Zweck Paper

Jul 22, 1982..Mr Clemens Knaus of NiWot, Colo. spent last Saturday in Berthoud and
before leaving become one of the many readers of the Blade.

Aug 16, 1892..Miss Rose Zweck returned last Saturday evening from a weeks visit with
friends at Longmont.

Aug 17, 1894..Miss Rose Zweck is visiting friends in Longmont this week.

Oct 24, 1894..Miss Rose Zweck returned to Denver on Tuesday afternoon.

Dec 7, 1894..Mr Clemens Knaus was up from NiWot and renewed his subscription

Jan 3, 1895..The Mask Ball.
  The Fireman's Mask Ball was pronounced a grand success by all who witnessed it from
the point of spectators as well as by those who indulged in the temptation to "trip the light
fantastic" in time with the exquisite music furnished by the Italian orchestra, says our
reporter, and a more orderly gathering is seldom seen.  Every one seemed bent on having a
good time and doing so in a quiet sociable way.  The house was well filled, many
attending from Loveland and Longmont.  Following are the costumes represented.
  (rest not listed)
Rose Zweck     Night 
John Zweck     Lady Jane

Feb 21, 1895..Mr Emil Affolter of Longmont attended the junior rhetoricals the first of the

Mar 7, 1895..Mr Geo. Zweck is contemplating a prospecting trip to Wyoming this spring.
   Mr Geo. Zweck made a business trip to Boulder, Friday, last.

Jun 20, 1895..Miss Rose Zweck came up to Berthoud, Monday.

Aug 20, 1896..A jolly party of young people from Berthoud, made up an excursion to the
home supply dam on last Sunday.    The following persons were in the party:  Misses
Nettie Davis, Jennie Fagan, Rose Zweck, Mrs Johnson, messrs G W Johnson, Dr.
McCarty, H D Ingalls, Frank Miller.

Dec 31, 1896..Clemens Knaus, of NiWot, was transacting business in Berthoud on

Jan 7, 1897..Miss Rose Zweck came up from Denver to spend the holidays with friends
and returned to her home Sunday.

   On the last evening of the old year our faithful hose team donned their uniforms early in
the evening and gave a hearty welcome to the guests who attended their Eighth Annual
Masquerade Ball.
   Mr Webb, of Longmont, came up early in the morning and made a display of hideous
regalia at the hall, which was eagerly taken advantage of for the occasion.  An Italian
orchestra from Denver furnished the music, so that nothing was left undone that could
have been done to make the affair the grand success it was.  There was a large number in
attendance from neighboring towns and perfect order prevailed.  Nothing else would go
with our kind of a hose team.
   We are able to give only a partial list of those who were masked and regret that we
cannot make the list complete.  Those whom we were able to list were as follows:       
(rest not here)
Rose Zweck     Ballet Dancer 

Mar 4, 1897..Clemans Knaus, of NiWot, was looking after his interests at the handy ditch

May 27, 1897..Clemens Knaus, a prosperous farmer of NiWot, was a visitor to Berthoud
last Friday.  He made this office a substantial call.

Jul 15, 1897..H D Ingalls, Geo. Dunn, Chas. Lovejoy, Hank Lovejoy and Harry Lovejoy
and wife, and the Misses Maud and Nellie Ellis and Rose Zweck went to Estes Park
Wednesday morning to be out about ten days.

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Jan 26, 1899..Miss Rose Zweck made a business trip to Fort Collins this week.
   Miss Rose Zweck proved up on her mountain ranch before the county court on Tuesday.

Feb 16, 1899..Following are the names of those who attended a party given at Mr J H
Welty's last Thursday evening.  Mr and Mrs E H Knott, Mr and Mrs H H Foresman,
Misses Luella Clark, Maud Richards, Nellie Ellis, May Graves, Rose Zweck, May
Coleman, Alice Brown, Messer. H C Lovejoy, H D Whipple, J H Coleman and Al
Hawkins.  The party indulged in numerous games until a late hour when they partook of a
dainty spread which was done justice to by all.

Apr 20, 1899..Miss Rose Zweck came up from Denver Tuesday.

Sept 23 1899..Miss Rose Zweck left Monday morning for St Joseph, MO., where she will
spend some time with relatives.

Nov 11, 1899..George Zweck of Hygiene, was visiting his sister, Mrs Jake Welty, last

Nov 18, 1899..Miss Nettye Zweck is visiting at the Welty ranches this week.

Feb 10 1900..LAKE VIEW...Roads are fine..John Zweck, of St Vrain, came up Saturday
on a visit to J H Welty and family.

Feb 24, 1900..A telegram was received by H Foresman from Clarence, Iowa, informing
him that Henry Welty was lying at the point of death.  Fred Welty left for his bedside on
Monday afternoon's train.  Mr Welty is the father of our well known country people Mrs A
A Knott, Mrs W E Bader, J H and G F Welty.

Sep 8 1900..Knaus-on Monday, Sep 3rd, 1900, three miles south-west of Berthoud, to the
wife of Mr John Knaus, a son.

Jun 29 1901..A party to the dam last Sunday was composed of the families of Jake Welty,
Will Bader, W N Bader, Frank Knott and John Knaus.  The time spent at the dam was
much enjoyed, but the trip each way was rather warm.

Jul 20 1901..Miss Carrye Owen, Miss Hattie Oxer and Miss Mabel Barber, young ladies
from Franklin, Nebr. were guests last week of the Newell families.  Among other pleasant
things the young ladies enjoyed a trip to Estes Park accompanied by Mrs W T Newell and
son Earnest.

Aug 17 1901..Mrs Bader's sister is here from Boulder for a week.    On Thursday morning
Geo. N Bader and John Knaus started for a fishing and hunting trip up the Little South
Poudre.  They expect to be absent about ten days and 240 fish is to be the minimum catch.

Aug 24 1901..Messrs Bader and Knaus did not get 240 fish as the bulletin said they
should, but they did catch 239-and the editor was well remembered.  The gentlemen had a
very successful trip, returning Thursday.

Sep 7 1901..J H WELTY (12)..Among those who have taken advantage of every
opportunity to make farming successful in its various branches is J H Welty.  It is often
remarked of him that whatever he touches turns to money.  Mr Welty came to Berthoud
before much rural development had been made.
   He was born near Tipton, Cedar country, Iowa, September 2, 1857.  He was one of six
children, among whom are Mrs. W E Bader, Mrs A A Knott and G F Welty, all prominent
people hereabout.  His boyhood days were spent on his father's farm.  By the way, his
father was Henry Welty, who also came to Colorado.  In the fall of 1878, Jake went to
Illinois in company with A A Knott and Crawford McKee, making the trip overland. 
From there they came to Sumner county, Kansas.  
   Mr Welty took up land and got a deed for it, and after two years he drove through to
Colorado and settled near Longmont.  He was employed as a farm hand on the George
Zweck ranch on the St Vrain.  In the meantime he made a trip to Buffalo, Wyoming, with
a bunch of cattle for his employer.  It was in 1885 that he bought his home quarter section
of Dr Chase.  There was one little scrubby tree and a dugout upon it.  The house was
claimed to be haunted, and considerable excitement prevailed about that time over reports
of ghosts seen.  For three years he kept "bachelor's hall," after which his sister came out
and kept house for him several years.  In 1889 he bought the quarter section adjoining him
on the west.
   On September 24, 1891, Mr Welty was married to Miss Augusta Zweck, daughter of his
former employer.  Mrs Welty was born and raised in Colorado.  Her father came to the
state in 1859.  He built the Zweck Hotel at Longmont and was third partner in the Prussian
mine at Gold Hill.
   Their wedding trip was to eastern Iowa and lasted six weeks.  They have one child
whose name is Roy Virgil (6), born February 13, 1896.

   On Monday evening the members of Eastern Star drove to the home of Mr and Mrs Wm
Clark, near Elwell, to celebrate the birthdays of the host and hostess.... Those present
Mr and Mrs John Newell, H H Foresman, A Fairbairn, H K Hankins, W T Newell, P F
Davis, L C Saltzman, W E Hottel, John Coleman, and Mrs Sanderson and Charles, Mrs A
A Knott, Mrs C V Stryker, Mrs H J Parish and Raymond, Miss Rose Zweck, J H Johnson.

Feb 15, 1902..A Surprise.
A number of the members of the Eastern Star completely surprised Mrs Ed Hottel Tuesday
evening. Mr A A Knott made the presentation speech.
 Those present were.   Miss Rose Zweck,  W T Newell,  A A Knott, Mr C V Stryker,..
(rest not copied)

Mar 29, 1902..Miss Rose Zweck is visiting friends in Denver this week.

Nov 22, 1902..Mrs Owen will lecture in the Christian Church next Tuesday night at 8

Dec 20, 1902..Miss Rose Zweck went to Denver Tuesday morning.

Dec 27, 1902..Death of Geo. Zweck.  Died - at his home home near Hygiene, Wednesday
Dec 24.  Mr Geo. Zweck is well known to all the old settlers in this part of the state.  He
has been engaged in the mining business for many years and the old man was still hard at
work in his mine when sickness compelled him to relinquish his work.  Mr Zweck is Mrs
Jacob Welty's father.  He will be burried from his home, Saturday.

Longmont paper..

Mar 25, 1898..Miss Mary Affolter of Longmont visited friends in Hygiene this week.

Aug 20, 1898..George Zweck brought up a load of grub the other day.  He says he will be
up soon to stay the rest of the season, to work on his mining property.

Aug 26, 1898..Miss Affolter and daughter Mary, of Longmont, were calling on their
Hygiene friends last Wednesday.

Sep 9, 1898..Will Price and Ed Affolter have gone to the agricultrual College at Fort

Dec 26, 1902..Dead ZWECK at the home near Hygiene Thursday, Dec 25, 1902 of
Kidney and Blader trouble.  George Zweck aged 73 years.  Obituary next week.

Jan 2, 1903..Last Sunday there were seventy three carriage loads of people followed the
remains of George Zweck to the Burlington Cemetry.

Berthoud paper.

Apr 4, 1903..K Knause, of NiWot, was in Berthoud between trains yesterday.

Jun 6, 1903..Miss Rose Zweck and Mary Affolter were guests of G N Bader and wife
Saturday and of J H Welty and wife Sunday.

Aug 15, 1903..Miss Rose Zweck is visiting her sister, Mrs Welty this week.

Oct 17, 1903..John Knaus finished threshing Tuesday.  On his 115 acres of wheat the
average was 40 bushels to the acre.

Jan 9, 1904..Misses Rose and Jeannette Zweck returned home Sunday after a Pleasant visit
with Jake Welty and wife.

Feb 27, 1904..Mrs Jake Welty visited her mother in Longmont last week.
   Miss Rose Zweck is visiting with her sister, Mrs Welty, this week.

Mar 19, 1904..Mrs Jake Welty and Miss Rose Zweck were guests of Miss Laura Kibby at
School last week.

Mar 26, 1904..Returned from California.  Mr and Mrs C V Stryker returned Saturday from
a three monts visit in Cal., during which they visited every point of interest. The
climate pleased them, but they were glad to bet back to Colorado.  They met a great
number of Larimer county people in southern Cal, and attended a picnic of people from
this county at Los Angeles.  The towns there are all supported by tourits, who come from
all parts of the world.  Mrs Stryker found that good oranges were nearly as costly there as
at home.  Water is very scarce for irrigating.  The crop of fleas is up to the calif average,
and while the individual jumpers are not large, still thy make life interesting, and the
tourist always has something to think about.
   Went to Denver.  The Bosonians attracted quite a crowd from Berthoud Thursday
evening, the special train having the following from our city on board. Rose Zweck,
Messrs Ernest Newell..  (rest not copied)

Jul 16, 1904..Misses Rose and Jeanette Sweck (realy)  visited Mrs Welty several days this
ngmont this week, who is suffering a severe attack of rheumatism.

Aug 20, 1904..Miss Rose Zweck came over from Hygiene Thursday and is a guest at the
home of W T Newell.
   C S Newell and family, Mrs J H Newell and children, Miss Rose Zweck and Ernest
Newell are comping on the Big Thompson.

Dec 3, 1904..Mrs Zweck, of Longmont, was the guest of her daughter, Mrs Welty, last

Dec 31, 1904..Mrs J H Welty was the guest of her mother, Mrs Zweck, at Hygiene on

Jan 7, 1905..The Knause lake.  Surveyors have been at work on the Knause Lake west of
town the past two weeks. (rest not copied)

Mar 11, 1905..W T Newell and wife, Mrs Charles Newell and son, Willard Newell and
wife, Mrs J H Newell and children and S E Newell were guests of Mr and Mrs J H Welty
at dinner Wednesday.

May 20, 1905..C Knaus has sold his lake site, including about 800 acres of land, west of
town to A L Gibson and other Longmont parties for $16,000.

Jun 10, 1905..Miss Nettie Zweck, of Hygiene, visited relatives here this week.

Jul 15, 1905..  Miss Jannette Zweck is visiting her sister, Mrs Ernest Newell, this week.

Jul 29, 1905..Fred Grieb (thats right) and wife, of Iowa, are guests of Jake Welty and wife
this week.

Aug 12, 1905..Gred Grueb and wife were passengers to Niwot Thursday.

Aug 26, 1905..George N Bader enjoyed a visit from his mother, Mrs C Knaus, of Niwot,
and aunt, Mrs F R Greub, of St Joseph, Mo., Thursday.

Oct 28, 1905..J N Greub, of Buffalo, Wyoming, visited his nephew, George N Bader, and
family Thursday.  This was the first time George and his uncle had met in 17 years.

Dec 9, 1905..John Knause was up from Boulder Saturday. He says the wind cut up high
jinks there the first of last week.

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