetta and Eva
Foresman.  The occasion was one to be pleasantly remembered.
   Peter Monk returned to his home in Iowa Tuesday, after a visit with relatives here.
   Mrs and Mrs G F Welty expect to start for St Louis and other poitns in the east some
time next week.

Jun 4 1904..Mr and Mrs G F Welty started Wednesday for Chicago and other points in the
east.  They will visit the fair at St Louis before they return.

Jul 9, 1904..Mr and Mrs G F Welty returned Sunday from a visit with relatives and friends
at Tipton, Iowa.

Jul 16, 1904..Misses Rose and Jeanette Sweck (realy)  visited Mrs Welty several days this

Jul 30, 1904..Mrs Welty was passenger to Boulder Tuesday.
   Mrs Fred Thompson and Mrs Jake Welty visited the Boulder chautauqua Tuesday.

Aug 6, 1904..Mr and Mrs Will Bernhard, Dr Cross and Miss Carrie Owen, all of Franklin,
Tenn., were guests of Mr and Mrs J H Newell Saturday, en route to Middle Park.

Aug 13, 1904..Roy Welty returned home Friday.  He had been visiting his grandmother.

Aug 27, 1904..Jake Welty and wife, Mary Knott and Mabel Bein went to the mountains
after Choke Cherries Sunday.

Sep 17, 1904..J H Welty and wife and son Roy left Wednesday for St Louis where they
will visit the fair.  They will visit relatives in Iowa and Missouri before returning.
   Jake Welty and wife started for the world's fair Tuesday.

Sep 24, 1904..About crops.  Gene Smith, on Fred Welty's place, had 52 acres of wheat
which averaged 35  bushels, 9 acres of barley which averaged 51 bushels and 5 acres of
oats which averaged 65 bushels.
   Fred Welty had eleven acres above ditch on his Highland Lake farm, which averaged
him 36  bushels of wheat to the acre.

Oct 8, 1904..J H Welty and wife returned Wednesday from their visit to the St Louis fair
and Tipton, Iowa.

Oct 15, 1904..Jake Welty, wife and son Roy returned from St Louis last week.

Dec 3, 1904..Mrs Zweck, of Longmont, was the guest of her daughter, Mrs Welty, last

Dec 17, 1904..Frank Knott and family were guests of J H Welty and family Sunday.

Dec 31, 1904..Mrs J H Welty was the guest of her mother, Mrs Zweck, at Hygiene on

Mar 11, 1905..W T Newell and wife, Mrs Charles Newell and son, Willard Newell and
wife, Mrs J H Newell and children and S E Newell were guests of Mr and Mrs J H Welty
at dinner Wednesday.

Mar 18, 1905..Lamb shipments. Thursday twenty cars of lambs were shipped east
from this district as follows:  Ernest Newell, 4 cars;  Fagan and son, 2;  Elza Knott, 1;  
J H Welty, Will Eidson and Bog Gunter, 5 cars, and J J Thornton, 8 cars.
   Jake Welty, Ernest Newell and Will Eidson started Thursday with their sheep.

Mar 25, 1905..Mr and Mrs G F Welty, of Highland Lake, were in Berthoud Tues.

Apr 1, 1905..Lamb sales.  Willard Newell, J H Welty and Will Eidson returned Saturday
from Chicago, where they sold their lambs at $7.65.  The shipment comprised 10 cars of
   Bought ranch.  J H Welty bought 640 acres from Horace Yeakle, of Loveland, last
Monday.  Located along the east slope of Blue Mountain, and extending four miles south
from the Bald Mountain road.  With the land Mr Welty also secured 103 head of cattle.     
The ranch is an excellent grazing proposition and is well watered,
   Mr and Mrs G F Welty, of Highland Lake, were in Berthoud Tuesday.

Apr 29, 1905..J H Welty rode out to his mountain ranch Wednesday to make arrangements
for taking up his cattle later in the week.  He has a ranch of 1,600 acres up there, and has
140 head of cattle to move there as soon as the roads and streams are passable.

May 6, 1905..Mrs G F Welty and Mrs Elza Knott were guests of Mrs H H Foresman

Jun 3, 1905..Lamb shipments.  A A Knott shipped 1 car of lambs to Denver Saturday. 
Thursday A A Knott 4 cars, G F Welty 4 cars.

Jul 1, 1905..John Welty has been up to the mountains looking after his ranch recently.

Jul 22, 1905..F R Greub, wife and children, of St Joseph, MO., arrived in Berthoud
Thursday, and will visit with relatives - G N Bader, Will Bader, J H Welty, Mrs Ernest
Newell and others.

Jul 29, 1905..  Fred Grieb (that's right) and wife, of Iowa, are guests of Jake Welty and
wife this week.

Aug 12, 1905..Fred Grueb and wife were passengers to Niwot Thursday.

Sep 2, 1905..Selling lambs.  A A Knott has recently sold lambs to the following Berthoud
lamb feeders.  Newell brothers, 1050; Bunyan and Knott 720;  J H Welty, 750;    All of
the above lambs were sold at $5.25.  (rest not copied)

Sep 9, 1905..Joe Owen, wife and son, of Cedar county, Iowa, are guests of relatives here
this week.  Mrs Owen is a sister of Mrs Will Bader, Jake and Fred Welty, and Mrs A A
Knott.  Frank Port, of Wilton Junction, Iowa, is also visiting the same relatives here.

Sep 16, 1905..Thursday? J H Welty, Verner Andersen and wife, Samuel Rayman, G F
Welty and wife, Joseph Owen and wife, Mrs H H Foresman, Mrs Frank Knott, A A Knott
and wife and Thomas Knott and wife formed a jolly party that drove up the Big Thompson
Canon.  They returned in the evening much pleased with their trip.

Sep 23, 1905..Mrs Peter Siple and daughter Ethel, of Oakley, Calif, are guests of Mrs Fred
Welty at Highland Lake.

Oct 7, 1905..Mrs Jane Owen and son Ralph, of Tipton, Iowa, who have been visiting
mesdames A A Knott and Will Bader and Jake and Fred Welty, returned home

Oct 14, 1905..Jake Welty has been looking after his mountain ranch this week.

Oct 21, 1905..Mrs Peter Siple, of California, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs Fred
Welty, Mrs H H Foresman and Mrs Elza Knott, will leave today, in company with Mr and
Mrs A A Knott, for her home, her daughter, Miss Ethel, will remain indefinitely with Mrs
Welty, in the hope that the climate may prove beneficial to her health.
   Jake Welty made a business trip to Denver Tuesday.

Oct 28, 1905..Mr and Mrs J H Welty have company visiting them from Wyoming.

Nov 4, 1905..Lamp receipts.  Feeders received  Bunyan and Knott, 2 cars, G F Welty, 4
cars, S E Newell 3 cars. (rest not copied)

Nov 11, 1905..Among the lamb feeders A A Knott came in from Magdalena Monday with
nine cars of lambs, of which two cars where for J H Welty and seven cars for other
   Big shipment of lambs.  A A Knott brought in from New Mexico this week 63 carloads
of lambs for Berthoud feeders.  Mr Knott was very fortunate in securing cars for his
shipment, and the entire lot were loaded in four days.  The lambs were brought by weight
and were distributed among the following feeders.  Bunyan and Knott 2 cars average wt
71;  G F Welty, 4 cars 59 ;  J H Welty 2 cars 61; (rest not copied)

Nov 25, 1905..Mesdames C R Skinner, J H Welty and S E Newell were in Denver
Monday and Tuesday.

Dec 2, 1905..Mr and Mrs Frank Knott visited Mr and Mrs Jake Welty Sunday.
   Mr Welty and wife and Mr A A Gray went to the mountains Thursday to spend
thanksgiving hunting bear.

Dec 9, 1905..Lamb feeders.  G F Welty 1560, J H Welty 750, Bunyan and Knott 650. 
(rest not copied)

13 Jan 1906..Fred Welty has a bran new barn, 42x52 feet in dimensions, and with a
capacity for 100 tons of hay.  The barn was built by W L Mills.

10 Mar 1906..Roy Welty has been quite sick with pneumonia this week.
   The new board of directors elected by the Handy Ditch Company are J H Welty, F A
Bein, F M Waggener, L H Fagan and J Y Munson.

17 Mar 1906..Lamb shipments.  Greenland and Barr shipped 9 cars of lambs to the eastern
markets Monday and tuesday.  G F Welty 3 cars..(rest not copied)

24 Mar 1906..Lamb sales.  G F Welty sold two cars of lambs at St Joseph on Monday,
averaging 84 pounds, at $6.50.  Smith and Welty sold one car, same average..(rest not

31 Mar 1906..Fred Bein and Jake Welty were making a preliminary survey for the outlet
ditch from Welch Lake Monday.  It is the intention to let a contract for the construction of
this ditch and have it completed in time for use this year.

7 Jul 1906..Mr and Mrs Fred Welty were over from Highland Lake Wednesday, the guests
of H H Foresman and wife.

18 Aug 1906..Jake Welty went to his mountain ranch Saturday.

1 Dec 1906..Mrs Jake Welty and Mrs Ernest Newell transacted business in Longmont
   Mr and Mrs Fred Welty and Mr and Mrs Elza Knott of Highland Lake were guests of H
H Foresman and family on Thanksgiving day.

5 Jan 1907..Mr and Mrs Fred Welty had as their guests new years day H H Foresman and
family and Mrs Elza Knott.

2 Feb 1907..John Coleman and family and Miss Damie Coleman were guests of G F Welty
and wife at Highland Lake Wednesday.
   Miss Jeanette Zweck, of Longmont, spent several days with Mrs Ernest Newell and Mrs
Jake Welty.

16 Feb 1907..G F Welty, this week, sold his 160 acre ranch southeast of Berthoud to P O
Caldwell, of Loveland, Gene Smith will continue farming the ranch.  Consideration was

1 Jun 1907..Mesdames Welty and Henry Holmes were shopping Longmont Saturday.

24 Aug 1907..Mrs G F Welty entertained a large party at her beautiful home Friday
   Mrs Jake Welty, Mrs Ernest Newell enjoyed the trip to Eldorado Springs Tuesday.

31 Aug 1907..Miss Ada Owen of Iowa is visiting in the homes of E H Knott and W F

14 Sep 1907..Mrs F Welty was a Berthoud visitor Thursday.
   Mr Welty purchased a half section of land in the Scottsbluff, Nebraska, locality, and will
improve upon it this fall.
   Jake Welty is making considerable improvements at his residence, including the
installation of a Kewanee water plant, which is put in by Preston brothers.
   Mr Pratch, of Iowa, visited the home of Mr Welty and E H Knott this week.

28 Sep 1907..W F Welty and wife, Mrs Siple and E H Knott and wife were guests at the
H H Foresman home in Berthoud Sunday.
   Mrs Hattie Siple, of Ida Grove, Iowa, is visiting at the homes of E H Knott and W F

5 Oct 1907..W F Welty arrived home Saturday from Scottsbluff, Neb.

19 Oct 1907..Mrs G F Welty visited relatives in Berthoud Saturday.

2 Nov 1907..Mrs G F Welty was Mrs E H Knott's guest Sunday
   G F Welty is in Scottsbluffs, Neb. looking after his farm.

23 Nov 1907..Money for Beets...G F Welty  $856..(rest not here)

21 Dec 1907..Pete Swanson and family moved to the Welty ranch this week.

4 Jan 1908..Silver wedding.  New year's day was the occasion of a very enjoyable
gathering at the home of Mr and Mrs Fred A Bein, who celebrated their twenty-fifth
wedding anniversary...Those present were Jake Welty and wife..(rest not copied)

21 Mar 1908..Sunnyside literary notes.  Last Friday afternoon at the Sunnyside school the
Evergreen Society held its regular monthly meeting with Allen Hinkle as president and
Wilma Keirnes as secretary.  After a program the following questions was debated: 
Resolved-that coal is more useful to man than iron.  The affirmative speakers were, Wilma
Keirnes, Emma Carlson, Violet Bein and Anna Frank.  The negative was defended in a
manly manner by Roy Welty, Noah Early, Allen Hinkle and Wyatt Smith.  The Judges
decided in favor of the negative.  By a popular vote it was decided that Wilma Keirnes and
Roy Welty made the best speeches of the day.

25 Apr 1908..Sunnyside school.  The Columbine Society met last Friday, with Charles
Hinckle, president, and Effie Bein, secretary.  The evergreen Society met with Roy Welty,
president, and Violet Bein, secretary.  There will be a basket social at the school house next
Friday evening, when the graduating exercises will be held.  The graduating class: William
Keirnes, Florence Early, Effie Bein, Lucy Smith and Allen Smith.

9 May 1908..Mrs G F Welty, of Highland lake, will leave next week for Iowa, where she
will visit relatives and friends.
   Sunnyside School.   The Sunnyside school house presented a gay scene last Friday night
when a class of five graduated from the eighth grade....Roy Welty, who has just entered
the eighth grade, composed and read a prophecy of the graduates, which was well
received...(rest not here)

16 May 1908..Mrs G F Welty left Monday to visit home folks in Tipton, Iowa.  She
will be away three weeks.
   Fred Welty left Tuesday for Mitchell, Nebraska, where he has farming interests.  He will
return in three weeks.

13 Jun 1908..Jeane Zweck returned to her home at Longmont Wednesday, accompanied by her nephew, Roy Welty.

4 Jul 1908..Jake Welty reports that the Web  Worm is doing considerable damage to the
crops on his mountain ranch west of town.  The pest has not done the damage about
Berthoud, however, that it has in other localities, from all reports.

8 Aug 1908..Miss Carrie Younger of St Joseph, MO., is the guest of Mr and Mrs Jake Welty.

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